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Your Denmark Missionary 05-27-10

Hello Everyone!
I hope all of you are having an awesome week! I have had a pretty good one and am excited to once again be at the computer to record my weeks events down and send them to all of you!
To begin the week hasn't been to full too many lessons. In fact we have had a hard time getting lessons. But we manage to pull of 20 lessons a week either to investigators or to people we speak to on the street. I know 20 doesn't sound like too much but let me tell you, you would be amazed how much of a challenge it is to get those lessons.
One thing that Slagelse lacks is a lot of people to teach. I think I have mentioned it in some of my past emails. But Slagelse has had some interesting missionaries here in the past. We have managed to go through all the records and contact sheets and have found a 6 month gap of no recorded work. So who knows that those missionaries were doing, during those few months. So because of that our Area book as few positive investigators in it. What is also hard is when we do contact, those people let us speak to them but very few of them turn into investigators.
But we do have a few positive and they are Tom and Christina! I mentioned them in the past so here's an update! They are doing awesome! They truly are, golden investigators! So Sunday came and me and Æ.Meyer were very nervous. Tom and Christina said they would come to church, but you just never know with people. Slagelse goes backwards, so we had Priesthood first, then Sunday school and during those 2 lessons our stomachs were turning. Then we had 15 minute's before sacrament began and still no sign of tom and Christina. So there we are, me and Æ.Meyer pacing in the church foyer waiting for them. Tick tock... man those were very long minutes! lol! Then finally we saw them walking up to the church building. However it was not only Tom and Christina but Christina's sister Daryl! So 3 of them came! I was super excited! They were happy, smiling, and looked excited to be there. We find a seat in Sacrament meeting and the meeting begins.
Now I have mentioned to you, Slagesle is a very weird area. And unfortunately so are the members in this area. They are great people but just a little off. haha. So bringing investigators to Sacrament meeting is always a little scary as you never know what people will think of the meeting. I mean in past weeks we have had awful speakers, babies crying (The parents wouldn't take them outside), the bishop falling asleep on the stand, etc etc. So they have always been questionable meetings. I mean sometimes I wished I could shoot myself. The past meetings have been really, really bad. So when we sat down with Tom, Christina, and Daryl, I started praying as hard as I possible could. The meeting started out a little rough. Babies crying... kids running around the sacrament room, haha. Then sacrament came, and kids were yelling for bread, parents were hushing their kids, and old women was coughing extremely crazily.. haha. Can you get my picture? The meeting was just wacky. Then after Sacrament the weirdest things happened. The kids went quiet, the old lady quit coughing and the spirit took over! The first speaker was amazing, and she talked about her conversion story. That was perfect for tom and Christina. The next too speakers were also amazing, they were very well prepared talks and then the final talk was the first counsellor in the stake presidency so his was also amazing! They were all about Baptism and the Holy Ghost! So the spirit was strong and for the first time in a long time, I felt the spirit amazingly strong in Sacrament meeting. So I relaxed a little and let the spirit do the rest of the work during the meeting. Tom and Christina and Daryl, left that day very happy.
Then later that night, Christina Texted us and just thanked us for the meeting today. (I mean what investigator thanks us for church...haha). Then she asked us a few questions all relating to baptism! haha. I was like freaking out a little! Again, What investigator asks about baptism... That just doesn't happen. We mentioned Baptism to them before but they were not interested. They told us they wanted to read the whole BofM before they make a baptismal date. After the results from church, we are going to push them and see if we can get a Baptismal date with them. Christina Told us too that she has been telling her friends about us and says that shes going to try to get some of them to come to the appointments! I mean shes not even a member yet and shes spreading the gospel! haha. Its just crazy! This Tom and Christina are just amazing! So I will keep you updated as they progress.
Tom is a welder from New Jersey. Hes really good with his hands. He showed us his house and hes done a ton of wood work and metal work and all kinds of amazing things. So hes really good with all the handy builder type stuff. Hes going to school right now to get certified in this Field in Denmark so he can use his skills in a profession here. He is Catholic but doesn't like the church because its leaders to keep what they preach. He doesn't think church should be a burden.Christina his daughter, was born in Denmark. She however speaks great English and loves USA. She has also been baptized in the catholic church, but also doesn't like that church. She is going to school right now to be a shrink. She is really smart, pretty, and all around a very nice person. So that's a little about them! I will try to one day get a picture and send it. :)
Wow so that was a long story about Tom and Christina! Sorry about that! I am just working so hard with them and hope to see a bright future with them in the church! Its amazing how much work it is! haha. Another thing we had this week was Zone Conference in Copenhagen. We had a member of the seventy, Elder Texieria come and speak to us. He was a good speaker and he taught us a lot. He compared my mission in Denmark to his in Brazil and that kind of frustrated me a little. But he gave us some great points and I learned a lot. I just hate it when people compare missions. I know I am working my hardest and doing my best. Then after Zone conference we had dinner at this burger place. They had ranch dressing and that made my day! You cant find Ranch dressing here, so finding it at a restaurant was almost a miracle! haha.
So my spiritual message for the day goes with my story about Tom and Christina and Sacrament Meeting. I was way nervous about sacrament meeting, in fact I was almost sick. However I knew if I said a prayer and hoped for the best, My Heavenly Father would do the rest. (Wow, that kind of rhymed.haha). So i prayed and guess what? Heavenly Father answered my prayer! So my message for you is... can you guess.... PRAY! I know sometimes its hard to recognize an answer from him but, I know your Heavenly Father will answer your prayers. It may not be as fast as my story, but he will answer and he will listen, just in his own time. I know Prayer is real and I saw it very vividly on Sunday. I couldn't believe how well that meeting turned out. Not only did it turn out well, it got Tom and Christina talking about Baptism! Prayer is a real thing and I am very grateful for it!
So that's my letter for this week! I hope I didn't forget anything. I hope you all have an amazing week! I sure love you and appreciate all your love and support! I cant believe June is almost here! I hope those in school had a great last few days of school and those Graduating, CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy your first week of summer vacation! Love you all!

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