Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your Denmark Missionary 02-10-10

Goddag Family and Friends!

I have had a good week and I am happy to tell you all about it. I also have
had an experience, I never thought would happen to me in Denmark so this
email might blow your socks off, just a little.

To begin, This week we had splits with our district leaders. My new
district leader was actually my old companion. So that made it
intrestesting. So, we had an appointment with this guy named Bent Lind. He
is a older guy, but way nice and said hes open to learn more about our
church. Hes actually been taught for quite a while. However he got kind of
forgotten and me and Elder christensen found his record. So we gave him a
call and we set up an appointment. So me and my old companion go up there
and he answers the door and welcomes us in. We went and sat down and from
that moment on it was just an awesome experience. I dont know what it, was
but for me it really was a great appointment. I was able to understand for
the most part what he was saying and I was also able to speak to him in
Danish. He made me feel so comfortable, and i just spoke as much as i could
to this guy. He was correcting me and helping me and simply being a nice
guy. I even taught him about Jesus Christ and how he wants us to follow his
commandments in DANISH! In short, he enjoyed our company and said he would
try to make it to church. I was just so happy i found an investigator that
likes giving danish lessons! I may be returning more often! haha.

Then later that night we switched companions. What was interesting about the
switch was the other companion was in my MTC group. Which means he is just
about as good at Danish as me! haha. So we switched companions and me and
Elder Johnson (the Elder from my MTC group) were dropped off in a city
called Herlev (pronounced Hair-loo). So I was way nervous and curious to see
what the night will bring. You can imagine, 2 you american missionaries, in
Denmark, speaking little danish, trying to teach people about the restored
gospel. haha. You can imagine how scared I was. So we began knocking.
We both took turns knocking and speaking. So every other door I had to
talk. Nobody really wanted to listen to us. Its sad, but the one thing
I never have a hard time understanding is rejections. haha.

We did that for about a 1 hr and we were freezing. So we decided to go
to the library that is close by to warm up. So we began walking, and
you guessed it, we got lost. haha. So once again, 2 new missionaries
creating a intresting situation. So we decided to ask someone for
directions. We found a guy and did our best to speak to him. He gave
us directions all in Danish, and I somewhat understood him. The hand
motions are acutally what really helped. However, we found the
library. It took us about 30 mintues to get lost, ask directions, and
find it. haha. So we got there and it was closed. haha. We forgot it
was friday. Everything in Denmark closes early on Friday. So we ended
up finding another store that was luckily still open, to get warm.
Intresting, right!

But thats not all, the intresting experiences continue. So we get
picked up by our companions and I get this phone call from a person we
have been trying to meet with for a while and he said he really wants
to meet with us. So my companion, Ældste Christensen says, well your
still on splits so you and Æ. Johnson, take this guy. Great. luckily
this guy is in english, so i felt a little better.

So me and Æ. Johnson arrive at this guys apartment. His name is Doru.
We knock on the door, no answer. We knock again, No answer. So we
knocked 1 more time and this time he answered. He opens the door with
knife in his hands! My heart skipped a few beats. I just about ran for
my life! So we say hi, and that were missionareis from the LDS church.
He turns on the light and says oh (f word). He then says "come in, I
have a lot of enemys. You can never be to careful." Oh and he says
this in a Russian Accent. Hes from Romania,but his accent sounds
russian. Me and Æ. Johnson hesitated a little bit, then Doru says,
"come in! Im not going to kill you." Well thats a comforting
statement, haha.

We enter and he tells us, that his friend Nikolai, wants to talk with
us and that he needs help. We talked for a while about all kinds of
weird stuff. Then Doru left the room and Nikolai was with us. So we
ended up teaching him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It
was an all around awkward, scary experience being in that apartment.
Then I get this strong feeling, that we need to leave that apartment
right now. I signaled Æ. Johnson and we did our best to get out of
there ASAP. Apparently Doru thought we could find a job for Nikolai.
In short, they only wanted things from us. We found out Doru was
drunk. Anyways, it was a scary night. I am completely fine, but I am
never going to that apartment again. haha.

So that was my crazy experiences day. I cant even begin to tell you
how happy I was to come home that night! haha. Anyways, the day ended
good and I got my current companion back.

Then on Monday we had an appointment with a couple called Fin and
Pinella. Fin is a member but a less active one, and Pinella is an
investigator. They have just about been taught about everything, and
every time we bring up Baptism they kind of are wishy washy about it.
So we decided to show them the Testiments movie. We got permission
from them a week in advanced to have a longer appointment. They were
excited to see it. We showed it to them and wow! Their reaction to the
movie was perfect. Pinella, she is always quiet and dosent say much.
However as she was watching this movie, she just broke down and cried.
She tried to hide it, but she couldnt. Me and Æ. Christensen are
pretty sure she knows what were teaching her is true, but hasent made
a move because of her husband. However, fins reaction was also good.
He got really quiet, and his eyes didnt move from the TV. In short the
spirit was extremly strong in that appointment. We testified about the
Book of Mormon and challenged them to think about Baptism, and to read
the BofM.

WOW. I cant belive how long this email has gotten. Its been a crazy
week, and I just have way to much to say. Here is something I learned
this week especially from the last experience with Fin and Pernilla.
Dont let people tell you what to believe in, or let people intimidate
you for what you WANT to belive in. Life is short, and we cant
procrastinate things. Anyways, thats my thought for the day.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my emails. I sure love all of
you and míss you all. Your support and love means the world to me!

Your Denmark Missionary,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

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