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Your Denmark Missionary 06-30-10

Hej alle min familie og venner! Det er godt at være her på computer i dag og skriver min uge til dig.

Its been a great week full of exciting things. Denmark weather is still holding up to be really nice. Actually to be honest it has been really, really hot! It wouldn't be so bad except Denmark doesn't believe in Air Conditioners. So I am out all day in the heat, then I come back to the apartment into more heat. So that's probably why its bugging me a little. I am NEVER out of the heat! haha. Except Today as I am at the library writing home, it looks like its going to rain, so that should cool things down a little! However, I will take this heat over the awful winter we had. :)

So to begin I will let you know how my good friends Tom and Christina are doing! They are doing awesome! We talked to Tom about his girlfriend and how he has to get married before he will be allowed to be baptized, and it was such a relief as he has already started talking to his girlfriend about it. So hes working on that. He probably wont make is baptismal date, but that's OK as hes working on getting baptized. You cant rush things like marriage, so hes praying and thinking about that right now. Hes a good guy and the gospel is and will continue to do wonders for him. Christina is on the other hand going to make her date! Of course its always up to her, but shes on track and I sense no problems. Shes continuing to read the Book of Mormon, conference talks, and this gospel principle book we gave her. Shes praying and studying all she can and that's just amazing.

Tom and Christina invited us over to their house one evening to feed us and to just hang out. Tom made us a VERY American meal, which was just amazing! He made ribs, corn on the cob, etc. It was really tasty and it was just good to be around an American! We Americans in Denmark, we got to stick together! Tom and his girlfriend Tanya, Christina and her friend Celine, and Meyer and I were at the dinner. Christina's friend was very curious about our church and asked us a ton of questions, but guess who answered most of them? You bet, Christina did! We even caught her a few times saying to Celine, "We believe in..." Then she would catch herself and say, "Oh I mean they believe in..." haha. Shes so sweet. Celine is actually very interested in our church now. However she did convert to Islam (So the Muslim faith) and shes has to be careful investigating other Church's. Not trying to dis the Muslim faith or anything, but they can be sometimes violent to those who leave their church. So we will have to be very careful around Celine as we don't want anything harmful to happen to her. Shes is Danish though, not a Muslim so it might be OK for her. I will keep you updated.

Then later that night we talked to Christina and asked if shes OK to still get baptized even without her dad. She said shes game and will, but only of course if shes feels it is right. Later in the week Elder Meyer and I were talking and we felt prompted to move Christina's date to the 17th instead of the 24th. We asked Christina to think about it and then we just started talking. She told us that "I feel like I already knew this church, like I have always been a part of it.." well something to that extent, it was in danish and its hard to translate from Danish to English. She in short says she feels at home in the church, likes she always been a member of it. That just made us really happy to hear. So I think its safe to say she is doing well and I am proud of her. Its funny but I am really not doing much, its the spirit doing everything. I almost feel like finding and teaching her is almost too easy.... Gotta love it when the spirit takes control! Makes missionary work a little easier! haha.

I mentioned a girl named Camille a few weeks ago and how positive she seemed. Well shes about 20 years old and is very nice and sweet and acts a lot like Christina. However she still lives at home and she told her parents about us. Her parents told her she is not allowed to visit with us or investigate any other church. We respect that decision of hers and said if you ever are interested in the future, here's our number let us know etc etc.... Its just so weird to me. I mean her parents are probably OK with her drinking, smoking, breaking the law of chastity, and who knows what else but when she goes and tells her parents about religion, then the parenting comes it? Isn't that completely backwards? Danes are so weird when it comes to religion. So we were a little disappointed about that but who knows maybe we planted that seed, right? haha.

Other than that we have been teaching many people on the street and doing the work of the lord. We are getting excited about Christina's baptism and will have to soon start working on her program! Oh and there's a baptism in a nearby city called Roskilde that we plan of taking Christina too, so that will be exciting. Lots of upcoming events that are so exciting.

My spiritual message for the week goes with the story of Camille. I know as members of the church we have the privilege to know that this church is true. We have taken the time to study and pray and have found out the truth. Its such a blessing. I know there is lots of crap being spread about our church, and that many people have left our church. Its a sad thing, but it happens and here's the important prinical I want to be said today... show RESPECT. Though I know and you know the wonderful blessings and countless things this church helps us with, there are those that will either never join, fall away, or say evil FALSE things...but in all the thing we have to do is respect them. Its so hard as we just want to defend ourselves or try to convince them... but Gods given this thing called AGENCY, which means we make our own decisions in life. I encourage everyone to continue to hold fast to the church and be a good example and show respect to those who are not members now or anymore. Its true, we don't have to prove it to others.

So that's my message. I was way disappointed abut Camille so I hope I didn't sound too weird in it.... well, I hope all of you have a wonderful week and enjoy the 4th of July Celebrations! I cant believe July is basically here! Its just crazy? If I recall, A handsome, danish missionary, talented, way amazing, young man has a birthday on the third? I cant remember who it is... but If you do, I think a birthday card or email would be loved by him. Who knows? haha. Love you all!

Love, Your Denmark Missionary,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

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