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Your Denmark Missionary 01-21-10

Hello Everyone!
Still working on the exciting introduction... I have a few ideas that I think might be interesting to do. However I struggle at making decisions so I will try it again next week. This week has been rather slow for various reasons I don't want to bore you with. There has been lots of Missionary Drama and most of it has to do with Transfers that were this week. Yes I have been transferred. My New Area is called Ballerup. Ballerup is to the left of Copenhagen. So here is a link to wear Ballerup is... Hopefully it will work, If not just google it, haha.
I was really actually kind of sad to Leave Randers. I really enjoyed it there. I loved the ward members and the area, so I was really kind of disappointed. Usually missionaries stay 4 months in an area before they leave, however I wasn't as fortunate as some of the other missionaries. So I said my goodbyes to all the ward members. They were all sad to see me leave. They were also sad because Randers is getting White-washed which is a missionary term meaning they are putting 2 new missionaries in the area. Its hard on the Randers ward because Randers always get white washed and when that happens the work kind of slows down for a while as the new missionaries get used to the area. The Branch president and his wife both were sad to see me leave but said that because I am such a new missionary there is a chance I will be back in Randers. I hope so... I really enjoyed that area. The good news is that the next time I serve there, if I do, I should be fluent in Danish. One can only hope! :)
There isnt much to tell this week, as we spent an entire day cleaning the apartment and packing up our stuff. Its hard when an area gets white washed because me and Elder Robinson had to go through the area book, write notes and facts about certain investigators, etc. Usually there is an Elder that stays that knows all that stuff. However, becasue were both leaving we had to make a TON of notes to make sure the new missionaries wont forget anyone or anything. So that was boring. We had appointments with investigators, however a lot of them cancelled. This happens a lot, but once again because we were leaving we really wanted to meet with them to let them know some new missionaries are coming. It was sad beacuse there are a lot of good people I will be leaving behind.
On p-day I did go to a museum in Randers. It was actually pretty neat. It talked about the history of Randers from before the viking age to Modern Denmark. It was way cool. I wasn't able to understand or read anything in the museum, but I took pictures. Hopefully one day I will be able to translate all I saw. They even had this weird video on this rock about with the Danish Story on it. It was way neat. They had this rock that had been en graven with markings or something. Check out this link. I just absolutely loved the story... Its just so Danish. They even have the video I watched. It was just so cool! GO DENMARK!
So my days at Randers are now complete. I am sad but also excited to see what my new companion and new area bring. I have only been in Ballerup for about a day, well rounded its probably closer to 2. I am living in house instead of a apartment like I did in Randers. This house is great and big. 4 elders live there, including me. So its kind of cool as I will be able to talk to other missionaries. I am not sure why its a house but the mission uses it as a storage area. If an area in the mission gets shut down, they haul the furniture to the Ballerup house and store it there. I think that's why they have it, but not sure. When I find out I will let you know.
Ballerup is much different than Randers as there are a ton of foreign people here. I mean a ton. Randers was mostly all Danish people with the few foreign people here in there. In ballerup its mostly foreign people with a few Danish people here and there, lol! The other issue with this area that makes it hard for missionaries is there are a ton of Muslim people here. They are always very nice people, however they like to fight with the missionaries. Essentially they like to Bible bash with missionaries. However a few of them do listen here and there according to my new companion. oh yea I have a new companion... His name is Elder Christensen. He is from Utah (Hooray!) and his mom is actually Danish. So He knows Denmark very well. He also speaks really good Danish and is good at teaching it. He already has been helping me out a ton. So I am excited to utilize him to help me with my Danish skills. He even has relatives that live here that love to feed him. I think I can like that, lol! He also is a Mac fan, just like me. He loves technology and all that stuff, just like me. So, we have had already a lot of conversations about macs and in short everything I love to talk about. So, so far so good. I think for the most part we will get along. He also misses his IPhone... so we had a moment of silence last night for our IPhones... haha.
On a funny note completely off topic... We were on a train heading to Ballerup for transfers. The train was somewhat empty and was in a "quiet Zone". These are areas in the train were nobody is allowed to talk or have their phones ring, etc. We were in one of those zones sitting down and we came to a stop. This lady got on the train, and sat down near us. The train started going. She then pulled out her old fashion CD player and big headphones. Then she pulled out some carrot sticks and Broccoli. Then she turned on her music which was Michael Jackson, and started rocking out.. haha. She started tapping her foot and nodding her head. She was quiet and respectful and I honestly would not have noticed unless I looked at her. So you can imagine, I just thought this was hilarious. This old women, eating carrot sticks, rocking out to Michael Jackson with gigantic old fashion headphones! What a retro old women! IT just made my day and I thought it was hilarious! It also taught me something kind of neat. She was just being herself. She didn't care what people thought about her or her personalty. She was enjoying her carrot sticks and Michale Jackson music and rocking out on the train.
I have no idea why I thought about that when I saw her, but I did. I am learning myself too, to like who I am. The lord created us the way we are. Everyone has different personality's for different reasons. He wants us all to be different as he has a purpose for us all. Whether were a Mac fan like me, or an old person rocking out on a train, we should be proud of who we are. Its something I think a lot of people struggled with, I know I do. Sometimes we say, Oh I wish I was like so and so, or I wish.... etc. But for all we know that other person might want to be like us. That's my spiritual thought for the day and something I have really been thinking a lot about. Sometimes I am hard on myself as I am not always perfect and always making mistakes.. but I am trying to just do my best and rely on my Heavenly Father. If anything hes the one I should wish to be like.
Overall I am doing good. I think coming to a new area is going to be good for me and I think I will learn a lot. All the missionaries say you learn the most from your second companion. I am excited to see what the future brings.
I hope all of you have a fantastic week! Thanks for all your love and support! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! '
Your Denmark Missionary,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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