Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your Denmark Missionary 04-15-10

Hej Alle men familie og venne! Jeg er so taknemlig jeg kan tale med jer i day.
So this week has been really crazy! In fact I am amazed at how many busses and trains I have been on just to get around so I can talk with all the people that I need to talk with. Its nice to be at a computer so I can just sit and breath for a few minute's. So I apologize ahead if my email sounds a little weird, as I have very limited time to write today. I guess I should just begin, instead of explaining that, lol! Anyways, here I go.
Updates on my Baptismal Dates! So Peter, hes the guy with the huge drinking problem. Well unfortunately nothing we are doing seems to be helping him. We are seeing absolutely no progress. Its very frustrating, but we do know he has the desire, but sometimes that's just not enough. We are not sure what we are going to do. We did have a really bold lesson with him today and told him, we cant make you stop drinking. You have to stop yourself... At this point I don't see him getting baptized anytime soon. I have faith, but sometimes we have to be realistic. He will be baptized, its just going to take more time then we thought!
Kenny, our other baptismal date. Hes the black guy from Nigeria who's married with a less active member named Lene! He is freaken awesome! Really he is. We have developed a great relationship, and I hope to never loose contact with him. So far things seem to be going on track. However it hasn't been easy, keeping him on track. I call it the curse of the Baptismal date. For some reason, everything seems to go nuts as an investigator gets a baptismal dates. Its proof right there, satan is doing everything he can to prevent that baptism from happening. However, we are staying alert and are doing all we can to get this man baptized. It's great as we have complete support from his less active wife, which is awesome! So I am hoping really soon. This guy isn't just an investigator anymore, hes my friend, and I hope to see him baptized soon!
So I believe in my previous emails I have mentioned an investigator and less active named Finn and Pernilla. Well they have made a lot of progress this week. They finally came to church! You have no idea how long I have tried to get this man and his wife to church. Its been quite the challenge! However, the great news is they came and the ward was just all over them! It was awesome! Pernilla loved it and said she felt very peaceful and in short just had a great experience. Finn also said the same thing. He said, it helped him realize why he was baptized, so many many years ago. So the Monday after church we met with them in their home and began talking, when we came across some very depressing news. Finn told us that hes actually not married with Pernilla. They are just engaged. Oh how that crushed my heart. That alone opens up another can of worms. Now we have this wonderful issue to deal with. Unfortunately for them, in Denmark when you get married you have to pay the government 500 KR a month, if your living off their Pension system. Finn and Pernilla are both on it, and don't want to give up their extra 1000 KR. So we have our work cut out for us. haha! Oh how funny life can be right?
Church was great this week also, as we have Finn and Pernilla and Peter come to church. The ward was just thrilled we had so many investigators back. They took to them like crazy. The ward members were awesome and I believe all of our investigators felt very welcome. After church we had members coming up to us to schedule dinner appointments. It was so weird, I had like a line of people coming up to me, giving me a date and time for dinner. lol! I think its the members way of saying we are proud of you, haha. So if I come home a little fatter, just know its because I was a good missionary. :) Do I have to be a bad missionary to loose weight? :)
We also met with this really awesome lady from Thailand named Kobfa this week. I believe I have mentioned her before. Unfortunately we have a very big language barrier with her, especially when it comes to religious words. She can speak danish and a little English. The problem is she has no christian background at all. She has grown up Buddhist. However, the good news is, that she doesn't believe in Buddhism, and says Jesus Christ is a much more important man. Shes an awesome lady and me and her have really connected. So we showed up for an appointment and her and her 25 year old daughter were there. So it was interesting but some how Me and Kobfa just began talking and Kobfas daughter and Lefevere started talking.. haha. So we had double teaching going on.
Me and Kobfa had a great lesson about Joseph Smith. She told me, "I am like Joseph smith." I was a little confused at first, then she said, "I am just like him because I want to know which church is true." WOW! I was shocked she came up with that herself. Normally I have to tell investigators that. Then she said to me, "Joseph Smith is my man!, Is he single?" Haha. She immediately started laughing afterwards, as she knew hes not around any more. In short I talked very slow and simply to her and I think she understood better than she ever has about our church. We are hoping to have a baptismal date with her soon. We are actually taking her to a baptism this week, so she can witness one and see for herself what we are all about. Lefevre and Kobfas daughter also had a great lesson. Her daughter is extremely interested and said she would read the Book of Mormon and find out if its true. Kobfa was just thrilled her daughter also took an interest. I see a bright future for this little family and will keep you informed as she progresses.
So my spiritual message for the day goes along with Kobfas story. There are so many things we can learn from the gospel, right? We have the plan of salvation, Adam and Eve, the second coming, etc, etc... How on earth can remember and know all this church stuff? My message is this, relate what you learn to yourself. Just like Kobfa did with Joseph Smith. She made Joseph Smith her man. We can do the same. God created us all uniquely and individually, and because of that we all learn differently. So when your at church and some boring teacher gets up and starts teaching about Nephi. Look at the story and go, "OK, this is important, but how does it relate to me?" I promise you will learn more and grow spiritually by doing this. Knowing the facts of the gospel is great, but truly understanding it, is even better. Its great to know 2 + 2 = 4, but knowing how it equals four will teach you a lot more than just knowing the answer.
Well, I think I probably just about talked your ear off by now. haha. Thanks again for all your love and support! Have a great week and take care!

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