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Your Denmark Missionary 07-10-10

Hej Alle! Det er god at snakke med dig i day.

HAPPY LATE 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! I hope you all had a great holiday, especially since, if I am correct you celebrated it on the 3rd, which so happens to be the best day of the entire year. If I recall its some amazing missionaries birthday that day... oh haha its me. Just kidding! My birthday went well! I am officially 20 years old. My birthday was good, we went into the center of the city and did some shopping... then we bought some food and watched a few Disney movies at the church. I basically wanted a lazy day for my birthday... so we didn't do much. :) However it was perfect! I had a good day. Attached is a picture of me in front of a street sign, that's called "AMERIKAVEJ" or in English... "AMERICA ROAD" so yea. I also have uploaded some pictures of me on my face book... I promise right now, all I do with face book is upload my pictures, I don't play on it. I am a good missinonary... I promise. so yea.

So to begin, Christina is doing well. Shes still reading in the Book of Mormon and coming to church, and holding her appointments. Her baptismal date is officially for July 24th. I would ask that you keep her in her prays as when the baptismal dates arrive, weird stuff happens. The devil throws all he can at people to stop them. Shes quite the young lady though. Its been really fun to get to know her and teach her about this church she feels, "she already knows". We had an appointment with her on Friday and she brought a friend with her. We also brought a member with us, which helped. The appointment went really well. We taught her about tithing and fasting. She understood tithing really well, and in fact thinks its a good idea, and said if shes baptized she will follow it. She had no objections or issues there, which is amazing. She says she can see what we use the money for and thinks its beautiful. As for fasting we told her all about it and shes game for fasting to help her find an answer. We actually began the fast right after dinner Friday night and will end it today around 5:00. It was actually her that suggested we begin sooner then later. So in short, Christina is a diligent young lady and is searching for the truth. She told us that its been difficult for her as most of her friends have converted to the Muslim faith and haven't been very supportive of her attending our church. However shes fighting through it and said, "That because of her friends, its made her want an answer even more." So shes doing great! I think of her as a friend and look forward to her baptism.

Tom has been very busy with work, so we haven't had a chance to meet with him. However he is planning on coming to church on Sunday and will talk with him then. In Denmark in July just about everyone takes their vacation. So its been really tough to meet with people as everyone is out. However its been good and we have stayed busy, so all is well there!

Then this last Monday we officially have a new Mission President! we had our first Zone Conference with him! I think he is going to be the best thing ever for the Danish mission! Like, I don't know why, but I just really clicked with him! Is name is President Andersen. He is danish and was in fact a Stake president over here. So he is well known with the members. All the members are in fact way excited because hes danish! In all, I feel that my danish is going to improve, and that we will see much success this next year. Hes going to be awesome and I am excited to see what happens.

We also have some new investigators named Karla and Flemming. They are actually the parents of another investigator that we have. I think I have mentioned we are teaching a girl named Sheena that's from Brazil. So she introduced us to her parents and now her parents are meeting with us. Karla is from Brazil and married Flemming who is Danish. We showed them the Joseph Smith movie and they just loved it! Karla actually cried during it. They just thought the story of Joseph Smith was very unique and it makes sense. Then yesterday we met with them again and taught them the plan of Salvation. They also enjoyed that, very much. Karla in fact was almost stunned, as the current religion shes in, as something very similar. Shes a member of some small church that exists in Brazil. They are both really positive, and love having us over. Karla is also thankful for the help we have given her daughter (Sheena). She thinks we were sent from God to help her and her family. So they are good people and are listening to our message. I am excited to see that happens in the future with them.

Then on a funnier note, we ate with the family Nwokedi who are members of the church on Tuesday. Sister Nwokedi is Danish and married a man from Nigeria. They are a fun family and have a 16 year old boy and a 3 year old boy. They invited us over for dinner and we ate a African dish called "fufu."I think that's how you spell it. It was quite the interesting dinner. "Fufu is a thick paste usually made by boiling starchy root vegetables in water and pounding with a mortar and pestle until the desired consistency is reached" Then they serve it with a soup like stuff. SO you use this thick paste to grab the soup and you eat it. However, you don't chew the fufu as its really sticky. So you have to swallow the fufu without chewing... so its was quite a fun dinner. Very different and very not Danish. haha.

Well that's my week. Things are going good with him and I am happy to be serving a mission. I hope all of you have a great week, and again thanks for all your love and support!

Love Your Denmark Missionary,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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