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Your Denmark Missionary 06-18-10

Hej, Alle Min Familie og Venner!
Its great again to be at the computer to tell you about my week. I hope Utah or wherever you are at is warm. Denmark has been a little Rainy the last few weeks which is really weird. All the danish people have told me that Denmark is supposed to have perfect weather right now. I don't know if Perfect weather exists, but I will keep you informed if this so called "perfect Denmark weather" really exists. haha.
This week has been pretty crazy in Denmark as the World Championship in Soccer has begun. Its amazing how crazy it is over here over that sport. All the sport stores are selling Denmark Teams jerseys and gear! People are all wearing white and red with all types of "DANMARK" logo on it! Its just crazy! Then in the center of the city here in Slagelse they have this plaza where they set up a huge screen and all kinds of tents where you can buy beer, food, etc. This was a few days ago as Denmark played against Holland. Denmark, unfortunately lost, but that was to be expected. I have been told the Denmark team is not very good. :) However its been fun to see how they celebrate there huge sporting events. Fun stuff.
So this week things have been good. We are still meeting with Tom and Christina and they still amaze me, more and more every day. I just absolutely love teaching them and and getting to know them as people. I think Elder Meyer and I have built a really strong relationship with them. So they trust us and we can trust them. Whats most important is they know we don't want them to join the church until they are ready. They know our purpose but they know we wont force them. Some of our investigators think differently. They think all we want to do is BAPTIZE and increase the number of people in the church. Of course we want to baptize, but we only want them to join because they want to join. We want them to join as soon as the spirit tells them too. So its been nice that Tom and Christina understand that.
We met with them on Tuesday and taught them about the atonement and repentance. We also gave them a baptismal calendar with recommended Scripture reading and all the things we will be teaching them. So they were excited to see the calendar! They lesson went well, even though we had to cut it a little short. We showed them a film called Faith in Christ, which explains the atonement really well. Tom and Christina are Catholic, so they know Christ and how important he is, very well. So that wasn't to hard for them to grasp. Tom is way excited that he gets a fresh start. Then we just started talking and asking them how they feel about the Baptismal date and just about the church in General. Tom was just like, "I feel good when I come here. Since I have met you guys my life has just been better. I cant explain it, but it has. My girlfriend has said that lately I have been just happy." I mean wow. What a great statement by Tom. Hes noticing Gods hand in his life. Then Christina commented, " You know, I also feel good when I come. Its weird but when I tell others about the church and they laugh, I get kind of mad. I just feel that I am already a part of your church.... I have no desire to research other religions. I feel content with this one." Then we asked... DO you feel like you have gotten an answer to your prayers yet? She then said, "No, I don't think So. But I will!" Mind you I am paraphrasing and it was in Danish, but for the most part those were comments she made. It made me smile and just feel all "Gitty" inside when he said, she already feels she is part of the church. :) So with that, They are doing AWESOME! Its just so incredible to see people develop in the gospel. Seeing others discover the truth, is just WOW. I love this church, and I love it more because I know its true!
Another person we taught this week is a girl named Sheena. She has quite the story, so I hope I can write it so you can understand. One day Elder Meyer and I were out contacting at the bus station when we saw this girl with her baby sitting on a bench. So we go over there and contact her. We tell her who we are and what we do. She didn't seem to interested, but she gave us her number and we told her we would call another day. So we walked away thinking nothing of it.
Then we met with her she told us this. She said that the morning we met with her was a interesting day. She woke up and started making breakfast, when she had a feeling to go to her Moms house. She said she NEVER goes to her moms house. She obeyed that feeling, got dressed, got her child ready and headed off to the station. As she was sitting at the station she was thinking to herself, "Why on earth am I going to my moms. This is stupid, I should be at home taking care of my son. Why... why... why...." Then these 2 guys in suits come and tell her they are from a church and want a to share a message with her. She told us at first, she wanted nothing to do with them (the guys in suits, that's Elder Meyer and I. haha) Then she said, she felt something. She said that she felt that she could trust us. It was the same feeling that told her to go to her moms. So she gave her number to them and those guys left. She told us that she thought afterwards, " I just gave my number to 2 weird dudes in suits, what on earth did I just do!" She told us at the appointment, "I think God wanted me to meet you... but I am not sure why.." haha. I do! :)
So we taught Sheena about Joseph Smith. She thought it was interesting, but wasn't completely amazed by our message. So in short we had a little bit of a Miracle contact. Its kind of weird how God prepares people to meet the missionaries. I am excited to see where this goes. She recognizes that God sent us to her, but shes having a hard time grasping the fact that the reason she meet with us is because we are missionaries of Gods church. So yea, kind of a crazy story. I just think its amazing. I hope you were able to follow. I will keep you updated on the progress of Sheena! Oh yea, Sheena is from Brazil but moved to Denmark when she was 13. She is 26 now, so shes been in Denmark a long time. She is not married but has 1 kid. So yea.
So my spiritual message for the day goes with Sheena's story. In life, as humans, we tend to think more logically then spiritually. With Sheena, logically her mind was probably just thinking about her mom and she decided to go say hi. She might also think that meeting the missionaries was just a coincidence and her giving us the number was just a careless act. That's the logical way to think about her story. However she recognized it in the spiritual way and how much more rewarding it is for her. So my message is this, pay attention to the things happening in your life. Its important to recognize gods hand in your life, as trust me, hes always helping. How more blessed you will be, by noticing his hand. When you notice it, get on your knees and thank him. I promise that because you noticed his hand in your life, and thanked him, he will help you even MORE!
I hope all of you have a fantastic week! I sure love you all and appreciate all your love and support! Have a great week!
Kærlighed, Din Danmark Missionær,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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