Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Din Danske Missionær 12-20-2010

Kære Familie og Venner og heck, HELE VERDEN! :)

Det er so dejligt og fantastisk at denne uge er Jul! Jeg er so lykkelig og taknemlig denne uge har endelig kommet. Jeg håber vi alle sammen husk hvad Jul er virkelig om. Det handle om Jesu Kristi og hans forsoning. Jeg håber når du er ud og købet nogen ting du husk ham og hvad an har gjort for us! So Glædelig Jul og godt Nytår!

Hello everyone! Guess what, Christmas is finally here! I am so excited and cant believe it! I love the decorations, the music and how this time of the year brings the best out of people. But most of all, especially now as a missionary I am grateful to talk to my family! Its been something I have been waiting for, for many months! Now this opportunity is only a few days away! Oh how great Christmas is! :)
So to begin we had a fun time on Monday pulling up the carpet in our apartment. It was a TON of work. I mean the carpet was old and was falling apart as we were pulling it up. There was this rubber dust all over the floor and it got all over us. I mean it was gross. So we ripped it all up and threw it away. I never felt more happier in my life. Then we had to scrape all the glue off the floor that was holding the carpet down. It was quite exhausting. Then after we got all the glue off, we sweeped the floor, then vacuumed. Then we grabbed a mop and wiped down the floors. To our surprise there was a beautiful wood floor underneath. However we are getting new carpet so that wood floor will be covered again. Its such a shame as it is very nice, but unfortunately missionaries don't know how to take care of things.Then after doing that we decided to go into the city again to see the sights and sounds and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. We also ran to the post office and sent our Christmas packages home.

Then later that night we headed to a members home who invited a non-member friend over to eat.We had a great dinner and taught the man about the church. I honestly don't know how interested he really is, but its a start. It was nice the member even did this. I was very impressed. He said he wants to meet again so we will see. Most of all I just felt very honored that the member trusted me to teach her friend. I thought that was very wow, to me. It takes a lot to get members here in Denmark to invite there friends over and be taught. So it meant a lot of me that she trusted me.

Then on Tuesday we met with our new convert Nicole. We have had many scheduling conflicts since her baptism, so this was the first real teaching appointment since her baptism. I mean we have taught her in church and met up with her a few times during the last few weeks, but not in a formal teaching environment. We taught her about being patience through our trials and how our trials help us learn and grow in our lives. We showed her this Mormon messages film called Patience by Elder Uchtdorf and another one that talks about forgiveness. Then to end the lesson we showed her a 3rd Mormon messages called Good things to come by Elder Holland. That one talks about how if we fight through our trials and do our best- good things are sure to come. Below are the links to these films. If you get the opportunity to see these, please do. They are very good and have great messages.

Continue in Patience -
Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light -
Good Things to Come -

The lesson turned out great and Nicole learned a lot. She is progressing and doing much better. Shes making a lot of changes in her life and working really hard to follow Christs example.

Then on Wednesday we woke up early all 4 of us in Århus and ran to Langenæs Bakery and purchased some pastries, as today was the last day we all 4 would be together as 4 missionaries in Århus! It was a delicious pastry and we had a lot of fun. Then later that evening we met up all 4 at the church as the Young women in the ward decided to throw us a Christmas party. It was a lot of fun. The girls were all cute and they reminded me of my little sister MaKenzie a lot. There is this one girl in there that is the same age as MaKenzie and she asked me if I had a sister. I told her I did and ended up talking about MaKenzie all night. I showed her some pictures and they were all, "THAT'S YOUR SISTER!! SHES ADORABLE!" I just laughed and asked them, "Why are you so shocked? Am I not as pretty?" They all laughed and had a great time. We played games, ate food and just had fun. This is a good group of girls over here in Århus. I was so impressed with them as they are doing whats right, following the savior, and keeping their standards high. In a country where morals don't exist, It was a breath of fresh air to see hope and happiness in the future of these young women in this country. It was a testimony builder for me as i have seen some ugly things here in Denmark. The night was a lot of fun and I sure appreciated them doing that for us missionaries.

Then on Thursday we went all the way to Odense for a training. Odense is the middle island between Sjælland and Jylland. It was a long train ride but it was worth it. The training was good and my Greene bore his testimony in danish and did a great job. We learned how to better commit people to baptism and how to help them keep their baptismal dates. I learned a lot and will hopefully apply what I learned soon. We also said goodbye to the other missionaries so now its just me and my Greene in Århus.

Then on Friday we met with a less active member named Fareed again. Hes struggling with coming to church, but he just loves our visits. We had a good appointment and we told him to try to make it to church, especially this Sunday as its Christmas! He said he would try.

Then on Saturday we finally got these Christmas Cards the mission has created for us to give to people. I ordered a lot as I decided to send a Christmas card to every less active in the ward. So we spend most of Saturday writing these cards and putting them in envelopes. There is over 100 less actives in Århus ward... so it was a lot of writing, licking, and stamping! lol! I hope the cards are a success and will bring a little Christmas joy into these peoples hearts and hopefully rekindle there feelings they once had for the church and most of all for their savior Jesus Christ. We also included a card that gives instructions on how they can get a free Christmas DVD about Jesus and his birth if they call a certain number for there Christmas gift. :) It was a lot of work but everyone likes getting a card.

Then on Sunday we didn't have any of my investigators come. Its a busy time of the year and a lot of them are with their families, which is where they should be. However Nicole arrived and is still doing well in church. She even brought her son. She sacrificed some things to get him to come as she wants him to grow up in the church as much as possible. Shes having issues with custody and is in the courts right now. I hope and pray things work out as this little boy also needs the gospel. However it was a nice to see how important church is to Nicole as she brought her son. It was nice.

My spiritual message for this week is simply MERRY CHRISTMAS! Remember the CHRIST part in that and remember truly why we celebrate it. I promise if Christ is a huge part of your Christmas season this year, you will find a sweet spirit in your home, stronger and more wonderful then not.

So to each and everyone that reads my emails, I love you and wish you the very best Christmas!


Din Danske Missionær
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Din Danske Missionær 12/13/2010

Hej alle min Familie og Venner!

Jeg er altid taknemlig at snakke med dig på email! Det glæde mig meget! Jeg håber du alle sammen har haft en dejlig uge! Det har været en god uge for mig. Det er so sjovt at have 4 missionærer i Århus. Det er also rigtig sjovt at trainer en ny missionær. So jeg har det godt og kan ikke vent at fortælle mig om din uge.

Hello everyone! It is great to be at the computer today to send you all an email. I hope this letter finds you well and happy, and I wish you the best Christmas Season ever. So Denmark is getting all ready for Christmas! The stores are packed with people and Santa Claus lit the city, so all the Christmas lights are on. They also have tons of street stores with all types of home made treats that are only available around the holidays. People are in a better mood it seems and a wift of Christmas spirit is in the air. Not to mention, all the Christmas music playing, and all the wonderful decorations. By the way, Christmas music in Danish is a lot of fun! I just love it! :)

So to begin, we began the week with a p-day. This is Elder Feils first p-day in Denmark. I don't think I let him down. We decided to do some Christmas shopping, as he wanted to get a package sent home asap. So we went through all the stores, and I made him speak danish to the employees. haha. He did a great job. I also gave him a huge taste of Danish culture by eating a subway with him. haha. What also added to our joy is we have 2 other missionaries with us. So we have 4 of us doing some Christmas shopping. It was a lot of fun. Were just rocking and rolling over here in Århus.

Then later that evening we had a really weird appointment with a man named Morten. He is a really nice guy and he actually called us to make the appointment. So we met with him and all he was really interested in was what our church does to serve others. I just laughed inside my head, when he asked that, as our church as one of the largest humanitarian effort system in the world. So I shared that with him and of course brought op the Gospel. Well in short he really wasn't interested. He said he would not pray and would not read the Book of Mormon. So I told him, then there is nothing else I can do for you. He got kind of upset as he was expecting me to convince him with Scriptures and with my words, but i cant do that, especially in Danish! lol! If he is not willing to read and pray, then tough, I need to move on. We ended on good terms, but unless he reads and prays, he is on hold with the teaching. In short it was a good experience for Æ.Feil. He did a great job explaining things to them in danish, with a little English too. He was a great help. I was way impressed, especially since its his first week in the land.

Then on Tuesday we had a coordination meeting with My mission leader. We are working a ton in making this Church tour project a reality. I just cant believe how slow the ward is moving. Its like trying to pull teeth to get these members to do stuff. They all love the idea and think its great, but then nothing. Flemming my mission leader is the only one moving at my pace, but hes limited as everything has to go through the Bishop. I am not quite sure why Mission work is not more of a priority in the Århus ward. I mean if they don't make it a focus this ward will be nothing in about 15 years. Converts are required to keep this ward alive. But I am way excited for this, and look forward to seeing this project roll out.

Then on Tuesday we boarded a train to head to Copenhagen. We have a Zones conference on Wednesday. That was a lot of fun. It was about a 4 hour train ride and my companion just passed out and slept the entire way. He is way tired. I can remember my first few weeks in the land. They were long and slow, haha. We were able to see the Copenhagen Temple and it was beautiful. It really is a unique building. Something I learned was that it was originally a church building, and this church building was one of the first in Denmark. I mean there is a lot of history in it. From using the basement as a shelter during WWI and WWII, to having Prophets giving talks in there. Its quite amazing. And Now its a temple. I believe that's quite fitting for a building with so much history. Well the Zone conference went well as we had Elder Kapesky from the area presidency come. He gave a great talk and I learned a lot. After the zone conference we stayed in Copenhagen that night again and attended a fireside were Elder Kapesky was speaking again. Except before that fireside we had to go out and contact for a few hours and invite as many people as we could. That was kind of weird, but fun at the same time. The fireside was great and there were a lot of non members present. It was a success.

The on Wednesday we all came back to Århus and continued our work. We were way tired. I am amazed at how tiring traveling is. For the rest of the week we mainly just contacted people on the street and continued visiting people that used to be taught by the missionaries. We tried visiting this lady and well we got lost in the middle of now where. haha. Me and Elder Fiel forgot our maps and we got off too early at a bus stop. Well we were literally in the middle of now where, all we saw was snow, roads, and power lines. Nothing else. It was kind of freaky actually. However we caught the next bus, and we did find that Lady's house. However she was not home... uge! haha. Well at least now I know how to get there without getting lost.

Other than that my week was pretty mellow. It has been fun to train and I am really enjoying Elder Feil as my companion. He is a hard working and were just doing the work of the lord as best we can. Life does not get any better, then when your following the Lord. So that's my spiritual message for the day. Just follow the lord. If you do that true happiness and huge blessings come your way. You stop worrying about all the things you do and you truly start enjoying life. The plan of our Heavenly Father is happiness, we just need to do things his way. His way is the right way! :)

I sure love you all and pray for your success in all that you do! May the lord bless you and your families this Christmas Season!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy.

Din Danske Missionær 12-6-2010

Hey dad, I forgot to hit send last week for last weeks email... whoops. Here it is.

Kære alle min familie og venner!

Det har sneet meget i Århus denne sidste par dager! Det var helt spædende at se! Det her meget kalt og jeg følge som jeg skal fryse! Men jeg har det godt og faktisk har en ny kammerat! Han har lige kommet from mtcet.

Ok, so hey everyone! It is really good to be at the computer today to write to you! I don't have much this week as its been really busy with other stuff then missionary work. I will explain as the letter goes on! I hope this letter finds you well and I hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season! I know I am!

So to begin me and Æ. Warner had our last P-day as a companionship. We decided to do again go to that amazing bakery here in Århus and by some pastries. We also did some Christmas shopping and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Århus. We also took all of our old carpet to this recycle station in Denmark. It was a relief to see that disgusting carpet disappear out of my life! Yes, this sounds dramatic but its true. It was pretty bad. So I look forward to my new carpet coming this week.

Then on Tuesday we spent some of the day visiting some people that once were taught. Unfortunately they were not home, but we did talk to some nice people on the street. Then we came home and did some packing as we had to leave Tuesday night for Copenhagen. So we packed all his stuff off and caught a train. He got off at another stop and I continued with another missionary that's training to Copenhagen to pick up our Greene's.

Then on Wednesday we got up and started getting ready to go meet our Greene's. We decided to get breakfast at this 7-11, so a muffin and some chocolate milk. Then we went inside this store called Super Best and it has an American Isle. haha. So I went a took a look and saw AMERICAN DIET COKE! It was glorious and I bought a can. It was delicious, expensive, but worth it. I was very happy.

Then at 10 we met at the church in Copenhagen, which is close to the temple, to meet our Greene's. I am training Ældste Feil. He is from California, and likes to play water polo. He is pretty cool so far and I think its going to be a great companionship. He already speaks pretty good danish. I was impressed. When I got to Denmark I could barley speak anything, he is actually managing to participate in conversation. So that's impressive. Then we got a train back to Århus and he just collapsed on the train! lol! He was so tired. I was just thinking the whole time how this was me a year ago. So crazy to think how fast time has flown. We came home, unpacked, and we had a planning session as I also have 2 other missionaries in my area that need to keep busy. So we did that, and I am excited to see that this next month brings. :)

Then on Thursday I took Æ.Feil for the first time out to contact. Well the first person we talk is the pretty danish girl and was way nice. She talked to us for quite a while and even new about the Mormon Temples. She said she had a friend married in one. She would not give us her number, but we taught her a little bit about our church so you never know. I just couldn't believe the first person we contacted actually listened. So it was a good experience for Æ.Feil. Beginners luck maybe?

We also had a dinner appointment with a member. That was Æ.Feils first experience with danish member. haha. It was as danish as it could get. We had potatoes, meat, and gravy, and an old lady that speaks very hard to understand danish. So it was quite the first experience for Æ.Feil. I just grinned and laughed inside as I knew exactly what he was feeling. However I think that Lord has really blessed me lately with my danish. I am doing much better than I ever thought I would. For the first time last week a member talked to me and I replied back instantly in Danish. Normally I take a minute to translate, but it just came out without me thinking. It was a good eperience, and that's a sign that language is starting to really click. I am so happy and I thank the Lord every day that he is helping me learn this difficult language. :)

Nicole is doing OK. She is down a little bit this week and truly struggling with a few things. Some serious family events have occurred in her life and she started questioning a few things. However the members were there and I think shes being taken care of. Just know she has the Gospel and the Lord will take care of her.

We also met with Thu, the girl I teach English with. She is doing so much better with English and we started teach a little bit about the gospel to her. I did find out she is moving to Canada in January. So I am going to find out where she is going, and maybe refer her to my brother in Canada. You never know. How cool would that be! :)

So my spiritual message for today is something I have been thinking a lot about lately. Why do people leave God? Why do people leave the church? I think about this because I read a scripture that said, "All good things come from God" so if all good things come from God, then all bad things must come from Satan. So why do people leave God, the person that can give you the GOOD things? Interesting question, and I don't have an answer. So my spiritual message is don't ever forget your Heavenly Father. Don't ever leave him. If you want a life full of "Good things" then don't leave the provider of the good things. Yes trials will still come because Satan is also competing against you. However I believe and know the path that Jesus Christ has laid before us is much happier then any path we can create or any path Satan will create. so remember him in all you do. You will be blessed.

Thanks everyone for your love and support! It means the world. I wish you the very best Christmas season! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Din Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Din Danske Missionær 11/29/2010

Hej alle sammen!

Det er helt fantastisk at snakke med dig idag på email! Det er jeg helt sikkert på. Jeg håber du alle sammen har haft en dejlig uge og alt har skete godt med din Thanksgiving hellidag. Ting var godt for mig og jeg har haft det meget travlt. So det her rigtig slap af at være på bibliotek idag for at skriver til dig! :) So spædende.

Did you catch that? haha! If you did, then you should be in Denmark right now helping me! haha. So what a week it has been for me. It has just been simply crazy! I don't honestly even know where to begin as I am worried i might forget to tell you something! So I think the best idea is to just begin with the start of the week.So here it goes...

So the week begins on a Monday and my poor companion Elder Warner was as sick as he could be. The only problem with him being sick was.... we had to paint our apartment! haha. So we woke up that morning bright and early at 6:30AM, got some work clothes on and began painting our lovely apartment. The reason were painting it this week as next week we are getting new carpet, so our mission leader thought it would be a good idea to paint ASAP so the new carpet wont get paint on it. So we began painting and let me tell you it was a lot of work. My companion was out of commission, so he just did some touch ups. I told him to go sleep but he really wanted to help. So in short I took the roller and basically did all the large painting while my companion followed me with a little brush. We got just about everything finished, except the bedroom and managed to not get too much paint on ourselves. The apartment looks great and it was surprisingly kind of fun! :) Then we went out and ran to the church to finish typing up Nicole's Baptismal program. We needed to get it finished so we could send it to the mission office to be printed. So took care of that then ran back up to let Elder Warner rest.

Then After Monday comes Tuesday! haha. In case you didn't know. Tuesday began with us finishing up painting our bedroom. That didn't take long at all. Then we cleaned up and put the apartment back together. Then we waited until 10 as we had someone coming to install our new oven as our old one died. While we were waiting for him a huge snow storm began and within 2 hours, we had
almost a good foot on the ground. It was insane. So 10 o clock came around and our installer was a no show. So we gave him a call and he said he would be there in an hour. So we waited. Well the hour came and still he was a now show. So we again called him and he said he was on the way. So around 2 he came and installed our new oven! I was happy with the new oven but a little disappointed that took a big portion of our day. Then that even around 6 we had an appointment with Nicole to go over her baptism. We practiced how it would work and basically prepared her for the big day! She was excited and the appointment turned out great.

Then on Wednesday we had our thanksgiving party for the Zone! They decided to hold it in Århus, so I had to do a lot of the planning with the Zone leaders to make it possible. So we had an amazing thanksgiving. I unfortunately got way sick with the cold. I hit the climax of my cold that day and am still a little sick today. It was not happy about the cold. We played some football and had amazing food. We sang some songs, even the national anthem of American and even had some pumpkin pie! It was a completely amazing day! It however snowed the entire day! haha. So it was kind of crazy playing out in the snow! Then that evening we again met with Nicole to go over again the baptism stuff. So said she is ready and had a hard time sleeping that night for Thursday!

So Thursday finally arrived! Let me tell you it was a crazy day! I woke up feeling way sick, congested. I had a cold and it was hitting me hard. Luckily I had 4 missionaries coming to the baptism to help me out, so I was very grateful for that. So we woke up and ran to the church at 9:30 ish to clean the font. It was kind of dirty. We got some strong chemicals and scrubbed that font like crazy. I was surprised to find out the tile in it was white and not a creamish color.... :) Then we began feeling the font around 10:20AM. The bishop warned me it takes about 6 hours to fill up! I was like wow, what a long time. So while the font began filling up we set up the chapel for the baptism, made sure we had towels, refreshments, hymn books were out, etc. Then to top it all off it was snowing again. So we had to stay alert and keep the sidewalk in front of the church shoveled. That was an adventure. Then to top it all off the one coordinating the baptism (ME) was way sick. So i took some really good cold medicine and drugged myself up to get me through the day and the baptism. Well 4:00 finally arrived and so did Nicole and her son. We also had some members. Well the baptism went great. We had the Bishop conduct and a member play the piano and also a musical number.Nicole asked that I speak along with another missionary named Elder Davis. I gave a talk about Baptism and Davis gave a talk about the holy ghost. We also had a member named Bent give a talk about Agency. I got the privilege og baptising her and Elder Davis confirmed her.

It was quite an exciting experience being in the water. I got the privilege of confirming Christina when I was in Slagelse, so Now it was my turn to be on the other end. Well Nicole actually made and brought her own Baptism dress. She looked great... However that dress did not do well in water. She ended up being dunked 4 times as the air could not leave the dress. It was like a water repellent material! lol! So the dunking was not my fault! :) Finally on the 4th try a few members pushed the dress under the water while I pushed Nicole under. So she got baptized, finally! She was way cool about it and jokingly said after, " Maybe I needed those extra dunks! haha. ) Then at the end of the program she gave her testimony and she did a great job. She apologized for how difficult she has been and thanked everyone for their patience. The program went great and Nicole had an amazing experience! I am way happy for her. Ever since she has gotten the Holy Ghost she has not been the same person. She was been more forgiving, patience, and loving to people, when before she was very hostile and angry. Its been a nice change to see in her and I am proud of the changes she has made in her life to get to this point.

So it was a great baptism and she had a great first day at church that following Sunday! The entire ward was so supportive and loving. I could sense a different feel in the ward as they called her "Sister Jensen." though she still has a lot to learn and she still relies on missionaries a little too much, I feel she well be a strong member one day. The lord works in marvelous ways and changes people for the best! :)

Then on Friday me and Elder Warner were as sick as could be! lol! We collapsed in the apartment as those last 2 days we were running around like a chicken with its head cut off! So when we finally got some down time we just collapsed. I am not entirely sure what really happened on Friday. All I know is I remember sleeping a lot and taking lots of cold medicine. It was a nice day.... a well deserved rest.

Well Then on Friday we also found out about TRANSFERS!!!! Are you ready for this.... I don't know if you are.... its quite exiting... maybe I should wait.... yea maybe... OK here it is....

I AM STAYING IN ÅRHUS! Can you believe it!?!?! I get to stay here for Christmas and be with my new convert for a little longer! I was so relieved to hear I was staying. Its always hard to transfer right before Christmas. But wait it gets better, Not only am I staying but Århus is getting another set of missionaries for a month! So there will be 4 missionaries in Århus! I was way stoked for it! We are going to rock Århus and get so much work down! Its going to be amazing! :) But wait.... it gets even better... I AM TRAINING! Yes you read that right I get to train a Greene completely new from the MTC! I am a little nervous but way excited! It was a nice feeling having the mission president call me and tell me I am ready to train. That means he trusts me. So I am excited! I just hope I do actually know what I am doing. Good thing I have the Holy Ghost right?

Well everyone I think that just about raps up my weeks adventures. My spiritual message is quite simple this week, its that I know this church is really Gods Church. How cheesy that may sound, but I have really come to understand this last week how true it really is. I have seen the atonement in action and its REAL. I have also seen the Spirit effect people in ways I have never seen before, I have seen it bring relief to those in need. GOD does exist and he is there and he LOVES us all. This church is not just another religion or another belief. This church is REAL and its True. It always has been and always will. How grateful I am for it and how grateful we all are because of it.

Ok so i have posted more pictures on my online photo album on facebook. You DO NOT need a facebook account to look at the pictures. Simply click on the link below! Enjoy!


I sure love you all and look forward to seeing you all again soon. I am starting to come to the end of my mission with only 9 months left. I have a lot to do and its nice knowing I have such an amazing support group at home to keep me motivated! However don't forget about my brother, I have to share you now, so keep him and the Canadian people in your prayers. I pray and hope my brother will have an even better mission experience then me! Again I love you all and wish you the very best! Merry Christmas.

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Monday, November 22, 2010

Din Danske missionær 11-22-10

Hej Alle Min Familie og venner!

Det er so viderundelig at blive en missionær i Danmark! Jeg er so taknemlig for det og ikke kan vent at tale med jer om min uge.

So this week has been... whats the word... slow! I cant even begin to tell you how much things have slowed down. I have managed to stay busy in other ways, but in short teaching appointments or anything with an investigator has been very minimal. I

So to begin we have an appointment,well multiple appointments with our investigator named Nicole. She came to church on Sunday and things seem to be on track for November 25th! We sent her programs in to be printed, got instructions on how to fill the baptismal font, and got approval from the Bishop. So things are on track with her and I am proud of the changes she has made to be ready for this date. She has really worked hard and has had to deal with ton in her life to get to this point. So shes excited and texts me constantly how exited she is! She was with a member today getting things worked out with her baptismal dress and that just got her all happy. So things are on track and I look forward to Thursday. I will let you know how it goes next week. However this week we continued our lesson on Christlike attributes with her. We taught patience and being humble. Those are 2 things I think we all, ALWAYS need to work on. She laughed when I told her what they were as these were 2 things she has struggled with for a long time. haha. The lesson went well and again she has taken what she has learned and began to apply it. I have already seen a big improvement in her.

We also met with our investigator named Tobias! He is doing alright. He is struggling to see the importance of the church. He thinks its great and interesting but I don't think he is 100 percent committed. So were working on finding a way to make church more interesting. However he is still way cool and constantly feeds us! haha. He also bought one of the new iphones and he showed it to me. I wanted to cry because it was so beautiful. We then showed him the Book of Mormon application and told him to download it.... it just laughed... I don't think he realized I was serious. :) We taught him the 2000 stripling warrior story. We told him that God can give one strength to face the challenges one needs in life. We told how the Laminites relied on their own strength and that's why they failed. We taught that when one truly relys on the Lord, he cannot fall. He found it interesting so we will see what the future brings! Way cool guy though!

We also this week went shopping with my mission leader and bought a new oven for the apartment. It was fun. He managed to talk to the guy at the store and get the oven for 1000 crowns off! WOW! That's a score in Denmark. So we ended up paying only 3200 kronor for the thing (so around 600 dollars). Not bad for Denmark. It was fun and it was a good deal. I am now cooking wonderfully and making good food. Our last oven broke so I have not really been cooking much... we have been eating sandwiches and so soup. We were pretty limited on our choices. But now I am eating well and cooking! I love the new stove. Now watch me get transferred next transfers haha, after putting all the work in to getting a new oven. :) The joys of missionary life.

I also this week got the chance to go to Copenhagen. My companion Elder Warner got permission to see an investigator he prevously taught get baptized. So we had to wake up early, catch a 4 hour train ride to get there. As we were on the train it began to snow! That was kind of crazy! It was actually sticking! Because of that a lot of trains were delayed and it caused a mess. Luckily mine had no problems and we arrived safely in Copenhagen. Then we saw the baptism and it was a great service. The spirit is always so strong and amazing during those. Except the missionaries there in Copenhagen made the water too hot... so they had to quickly run some cold water through it too cool it down. So that was kind of funny. Its a good thing God has a since of humor right? Then after the baptism we hung our for a few hours with the missionaries there. It was good to seem them as one was in my MTC group. Then me and Elder Warner again got back on the train and went back to Århus. However almost every train to Jylland (The main part of Denmark thats connected to Germany) was cancelled. Yikes! I was getting a little worried. We managed to find a train that took us to the middle island called Fyn. This is the island that is between jylland and sjælland. However it left a little later. So we grabbed some McDonalds, ahah, yes McDonalds, and waited for the train. Well we caught it and finally made it to Århus. It was not as smooth of a trip as it was getting to Copenhagen! :) Long day of traveling, but it was nice and fun to get to see Copenhagen for a few hours. I know Elder Warner was very grateful to get the oppertunity to go!

I also this week have gotten one step closer to getting ready to do my church tour idea. I will give your more details later, but I am getting some posters and flyers I created approved and then printed. Then were going to send out announcements and get this idea rocking. I am excited to see if any results come from it. I will keep you updated on the status of my project! The Bishop is excited and I am working very closly with the members to get this idea a reality.

I dont have much of a spiritual message for today. I am been very busy and just have not had much time to think about it. All I guess I want to say is remember the Lord is always watching our for you and taking care of you. I was a little worried about the whole train situation when coming home from Copenhagen. However I had the faith that the Lord is there and that he loves me and that he will get me where I need to go. So just remember that though life can get crazy and messed up, remember somebody is in control and that if you call upon his help and have the faith he can help, all things are possible!

I wish you the very best week! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you guys all eat some extra food for me as the traditional thanksgiving food is hard to find in Denmark! haha. Love you all!

Din Danske Missionær
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Monday, November 15, 2010

Din Danske Missionær 11-15-10

Hej Alle Min Familie og Venner!

Det er så dejligt at skriver til jer i day! Det betylder rigtig meget til mig og jeg ser meget frem til det hver uge! Her er min uge, og jeg håber du kan nyde denne brev!

So once again I have had a great week but it was been a little slower. I am afraid the slow weeks are going to start being a normal thing, as the Christmas comes closer and closer. I am so excited for the holidays, but not excited for the effect the Holidays have on missionary work.

So to begin we had a good start to the week. We met with our investigator Nicole. She is on track for her baptism on November 25th. She met with the mission president this week and is cleared for her baptism! So we have begun to create her program and do other things to prepare for that day. She is doing much better and has really changed. She is learning more and More and applying the stuff she is learning to her own life. She is attending institute and other young adult acitivies in other wards. She is enjoying those a lot! She also purchased new scriptures and has gained a stronger desire to study lately. she is doing better! I hope and pray the best for her! I will keep you updated as the date gets closer and closer! :) Lots of stuff can happen as the baptism day arrives.

Then on Tuesday we had our apartment repairman come to fix some things. I was hard to explain things in danish to him, but luckily we had our mission leader with us to help us. I was quite fun to practice my danish. I am really fixing up this apartment. Then on Friday I heard from the mission president that we are having a "Cleanest apartment contest" haha. I am determined to win! So I told my mission leader and he also got way excited! So me and my companion and my mission leader our going out to buy some new paint, and new carpet (As the apt really does need it... we have approval from mission office) and all kinds of things to spruce up my apartment! lol! Whats great is it was all Flemmings (My mission leaders) idea! Hes making it so fun, and were really enjoying this project! I am telling you, my apartment is going to rock, and I am so going to win! haha. Flemming and I have come up with design ideas and all kidns of plans to win this contest. He even wants to bring some of his furniture over to our apartment, just so it looks good when we send the picture in for the contest! :) He is also determined to win! GO ÅRHUS ELDERS! :)

Then on Friday we had a specialized training in Århus. Its kind of like a Zone conference except that only our mission president instructs us. It was really good and it was basically talking out making commitments with people. Things like committing baptism sooner then later, introducing Book of Mormon more in our lessons, etc. It was a great instruction and I learned a lot to improve my missionary work. That lasted all day and it was a lot of fun to visit with all the other missionaries in my Zone!

The on Saturday our Ward had a baptism of an 8 year old! Let me tell you the ward was just all excited about it! What was even greater about it, was this family invited every non member friend they had! It was amazing how many non-members were in that building! I talked to many of them and they seemed scared when they saw my badge but after I talked they calmed down as they realized I am not scary! I mean seriously, who couldn't resist my charming smile? haha. Just kidding. I met this American actually at that baptism that is friends with the mother of the daughter that was baptized. I had a great chat with her and I guess she is somewhat interested in the church. It was great to talk to her and introduce me as a missionary to her. Now she knows were nice people and not pushy or weird. So I hope with time and prayer maybe I could teach her. The baptism turned out wonderfully and this little girl was so excited to show the church to all her non-member friends. Before the baptism she was giving them all tours and showing them where she has class and primary, etc. She was a good little missionary to her friends. It was cute. All her friends were so supportive and sweet. Its a shame we cant be the same way as adults. We tend to judge to quickly as we get older. Kids just have a great way do love and respect people.

So my spiritual message goes with my story about the baptism. As we deal with people throughout our day, Mormon or not. Remember to always be respectful and loving to all and everyone. Sometimes we has members get so caught up in judging other religions because we know ours is true. Though we are the only true church, I believe many good things can be learned from the many other churches in this world. As we show our love and respect, just like those kids showed that 8 year old getting baptised, that's when we truly are being Christlike. That's the best way to show others our church, and one day the truth.

Have a great week everyone and thank you again for all your love and support!

Din danske Missionær
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Din Danske Missionær 11/08/2010

Kære Familie og Venner!

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Let the winter season begin, officially! It has snowed in Denmark. It did not stick but it was snowing! Is that crazy or what! I cannot believe we are entering the 2nd week of November... its just crazy. Time is flying by and I am getting closer and closer to the end of my mission. Its just incredible how fast time flies. I am doing well and have had a decent week. This week again was more mellow.

To begin We had a rough beginning of the week. However we did meet with our investigator named Nicole. She is doing much, much better. In fact she has changed a lot and is finally making real progress. This week we decided to teach her about Christlike attributes. We began with Faith and Hope, and then continued on to Charity and Love. She really liked them and enjoyed the scriptures we shared with her. She has already begun to apply some of those attributes into her life. Her baptismal date is for November 25 officially now, and things seem to be on track for that. I will keep you updated as the date comes closer and closer.

We also met with Fareed again this week. He just loves having us over. She shared a spiritual message with him that involved the Book of Mormon. We encouraged him to begin reading the scirptures again and to try to make it to church. Other than that he just loves us. I mean I have never met a man so grateful to have missionaries come over. He truly is a good person and is doing his best with the life he has. I am glad I am here to help him to the best of my abilities. Whats also neat is, I am also learning things from him. Good man, good appointment.

We also met with another investigator named THU. This is the girl we teach English. She is doing better and better each week we meet with her. I am very impressed with the progress she is making. The only problem is she is really shy to speak. I understand her pain completely... I struggled and in all reality still struggle, having the confidence to speak danish. So I have been relating to her pretty well, and shes progressing. We teach her a little about the church here and there, but struggles understanding. I hope with time, things can progress farther.

Then on Saturday we had another apartment inspection from the new couple missionaries that serve in a city called Aalborg. They arrived in Denmark about 4 weeks ago. As I began to talk with them I found out they are from ALPINE with names Elder and Sister Jensen! Sweet! A little Alpine reunion. For those who are from Alpine I asked them the good old true alpiner question, "Do you live close to the buffalo?." They laughed and they passed my alpiner test. They are way cool and my companion and I gave them a tour of Århus. It was fun. By the way.... My apartment passed with flying colors.... I bet to most of you that was a shocker.... haha. :)

So Saturday evening came along and we sat down around 9 to plan and we realized how rough of a week it was. We have had very little contact with our investigators and in short never got the chance to invite them to church. So I was quite sad that none of my investigators were coming. So I said a prayer asking Heavenly father to prepare someone, anyone so I can have an investigator at church.

Well Sunday rolled around and I arrived at church. I began greeting the members and being social when in walks the Jensen's. They are the couple missionaries serving in Aalborg. Not only did they come to church but they brought this young girls around 24 years old in. They began to talk to me and said that when they pulled up they saw this girl starring at the church building deciding whether to enter or not. So Elder Jensen went up with a smile to her and invited her in. Well she stayed through sacrament meeting and had a good experience. I got her number and she is interested in learning more. Her name is Lykke and she answered my prayers.

So my spiritual message for the day is, don't EVER forget the power of prayer. This is something that's REAL and AMAZING. I knew my prayer was answered yesterday when the Jensen's brought that girl through the door. I know the power of prayer works. Maybe not always in the way we want it, but it works. In my case he not only got an investigator in church, but he also gave me a new investigator to teach. I love my Heavenly Father and how he continually blesses and helps his children. How grateful I am for his help, love, and patience. May you remember prayer and use it. He wants to talk to us and prayer is how we do it!

Well everyone, Have an amazing week. Everything is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so enjoy it as it only lasts for a few months. Take care, and I wish the very best for you!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Din Danske Missionær 11/01/2010

Hej alle min Familie og venner!

Oh det er so dejlight at være på computer i dag for at snakke med dig! Jeg håber du alle sammen har haft den bedste dag, eller den bedste Halloween weekend du nogensinde har haft! Min var ok, men Halloween er ikke so stor i Danmark som det er i USA. So for Danmark det var næste den fuldkommen! haha.

OK, haha. I am just having way too much fun writing in danish. Have you been able to understand it? In any case you get to kind of see what it looks like! :) So HAPPY NOVEMBER! I cannot believe the holiday season has already begun! It just amazes me how fast it all happens. Denmark and its stores have already begun to set up for Christmas and almost all the stores have Christmas decorations ready to go! kind of crazy! I love the holidays! My last Christmas in Denmark!

So my week was pretty good. It was actually more on the mellow side, but in any case a good week filled with stuff to do!

On Monday we had a district meeting in Horsens. Horsens is a near-by city that takes about 45 minutes to get too with train. So me and my companion caught a train very early and made our way to Horsens. The meeting was pretty good and I had to give a training on, "How to plan for your investigators" haha. It was kind of an awkward training, but it was fun. I just gave everyone a fake investigator and had them plan for it. Then I gave them hints and tips that are in Preach my gospel and called the training complete. I think everyone enjoyed it and it turned out well. So that was fun. Then we hung out in Horsens the rest of the day and took our p-day. We basically ate out with all the missionaries in our group and had a shopping day. I didn't buy anything, but it was just fun to be with a bunch of missionaries and hang out. It was a fun day.

Then on Tuesday we met with our Investigator named Nicole. We taught her about the Word of Wisdom and Law of chastity. She knew it already but it was a good refresher course. She enjoyed reading out of the scriptures and it was a good appointment. She was a baptismal date for Nov 19. I hope it will hold through. She is much better then she has been, and has really began to change and be better. So one can only hope! haha.

Then we had an appointment with some new investigators named Charolette and Roger. We gave them a church tour and asked us how we ran our meetings. They found it very interesting. Roger was very positive and in fact did some of his own research about our church. He read our website and was amazed with our temples. He thought they were breath taking. So it was a fun giving a tour of the church. We hopefully will have another appointment with them this week, and have a good sit down and teach about Joseph Smith. :) They are good people and I am excited to see what happens! :)

We also met with our less active friend named Fareed! He is such a good guy but just wont come to church! haha. He cracks me up. He tells us every time, he knows he needs to come! However this time he did have good news as he told me that his boss just hired 5 new people. Which means he can get Sunday off of work. That was great news! He said he is going to talk to his boss this week! I am excited to get this man re-activated! That's almost as good as a baptism! haha. Fareed is also a very good cook and just loves cooking for us! He also does all he can to take care of the missionaries! SO good man. His appointments are always a lot of fun.

My other investigators are also doing well, and I have made appointments with them for this week! SO things are going well and I hope to have a baptism for Århus for Christmas! Me and My companion are working hard and doing are best to fulfill our calling! haha.

So I don't really have a spiritual thought for today. But something I really want to express is the concept of patience. One thing I am learning as a missionary is how patient I have to be with people. That could include my companion, my investigators, or even the ward members. The one thing I learned is the more patient I am the better things turn out. If I lose my patience and get mad, or whatever, I end up in a worse situation then I was in. So for this week, remember to have patience. If everyone in this world would do that a little more, I think the world would be a better place. Wow, ok... this message was a little cheesy. Did anybody else think that message was like a response from like the Miss. America pageant?.... oh wait I forgot to add.... "World peace" haha. Oh boy... *Grin*

I wish all of you the very best week! Happy November!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Din Danske Missionær 10/26/2010

Kære Familie og Venner!

Det er dejligt at høre så mange sjove ting der sker derhjemme! Jeg har hørt at du måske skal modtage sne snart. Held og lykke med det, og jeg håber det bedste. For mig er det bare kolde regn. Jeg er ikke sikker på, der er bedre. Jeg vil også gerne sige til dig, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Its so wonderful again to be at the computer! I was worried I would not have been able to write until the end of the week. I have a booked week and actually don't really even have a p-day this week! that's how crazy it is! haha. However I managed some time and am very happy to be here! My week was a good one so here it is! haha.

WOW, and wow! Halloween is this week! I cannot begin to tell you how fast this month went for me! I swear I just got to Århus and I am actually just finishing up month 3! Is that crazy or what! :) So Halloween is not an official Holiday in Denmark, but its becoming more popular every year. Most stores have Halloween decorations you can buy. A lot of people carve pumpkins and eat candy. However the concept of trick or treating has not taken off. Most people just have a little part in there homes and celebrate. The younger people will generally head down town and party. So its kind of fun as the holiday is getting bigger. It kind of reminds me of home a little bit! :) So for me and my companion we plan on just buying a pastry or something to celebrate Halloween. I think maybe we might buy a pumpkin. I will update you on my Halloween celebration next week. If any... haha.

So to begin we had the Zone leaders for splits on Tuesday! That was a lot of fun and we got a lot of work done. Its fun sometimes having other missionaries come to your area. You get to talk to other people besides your companion and also do a lot of work! The Zone leaders came and helped us out a lot.

Then on Wednesday we met with an investigator named Janet! I think I have mentioned her before. She is from Ghana, but has lived in Denmark for the past 18 years, or something. She is 21 or 22 years old. So she is basically danish.She speaks danish and English and we usually teach her in both. We taught her about Jesus Christ this week and showed this movie called "finding faith in Christ." she really enjoyed it. We then taught her about how faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost all go together. She loved the lesson and told me, she "Hopes the book of Mormon is true!" YES! Hope, the beginning of faith! She has a baptism date for the end of November, but it might be moved one week. She is doing well and I enjoy teaching her!

We also met with another investigator named THU, from Vietnam. We are still teaching her English and she is improving a lot. We actually got invited over to there home and was fed authentic Vietnamese food! So that was exciting. However what was even more exciting was that we were able to teach her and her husband about the church and Joseph Smith. We learned real fast however, that they have no christian background. So that will take some time, but its a start. They are great people, and it will be a lot of fun teaching them the firsts, like prayer and Book of Mormon, etc. So I hope things keep going good with them. By they way, the food was great! :)

We also met with Nicole. She is progressing and is doing much better then she has done in the past. She is starting to enjoy church a little more and is on track for her baptism. We taught her last time about tithing and fasting. She agreed with it, and it made since to her. The ward is really starting to like her and shes also starting to like them. Slowly, Nicole is beginning to be integrated really well. That's good as I don't want her relying on missionaries, as we leave. Her testimony needs to be with the church. not the missionaries. So things are going well!

Then on Sunday we had 3 investigators show up to church. Whats even more impressive is the stayed all 3 hours! haha. We had Nicole, Marianne, and Janet! Let me tell you it was a crazy Sunday! However, they all together enjoyed church. Nicole has been coming every week since I began teaching her, so I am really proud of her. So she was coming anyways. I had no idea Marianne was coming. She just kind of randomly showed up! haha. I was so happy to see her and she said she just had the best day ever at church! She loves relief society! She told me she just finds that class, Brilliant! :) Janet loved sacrament meeting! She told me the church feels right when she enters that meeting. She didn't really like Sunday school or relief society. She told me she felt like she was being brain washed! haha. I told her its just because they probably went over stuff she didn't know about, she agreed. So I told her we should start meeting more, so we can teach you as much as possible! :) Other than that, it was a great Sunday and me and my companion were just all over the building, and talking our mouths off! It was one of the most busiest Sundays I have had in a long time! The ward was also just ex-tactic! I could tell they were impressed and happy to see people coming. That means a lot to the members! :) So I made the ward happy, so that was good! :) It was a good Sunday!

On a funnier slash cool note, we also helped a member this week move. This member lives in Randers but has a Son the lives in Århus. Well over the last 3 months I have talked and communicated with her as she has been trying to get some of her friends to meet with the missionaries. So shes doing a great job doing missionary member work. So I have talked to her quite a lot on the phone and through texting. The thing was I once served in Randers and didn't remember this women. Her name is Irene Clark. She called me last week and asked if we could help her son move move as he lives in Århus. I said absolutely! So on Friday I finally met Irene Clark and I just smiled.

I recognized who she was. She was the first member I met when I first came to Denmark.I remember being in Randers and out contacting the first day and I was super nervous and scared. Then I remember this women come up to me and greet me. She spoke English and told me, "It just warms my heart to see you guys out working." I don't know why but that had a great impact on me. She really made my day. Then I remember giving my first 15 minute talk in church. She came up to me again and talked to me and just complimented me like crazy. I remember her saying, "I think we are going to see great things from you!" Anyways, I remembered her! Now to come to find out, I have been working with her the last 3 months and didn't even know it. It was just a neat experience to meet her again.

So my spiritual message goes with my Irene Clark story. You never know what impact you can have on people. I just realized after meeting her, how those 2 comments she told me really made my experience that much better in Randers. I honestly believe those comments and a few other things are what got me through those 2 months. Those first months were tough. So my message is this, be an example and try to go out of your way to say or do something nice. Irene didn't have to say those things, but she did, and oh how much better my experience was. God also works in the same way. He continually blesses us, even when we don't deserve us. He just loves us that much and wants us to be happy. Let us be better and do a little more... you never know how much those little things can mean to people.

I hope all of you have a fantastic week! I heard you might be getting snow in Utah.... so watch out and good luck with it! haha. We don't have snow yet but its cold rain. Also not very fun! Love you all!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Din Danske Missionær 10/18/10

Kære familie og venner,

Det er so vidunderlig at være på bibliotek at skriver til dig! Jeg håber du har haft den bedste uge, og er glade for den kommende hellidage. Jeg er meget spændt på det fordi det er min sidste hellidag sæson i Danmark.

haha, ok now I am done with danish! I hope all of you are having a wonderful week. It has been quite the adventure over here in good old Århus. Its been kind of an exciting week, but in all I would say it has just been busy. Something I am very, very grateful for. So let me recap my week!

So we began the week with a less active appointment with a man named Fareed. He was baptized many many years ago and hasn't been to church since. haha. However he still has a testimony and loves the missionaries, he is just a little lazy when it comes to coming to church. He even admits it.... all he needs now is a kick. haha. Well he invited us over and he made us some food from Iran. As Fareed comes from Iran. He also showed us some show in his Persian language about Joseph in Egypt. Apparently they made a TV show about it and how Potiphar's wife still has a thing for him, and I guess the entire TV show is about the hidden love relationship with Joseph and Potiphar's wife. That's what Fareed told me, haha. The show was in Persian translation so.... I didn't get much out of it. However that TV show that just so happened to come on sparked a spiritual conversation and we had a great talk with him about the scriptures and how important it is to continually follow Christ. I think it really helped him out and he got a lot out of it. I know as missionaries we are not allowed to watch TV, but in this instance I am grateful I didn't say anything and allowed this show to spark an Interest in Fareed. Pay attention to your surroundings you never know when our Heavenly father might put something in our path to teach you something! So that was a fun appointment.

Then on Tuesday we had splits with my district leader and his companion. That was a crazy day. I decided earlier in the week to go through the dropped piles of people who once investigated the church and for some reason stopped or the missionaries dropped them. Elder Warner and I thought it might be a good idea to visit some of these people and maybe give them another chance. You never know. So we went through the piles and piles of records and made lists of people and address and spent all day Tuesday visiting people. We managed to get 1 person interested in meeting again. So that was a success. We will be continuing this project over the next few weeks. That was a lot of work, but much more worth it. Its a lot easier to contact already contacted people. I thought it was much more effective then walking around the city randomly looking for people. As we were contacting these old investigators we also contacted while walking to these places and guess what, we got a few phone numbers and address of people that might be interested. So that was an exciting day. I am telling you, splits with other missionaries is always a great help.

We also met with THU this week and continued teaching her English. I saw a huge improvement with her this week. She has been studying really hard and I was very impressed. She just loves church stuff.... she wants to learn but she just cant understand it when we try. We are hoping her husband will want to come one day and maybe then we can teach... as he can translate for her. Lots could happen here, it just takes time and patience. This THU, though is a sweet women. We drew a board of a city and asked her in English to explain how I can get from point A to point B. So I asked her where she wants to go on the board. She said, Church... haha. If I didn't know any better I would say shes already Mormon. :) So that was a lot of fun teaching her this week.

We also have 2 new investigators this week. Its a Women and her brother named Charlotte and Johan's. They both come from Ghana, I think and are very interested in the church. We showed them the Book of Mormon and were just AMAZED! They said, wow... its just like the Bible. I was secretly saying in my head... but better... haha. We taught them about Joseph smith and they just gobbled it up. We have another appointment later this week with them. I look forward to seeing what happens with them. Fun stuff!

Then on Sunday we had a ward eat thing after church called Fællespisning in Danish. Basically every family in the ward brings a food, and we all eat and share and talk for a few hours after church. Well one thing that always helps getting investigators to church is if you tell them there is food! haha. Well I mentioned to Marianne about it and she showed up to church. Marianne is a young girl I believe I mentioned last week in my email. Well she came to church and even went to relief society and really enjoyed it. The ward was just eating her up. I mean, they loved her. She stayed at ate and had an amazing day at church! The only questionable thing was... Nicole another investigator came also... she is a little upset with missionaries and some members... I was shocked she came. She talked negative about the church and was very rude to Marianne. However I managed to sweep Marianne away and I had the bishop sweep Nicole away. I explained the situation to Marianne and she completely understood. She even told me she is planning on coming to church again next week. :) Exciting stuff.

So speaking of Nicole...well we have had a lot of problems with her. In fact the Mission President and the Bishop are now both involved with her teaching process. She is like the energizer bunny... she just never stops... She keeps going and going.... and then keeps going some more. I hope she can find a testimony... but this time its not only the missionaries helping her out. She had a good long talk with MP and Bishop and things seem to be back on track. Shes a roller-coaster and is now hitting the top of the hill. Its only a matter of time she heads back down. However this time we have other people on the ride... so that should help things out. Even though shes a tough person, I truly hope she can find what shes looking for in the restored gospel. I know it can bring her happiness... I just don't think she knows what she is looking for. Something I hope she can figure out. So yea...

So my spiritual message for the day is about 2 things or 2 sayings my Dad has taught me growing up... but I don't think it has really clicked until now for me. These last few months on my mission being with different companions and different people have really made these 2 things make sense. My dad told me....
#1. Let people simply be people.
#2. Beat people with kindness..

So one thing i am learning a lot is how different and weird people can be. I am also learning how mean and cruel they can be too. As a missionary we are not always placed with people we enjoy or even get to teach people we want to teach. However these last few weeks 2 things came into my mind and have helped me tremendously to have patience and keep me calm. haha.

#1"Let people simply be people" I cant even begin to tell you how much my dad told me this one. haha. He was like a broken record! haha. Well guess what, I finally got it! I realized that if I just accepted how people were, and just let them be them, with all their quirks and craziness... I enjoyed life a lot more. Instead of complaining to myself and creating anger to that person all in my head.. I would just relax and let them be themselves. I was less stressed more relaxed and could enjoy life. Something all of us want. Its funny but half the time that other person you are secretly mad at... doesn't even know he or she is doing anything to bug you. So the only person that gets effected by your hidden anger is you.Not cool.

#2"Beat people with kindness" Wow, I love this principle. Something that I also have started to grasp. People can be rude and cruel and all you want to do is say something back that's also rude or in some way or another have your revenge on them. One thing I have enjoyed this week is when you still are nice to those who are rude to you.... it actually makes them questions what they are puts you in a more innocent state-it makes you more Christlike. Sometimes it can make them angrier, but guess what if your doing your part to be nice and they are still rude... then they are the ones with the continued problem, not you. You then are able to move on with your life. The best way to get revenge on others is to simply Beat them with kindness. haha. :) LOVE IT!

I hope all of you have an amazing week. I hope you all know I love you and pray for you always. Enjoy the fall weather as I believe snow will be on the forecast soon. YIKES! haha. Ha det godt! :)

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Din Danske Missionær,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Din Danske Missionær 10/11/2010

Hej alle min familie og venner!

I hope this letter finds you all well! I hope you are enjoying the fall weather as winter is just around the corner. Its officially cold enough now in Denmark where I need to wear a jacket every day. I don't know if its because it really is cold, or because I have some of the Florida blood from my Mom.... hehe. Either way, winter is coming and I am enjoying this weather as much as I can before it gets too cold! Its been quite a busy week this week for me, so let me re-cap to y'all.

So because we had General Conference last weekend we had some missionaries stay over for Monday for p-day as we had Zone Conference on Tuesday.So on Monday we have 4 additional missionaries in my apartment. That was kind of fun, a little a wild, but a lot of fun. We talked and simply enjoyed each others company. We had pizza (something we do not eat as often) and had fun! Then that night we found out there was an additional 2 missionaries coming to spend the the night as they live to far away to travel Tuesday morning. So we had 8 missionaries including myself in my apartment... wow, what an interesting night! haha.

Then on Tuesday we had Zone conference! Our mission president has decided to have a ZC every other month. So this last week I have been so busy, I actually didn't even think about that we had zone conference... so I didn't really prepare anything for it. Because every conference our mission president chooses 2 people randomly to give a talk... Well guess what... I got called on. YIKES! I didn't have anything prepared at all. The topic was on Goal setting... oh and did I mention this is also in Danish! haha. So wow that was a scary moment! So i grabbed my scriptures and Sister Andersen (Mission presidents wife) noticed I was nervous and gave me a thumbs up. haha. She new I was not entirely ready. So I made my way up and began to speak.......... TO BE CONTINUED. I will tell the rest in my spiritual message below! haha. Zone conference went well and it was a nice day to relax and catch up with all the other missionaries.

Then on Thursday I needed to take care of my Visa Information. I finished all my paper work and sent it into the mission office and they approved it all. Then they sent it back to me and said take it to the nearest Police station and they will finish it up for you. So I make my way to the police station and enter the doors and I was like, wow this is a nice station. It looked newly remodeled and it was very comfortable. Well I found out that was the wrong part of the station I was in. I needed to go to another part of the building. I followed the signs that said, "Immigration office." So I made my way over there and wow, was it a crazy experience. I enter the room and it was really small, plain white walls and a number take system. I was number 88 and the number was on 72 when I arrived. The room was stinky and small and was very uncomfortable. Quite the difference from the other part of the station I was at. Well I ended up waiting for 1 hour and a half for it to get to number 88. While I was waiting I was like the only white guy in that room. haha. The rest were from crazy parts of the world like Africa, or somewhere in the middle east. I kept getting strange looks from them, lol! Finally my number was called and I left the waiting room and entered the office where a nice danish lady helped me out. She was mean with me at first, until she asked, "Do you speak Danish?" I looked at her and said in Danish,"absolutely, I am in Denmark, arnt I?" She got a big smile on her face and we spoke danish to each other. She was so impressed I spoke and understood danish. Danes do not like foreigners that do not speak their language. So we got my visa stuff figured out and it took only a matter of 5 minutes. I asked her why it took forever with other people and she said its because nobody else had there paperwork finished, She said I was one of the first that had no problems that day. haha. So I made her happy, as I don't think she liked dealing with all the foreigners. I also was very kind and I mean who could resist the "Skyler Hardy Charm" haha. Just kidding! :) I just treated her how I would want to be treated... its amazing how well that principle works! :) It was still quite an experience as I was treated like a foreigner.... that was kind of a new concept for me. It kind of made me a little homesick. I cant wait to be back in my own country! :) So yea, this was a shocker of an experience for me.

We taught THU this week again. She is doing well with English. She always mentions God in our language lessons, which is awesome! But everything we want to teach her about Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon are still beyond her limit with english. So patience and time and I am sure the Lord will bless her and me and my companion so she can learn about the restored Gospel of Jesus christ! :) YEA BABY! I am excited to see where this will go!

We also met with Marianne this week! She is a sweet young lady and I was just glad she still wanted to meet. I tried setting a baptismal date with her last time and that kind of freaked her out. However she still wants to learn about the church, so given more time and more understanding, who knows what will happen. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and basically where it began and where it ended. We shared some scriptures with her and had a good lesson. She told me she is very interested in her family history... I said we have just the thing to help you out. So we are going to schedule her a day where she can do some family history work with a member who knows all that stuff to help Marianne out. :) So that exciting.

As for Nicole the other investigator I have. She is a human roller coaster and right now is on pause with the missionaries. She goes up and down and up and down with the church. It was stressing me out and stressing her out, so I decided to give her a pause. I hope the best for her. If its meant to be things will work out. So yea.

So my spiritual message for the day goes with the story I began about me giving a talk in Zone Conference. Normally I do prepare stuff but these last few weeks have been crazy and for once I was caught un-prepared. SO I get up there and was praying as hard as I can to say something meaningful. Well the Lord blessed me with inspiration and told me to share my favorite scriptures Helaman 5:12- Which says,
And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the arock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your bfoundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty cstorm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.

Ok, so your probably wondering what this has to do with the topic of Goal setting. Well I basically said that in all reality a Goal is only worth while if your intent and desire is aligned with that goal. I also said, Goal setting is not new and its something we do all the time as missionaries and human beings. So the thing I shared with them, is remember where your foundation lies. Remember that if our foundation is built upon Jesus Christ, WE CANNOT FALL. That the reason we are missionaries is because of Jesus Christ and to help others come unto him. So that is my spiritual message for the day. Always remember why we are members of this church and why we always strive to be betters, why we set goals in our lives... its because of Jesus Christ. He is the way and there is no other way except through him. So yea, it turned out well and I thought it was a good little message. :) You should of heard me say it in Danish! :) hehe.

Well everyone, that was my week. I hope all of you have an amazing next week, filled with joy and happiness and all types of good stuff. Take care and Ha det godt! :)

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Din Dansk Missionær,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Your Danish Missionary 10-4-10

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you have had an amazing week. This week was kind of a weird one as transfer occurred. So not much has really happened! haha. However it was a good week.

To begin the week started out with a wonderful p-day. My companion Elder Hebbert and I did some shopping and took pictures around the city. This was our last p-day as a companionship. So that was fun, and we managed to relax and take it easy.

Then on Tuesday we met with our baptismal date JANET! She is doing super well and we had a great time teaching her. We taught her the Holy Ghost or Spirit. We wanted her to know about the spirit to help her feel if the church is true, as the role of the spirit is to testify of truth. So we had a fun lesson with her and she asked a lot of questions. She seemed to enjoy it. In fact she made another appointment with us for Friday! However, She got really sick and was not able to keep that appointment or come to General Conference unfortunately. I am a little worried, but I have faith things will continue to work out. Shes a great person, and she is searching for truth. Exciting stuff.

We also taught our English class on Tuesday and we have a new student. I think I may have mentioned her before, but maybe not... In any case her Name is THU, and she is from Vietnam. He is in Denmark because her husband is studying here. She just tagged along for the ride and is trying to master her English. The unfortunate thing, is her English is really, really bad. Shes far from perfect, and has a hard time speaking it. However she can read and write really well, so that's how we are able to communicate with her. She told us last week she believes God will help her learn English and that she loves reading books about God. haha. So we thought, what the heck lets give her a Book of Mormon. So we gave her one in Vietnamese and one in English. We told her that if she will read one verse in English then read it in Vietnamese, it can help her! She was thrilled and told her husband about it! Now he wants one too. So we hope as these classes progress and she gets better at English, we can start teaching them about the church! :) Its just going to take time and patience as she has to be able to understand us, if we want to teach her gospel stuff! haha. Shes a sweet person and is enjoying the classes.

Sam, the Chinese man I have been teaching is officially in China for the next 2 months! He has a testimony and I just hope he remembers and keeps it when he gets back! I look forward to his return and pray that he will be watched over and protected so he can make it back to Denmark to join Gods church! He told me last week he is really looking forward to coming back. He is a good man, and will miss him!

The on Wednesday we have the dreaded day of Transfers! haha. Its so much work, but this time I got to relax and watch my companion pack and travel with his stuff. So at 7:00 elder Hebbert and I decided to get some yummy pastries at that famous bakery here in Århus as our last good buy celebration. Then around 9:00 we headed to the train station and boarded a train that would take my companion to Bornholm and I would get off at another station and switch companions with somebody until my new companion arrived later that evening from Copenhagen. My new companion is Elder Warner and he is from Utah. He grew up somewhere around Salt Lake... not 100% sure, I will have to ask him again. I think things will be OK. So yea, new companion, new adventures!

Then on Thursday we met with a less active member named Fareed. He is a awesome guy from Iran. He knows the church is true, he is just a little lazy with coming to church. However. he father recently died so we have tried to make him a weekly visit to help him. The home teaching program isn't really present in the Århus ward... the bishop is working on it. SO until then, we as missionaries kind of do a little bit of the home teaching. It was a fun appointment as we painted his restaurant! IT was a lot of fun, and Fareed really appreciated the help. He made an amazing lunch for us and we just had a great day with him. We told him to come to church this Sunday and watch 1 session of General Conference... but he didn't make it. I will find out what happened. People can be so unpredictable!

So as must of you read last week I told you that Nicole is no longer an Investigator, well that's not entirely true anymore! haha. She is a stubborn person and is back being an investigator again. I think she respects me more for standing up for myself and my companion as she has been very careful on what she says to me. We decided to only meet with her in the church. Things are going well with her again. I personally believe she already knows the church is true, but doesn't really know it herself. It's kind of confusing, but that's my impression. The thing that's wrong is she has a mountain of problems to climb over and its been quite the hike for her. Shes coming but its hard with you have such a large task ahead. I was talking to her and we decided that maybe its time for her to speak to our mission president and discuses these mountains with him- She is game and we have an appointment with our mission president tomorrow at 6. I pray and hope that she will receive the guidance and help she needs. She has a soft baptismal date for the end of December... and with what happens tomorrow will determine her baptismal date. She is a good person and deep down I really hope and care about her and want the best for her! I Will keep you posted! :)

General Conference was awesome! I really thought it was one of the best conferences I have seen in a long time. There were so many talks that just amazed me. One thing I liked is how the talks taught basic truths of our church! I just loved it as that's what I teach every day! So I am excited to use some of these talks with my investigators! I watched conference at the church, but because its so easy now days for members to watch it on the Internet, it was basically only other missionaries, and the few like 5 other members that showed up! haha. So it was like a lot of fun hanging out with the other missionaries and having the church building to ourselves! haha.It was a relaxing day and I just loved it! I never really appreciated General Conference until I came on my mission. Our Prophet and our apostles are amazing, intelligent, men and I could feel there testimonies as they spoke! It was just a great conference! :) So that's my spiritual message for the day! We have been blessed in our day with apostles and prophets! Lets listen to them and take their words and apply them!

I hope all of you have a great week! Thanks for all your love and support! Take care!

Your Danish Missionary,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Din Danske Missionær 9/27/10

Hej alle min familie og venner!

Det er so dejligt at være på computer at snakkede med dig og fortælle dig om min uge! Det betyder rigtig meget til mig at du læse min e-mail. Tak for det! Jeg håber det bedste for dig og at du finde meget succes i denne uge! :)

So did you catch that first paragraph? Its only danish, everyone is speaking it....haha. Just kidding. I just found out that Denmark's population has hit a record of 5 and a half million people! whoot, whoot! The Danes are pretty excited about that! I read it in one of the headlines on the paper! This little country is starting to grow! haha. The danish people are so proud. Speaking of Denmark, Fall has finally hit. I swear it happened over night. One day all the leaves are green and fresh on the trees and the next, yellow and red falling on the ground. My first and last fall in Denmark. Next fall, I am heading home!

Something for a culture thing i learned this week is how they do there grading here in Denmark. I have no idea if it interests you, but I thought it was very interesting. We were at one of our investigators apartment and we started talking about America and how we use the ABCDF, as our grading score. He started telling me how it is done in Denmark. He told me its a number systems as follows. -3,-2,-1,0,2,4,7,10,12. I thought it was very interesting. We started talking and we figured out the comparison to our grade system.

-3 = F
-2 = F
-1 = F
0 = F
2 = D
4 = C
7 = B
10 = A
12 = A+

I don't know if that's the official translation, you could say, but I do think its the right idea. I just think its very fascinating. Why have 3 different ways to say you failed? I guess so you know how bad you really did mess up, right? haha. So that's my culture shock I experienced this week. I don't think I would do so hot with this system. Failing is hard enough, but knowing how bad you really did fail would just be heart wrenching. haha.

So I just want you to know this week has been one of the longest weeks of my life. Its been that way for many reasons, but most of all its just been because of a lot of drama from one investigator, that I will talk about later.

The week began with a wonderful appointment with a new member that just moved in from Brazil! Her name is Islandia and she invited us over when she was a church on Sunday. She actually has been in Denmark for a while but just moved in to Århus. Shes been to church the last month and she actually asked me to be a part of her babies blessing at church. She just had a baby, and let me tell you its a cute baby! haha. I felt it an honor that she asked me. So I was a part of that 2 Sundays ago. Well this last Sunday she told us her baby is sick and wanted us to give her baby a priesthood blessing. So we came over Monday Morning and had a good chat with her and helped her baby. It was a neat experience. We found out she also served a mission and we just had a good time chatting with her about the "Good old days" haha. Shes a great person! She wanted us over for dinner on Thursday.

So Thursday arrived and let me tell you it was the best food I have had in a long time. One thing about Denmark is the Danish food is very boring. They use very little spices and exotic foods. A typical danish meal consists of Potatoes, gravy, some bread, and a big chunk of meat. Give or take the type of potato and meat! haha. So to be honest I have gotten really sick of Danish food. So when we went over to Islandias she made us authentic Brazilian Food! WOW! It was so amazing! It makes my mouth water now just thinking about it! What was also neat is her mother was over for vacation and she currently lives in Brazil, so her mother helped make the food with authentic food she brought over to Denmark. I hope that's legal? haha. She told us how she feeds the missionaries all the time in Brazil and feeds them what she made for us... Let me tell you those missionaries are spoiled! haha. The food was incredible and was very thankful for that. I am not sure how to describe the food, but it was a sort of pasta with a special sauce, some tasty beans, and ground meat, with spices and other fancy things with. Just take my word for it, it was great food!

Then on Tuesday we went to a city called Odense to witness a baptism. We brought our investigator Nicole to come with to see it. Well lets just say that day didn't go as planned. This Nicole is a difficult person and shes very hard to please. The reason I brought her was so she could meet more members to make more friends. However like I said shes hard to please and didn't like any of the members. She said she didn't have a great time. A lot of it has to do with because we found out about transfers that day. I am staying in Århus and am receiving a new companion called Ældste Warner. Warner was at the baptism and met Nicole but Nicole didn't like him at all. So she started talking bad about him to me, and though I may not agree with everything Warner does, i did not like how harsh she was about him and about the members. She continued with her harsh personality through out the week and got mad at me and my companion for all kinds of stupid things. Its like she thinks we are the big bad wolfs, doing all we can to ruin her life... um whatever... Not the case. haha. In short, things got so bad I finally called her out on it. I finally told her she has no right to treat me or my companion badly. Well as you can imagine she didn't take that well, and she is no longer an investigator. I talked to my mission president about it, and from he said, I handled it right. He told me that even Jesus Christ a perfect man, once and a while rebuked people. He said I have the right to stand up and be bold with people, as I don't need to be treated bad. Especially from an investigator. Its sad that this has happened but the spirit cannot be present if shes treating me or my companion bad. This benefits her too because nothing is going to happen if the spirit cannot be present.

So wow, Nicole. It almost sounds like a TV show drama doesn't it? Oh the life of a missionary, right?

On a more happier note we have a wonderful investigator named Janet. She is from Ghana but has lived in Denmark for many years. She is such a sweet girl and is very interested in the gospel. In fact she now has a baptismal DATE! Yea, baby! We have scheduled her baptism for November 27th 2010! She is not 100% sure church is true, but she told us she is willing to do anything to find out! So exciting stuff! She already loves the Book of Mormon, and loves our church. So I feel good things are going to happen with her, and am thankful for her faith and willingness. We have only met with her twice so to be honest I don't know much about her. I will keep you updated as things continue with her! :)

We also met with another investigator named Tobias! He is such a cool guy and we just always enjoy hanging out with him. He is around 24 years old, I think. He is in college and is just a nice guy. We had a great appointment with him yesterday, and he also fed us Pizza! haha. We talked and taught him about life after death. This is something that kind of worries him. We had a good discussion and I believe his curiosity is getting bigger and bigger! In all things are going great with him, and to be honest I just appreciate how drama free he is. He treats Hebbert and I great, and really respects us for what we do. He is a prefect example of how every investigator should be! :)

As an update, Christina Wydallis, The girl I helped baptize in Slagelse is doing really well. I just found out she has done baptisms in the temple and just received her first calling in the church. She is the first counselor in the young women s organization! I am so proud of her and so happy she is doing so well in the church. I have been told she has been going out with the missionaries to help teach and has continued to be a great help and strength to the Slagelse Ward! I still leap for joy over her and brag about her to everyone! haha. I am just so glad shes been immersed in the ward! I still love Slagelse and miss it! Just wanted to let you know shes doing amazing! :)

Thats my highlights for the week! Many other things happened, but these were the most important. My new companion arrives Wednesday and my old companion is being sent to an area called Bornholm! its a small island next to Sweden! So he should have a great time there! I sure love you all and wish you the very best week!

I added more pictures to my online album of my mission! If you would like to check them out here is the link! If you scroll down to the bottom you will see 7 new photos! :)

Also, check out the new! It is way neat and has a lot to do with missionary work! I even have a profile! Check it out, here is the link!

You know me and technology, not even a mission can keep me away from it! haha. I sure love you all! Thanks for all your love, support, and your many prayers! I can feel them working!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

Your Denmark Missionary 09-20-10

Hello Everyone!

It is so nice to be able to be at the computer today to write to you! I have pretty much exhausted and worn out as this last week as been very crazy! I am ready for a nap, and a 5 year vacation! Anybody want to go to Disney world?.... haha. Just kidding, I have 1 year left to go! Is that crazy or what? I have been on my mission for one year! That just about blows my mind! I will tell you what though, Its been a long, very learned filled year. Its going to be crazy to see what else comes along.

So this week to begin we had an appointment with our investigator named Nicole. I think I mentioned her last week. Well its been quite the little adventure with her! She is an awesome person and I couldn't ask for a nice person to teach. However she really needs the gospel in her life, more than I think she herself even realizes. Shes is doing will with the "Mormon Challenge" and as told us multiple times it is a better lifestyle. She feels much better about herself and knows why we Mormons live it. However she is a little bored as all her friends are still living her old lifestyle, so still drinking, smoking etc, etc. So she do-sent want to go out with them, but is super bored. So we are trying our best to have her meet new members and build relationships within the church. Its hard for her though as there are very few young people in the ward... however we are managing. She really likes us missionaries and loves hanging out with Americans. However she is progressing and is doing quite well.

This week we also met with Sam! He is the Chinese guy we have been teaching for a while! He is way cool and Elder Hebbert and I just really enjoy teaching him! Well the unfortunate thing is we only have 2 more appointments before he heads off to China for 2 years! So this last appointment we taught him the ten commandments and he understood them perfectly. So no worries there. We also taught him a little bit of our church history and our prophets. He just loves learning it and finds our history completely amazing. We also had him say the closing prayer in our appointment and spoke an amazing prayer. I am really going to miss this guy and felt very sad after the appointment as I have really enjoyed his company and teaching him! I am going to go all out on these last 2 appointments! haha!

We also this week have 2 new people in our English class that we teach. They are 2 people from Korea. Its a man and his wife. He speaks great English but his wife does not. So we are basically starting from scratch on teaching her English. Its going to be rough, but I think its going to be fun. Over time I hope to be able to teach them about the church! Who knows! however, they are really nice, humble people. Sam also comes to our English classes, and now hes helping us teach! haha. Tuesday nights are a lot of fun during language classes! :)

This week we also had a crazy p-day to celebrate my year mark! We went to a viking museum in Denmark and ate good food and just played games all day! I had 2 other people in nearby areas that were in my MTC group, come to Århus! It was a lot of fun and it was a good relaxing day! The museum was very cool and we learned a lot. We saw a skeleton of a Viking and how they lived in the ancient days of Århus, then called Aros. So fun day and now I am on the countdown home! Exciting stuff! I also ate at Subway again as one just opened up! I am excited! :)

The day before my fun p-day we actually had massive splits in Århus. So because I had an appointment I had 2 other missionaries that knew Marianne very well go meet her. They had a great experience with her! So Marianne basically just wanted to talk and take the missionaries to her church. So Marianne had the job to bring bread that week to her church, so Elder Davis and Elder Camp (The 2 missionaries I assigned) went with her and entered the church building. All those members in that church were very nice to them and asked questions about our church. They were all very respectful to Elder camp and Davis. Well as they were chatting Mariann's Priest came and started to Bible bash with Camp and Davis! Well Camp and Davis held there ground and were very respectful and told the priest that if he would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, he could also know if it was true. Now I don't know about you but I was worried in this part of the story as what is Marianne thinking... is she going to drop us. etc etc. Well after the priest was finished arguing... he called Marianne into his office. Marianne told Davis and Camp to wait for her. Camp and Davis waited for her for 20 minutes and then left the church building. Camp and Davis were so nervous that Marianne was going to drop them when Marianna burst out and said, "THAT WAS AWESOME! YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC!" IT turned out that she was so impressed with the way they handled themselves. So Marianne is doing awesome! She told Camp and Davis she never really was happy at that church! haha.

As for an update on Tobias. We have an appointment with him Today! So next week I will tell you how it went! Exciting stuff! :)

As for me I am doing well. I have very tired but managing to stay busy here in Århus! We have been everywhere these last week trying to meet less actives, meeting with Nicole and other investigators, meet with members, and just trying to do the work of the lord. It can be very exhausting.

So my spiritual message for the day kind of goes with my situation, and Nicole's and all of are other investigators. One thing my parents always taught me and something I am finally really starting to understand, is nothing is life that's worth it, comes easy. Anything worth while will take a lot of work. For me this mission is a lot of work... to be honest it would be easier to turn in the badge and come home. However I know it will be worth it in the end, and that's why I continue and work hard. Nicole and Marianna, and Tobias in Sam.. all know its not easy to be a Mormon, but eventually they will know. and it will be worth it in the end! So remember.. things that are hard and difficult in life will always be worth it in the end!

I sure love you all and wish you the very best! Have a great week!

Your Denmark Missionary,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Monday, September 27, 2010

Your Denmark Missionary 09-13-10

Hello Everyone!

Its great to be here at the Århus Library on the computer to write to you today! So this last week as literally felt like a year to me. So many things happened that I forgot it was only a week! haha. However its been good and full of some exciting experiences! It also might have felt slow as I hit my YEAR MARK on Thursday! YEA BABY! I am so excited and I have a beautiful package from home waiting to be opened.... OK I lied. I already opened it. Its like a kid on Christmas... way hard to wait! haha. It was a lot of fun to eat the American goodies. So enjoy what you have over there in USA, As I miss it a lot! :)

So to begin at the beginning of the week, we had an appointment with our buddy and fun investigator Sam. Sam is From China! Actually his real name is Fu-sheng. In china they actually put there last name first. So his first name is Sheng and his last name is Fu! However danish people really struggle pronouncing there names so he decided to make is English name Sam. So we just call him Sam when we met with him. I really like the Chinese people because of him. Sam is just a good guy. When we first met the missionaries he didn't know anything about Jesus Christ or God or the atonement... nothing. Sam actually told us that while growing up they teach them at God doesn't exist and other scary things. Hes been meeting with the missionaries for a few months now, and has grown a great love for Jesus Christ and God. We speak English with him and he can for the most part understand. However, it has been tough trying to explain things to him. However thanks to the miracle of technology and videos with translations... we managed to use those tools to teach him about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have some wonderful news for you, that he has a baptismal date for January 22 2011. Yes its a ways off, but its because he has to go back to China for 2 months. Then hes coming back to finish his schooling. He are working with the mission president and ward and him and see if maybe we can move the date before he leaves. Lots of things come into play with that... and if its the Lords will it will happen. We did go over the baptismal interview questions and he passed. He also bore his testimony with us and said, "Of all the Christan churches I have visited I know yours is true because I feel something special here." So yea! He then continued and told us he knows the Book of Mormon is true! Hes excited to become a member, and to top it all of we have Chinese member to help him. So things are going great with him! Hes just a good guy, down to earth, and his excited to teach his kids one day about God. Exciting stuff!

Then on Thursday we had another appointment with a man from the Jehovah's Witness Church. We ran into him many times on the street, and he seemed interested in our church. He was nice so my companion and I decided to give him a chance. Normally people of this church, all they want to do is argue with us. So we met up with him and had a good talk. He kept trying to convince us with scriptures and facts and data... etc etc etc. His facts were also very messed up anyways, they didn't really make sense. All we told him is in the Book of Mormon in Moroni, if you pray with a sincere heart you can know if its true. That was the entire message we kept trying to teach him. We shared Joseph Smith story and other various Book of Mormon stories... however nothing really progressed with him. He tried to fight that topic but he knows the bible says the same thing. He also tried teaching me about his church and I was very polite and listened to him, and said I would pray about it and see if its true. He didn't like that answer.. haha. Anyways after that appointment I was actually more confused on what they believe in, then before. haha. He said he didn't feel comfortable with the book of Mormon so I told him, I understand but the only way your going to know if its true or not is to read it... so yea nothing really progressed with him. However I feel my testimony was very much strengthened after that appointment. I realized how much sence and logical our church really is compared to the many religions around the world. I am so thankful I am a Mormon! :)

Then this week we also had an appointment with Marianne! Everything is completely fine with her. I just panicked a little last week. I found out she had a friend unacceptably come into town, so she wanted to hang out with him. I was so relieved to hear that's why she cancelled. So she gave me a call Thursday evening and asked if she could meet on Friday with her friend at 12:30! I was like, YEA! Of course! EVERYONE is welcome! :) SO we had an amazing lesson with her. We taught her the plan of salvation and she just thought it was incredible! She shared various Scriptures with her in the Book of Mormon and she was just blown away. She loved how much hope was in the plan... that there is a "happy ending" you could say. She just ate it up and was just so happy. Her friend also enjoyed it but was confused how we are different from other churches. So we ended up teaching him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He also loved it! However we found out he is from England... :( and wont be staying in Denmark. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and was very thankful for it. Said he would look the church up in England. Good guy and Marianne also encouraged him to look of the church, as shes just loving it! :) So Marianne is doing awesome! Shes a sweet girl! :)

We also met with our other investigator named Nicole! Shes a great person, but is just a little lost you could say. Shes not sure about the whole religion thing. Shes done questionable things in her past. So this last week I was just reading in my scriptures and came across Alma 32. I came across this verse where the prophet Alma is telling these people to experiment on his words and plant a seed of faith. As I read that I immediately thought of Nicole. So the next appointment we had with her, we had a awesome appointment. It started up with just talking and enjoying some food. Then we began the lesson. I shared with her Alma 32 and how these people experimented with Alma's words and began to believe in something. She thought it was a sweet story, then I turned to her and said, so I have a challenge for you! I told her I wanted to her "Experiment" with being a Mormon! haha. Shes knows the church for many, many years, and I felt it was time to really challenge her! Well, she took the challenge! So that means following all the commandments, coming to church, everything! :) We explained its going to be rough, but shes willing to do it! :) So our task with her is helping her see how blessed and happy you can be by following the "Mormon Lifestyle" you could say! She started yesterday, and even texted me that when she went out to the restaurant she got a coke instead of a Beer! haha. So I feel this "Experiment" will be a good experience for her! :)

So this last Sunday we had stake conference! It was fun, we had to go clear to this small town called Herning, where they rented out a large conference center room. I am on the part of Denmark called Jylland (Jutland in English) and they don't have a church building large enough to hold everyone. So we headed out there and had a good meeting. It was to be honest a little boring, but it was fun to see all the many members and see all my missionary buddies of course. Nicole also came along and seemed to have a great time. She had a hard time staying focused during the meeting, but in all was glad to be around good people.

So my spiritual message for the week goes with the scripture in Alma 32 that I shared with Nicole. I find this scripture very relevant to many of the things we do in the church. If you ever are in doubt with a new calling, maybe a new apostle or prophet being called, or other changes either in church structure or procedures, by council to you is experiment with it. If your not sure if Thomas Monsen is true prophet... try experimenting with that idea by in your mind having faith he is the prophet. I promise that as you let that faith and desire grown and you do it with a sincere heart, our Heavenly Father will bless and comfort you and help you find the answer you need. When things seem uncertain to you in the gospel don't let your faith doubt... experiment and expand your faith.

I sure love and appreciate all of you every much! I wish you all the very best week! May the lord bless and guide you and all that good stuff he likes to help us with! Take care!

Your Denmark Missionary,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy