Monday, April 11, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 04-11-2011

Kære Familie og Venner!

Dejlig at skriver til jer idag! Det er bare så utrolig at jeg har denne mulighed til at snakke og hygge med jer alle sammen. Jeg desvarre har ikke som meget at siger på dansk idag, så jeg tror jeg vil nu skriver på engelsk! Men jeg elsker jer og håber i har en fantastisk uge! :)

Hello everybody! I am now officially here in Horsens and writing from the Horsens Library. Its a beautiful sunny day here and I am pretty sure spring is here. Its warm enough out where I could have shorts on, if I could wear them. haha. All I have to say is the weather is beautiful and I am excited to experience my last danish summer.

Well let me tell you about Horsens... ITS SMALL! haha. Its so weird not being in a large city like Århus. I mean Horsens is little but has about 30,000 people living in it. Horsens is only about 30 minutes from Aarhus, but it amazing how big the difference is. Horsens has a much more red-neck feel. I mean the people here are very old fashioned and very out of date... you could say. There danish accent here is also very red-neckish and very difficult for me to understand. They combine there words and mumble here, and the way the pronounce their Danish is quite weird. So I have been transferred to the hillbilly part of Denmark. lol. However its a good place and I will be very busy here.

Well before I transferred I had my last p-day in Aarhus on Monday. It was a good day. We woke up and got a pastry at Langenæs Bakery. My last one for a time. Then we emailed home. Always fun to do. Then we just walked around the city and took lots and lots of pictures. I have not been so good to take pictures since I came to Aarhus. I took lots of places I have been and just whatever I wanted to remember. lol. :) It was fun. Then that evening I met up with an investigator named Tobias. He is coming, just progressing really slowly. However he invited us over with all his friends and we taught them about the church. It was a lot of fun and they all seemed actually kind of interested. However It was good to say goodbye to Tobias, Nice guy. :)

Then on tuesday we got a different pastery at Langenæs Bakery and went to the church around 11:00. I am eating at this bakery as much as I can... It will be sad leaving it. lol- Dont worry, I still have not gained any weight! :) At 11:30 came an investigator with the Herning missinoaries. Her name is Mia and I gave her, her baptism interview. We had a great chat and she passed, and got baptized on friday. I am their district leader, so it was a neat experience to give that interivew. Then we met up with my missionleader at 15:00 and had lunch with him. He took us to a nice resturant and we had my last meeting with him. Then we went to ikea and purchased some new furniture for the apartment as 4 missionaries will be coming to Århus, so they need more beds, chairs, etc. Then we went to the church and had our ward council meeting, and I said goodbye to everyone. They were all sad to see me leave, and some of them said, "Are you sure your leavnig? why not stay 9 months?" I laughed, as I realized I had been in Aarhus a really long time. Then I came home and packed.

Then on wednesday came to day of transfers. It was way easy, grabbed all my stuff, went to the train station by bus, got on the train, drove 30 mintues, got off, walked to the apartment, and finished. Pretty much the easiest transfers ever. lol. However I get to the apartment and its the worst apartment I have ever lived in or seen in the entire mission. President will be hearing from me, as there are some serious issues in the apartment in regards to mold and sewage issues. lol. I cant believe the state of the apartment that missioaires were living in. I now have another side project in fixing this apartment up, or possibly finding another. I unpacked... well sort off, this apartment has nothing to put my clothes in, so I am living out of my suitcase, lol... President Andersen is goign to love my email. haha. However I spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing.... its a ton of work.

Then on Thursday we bought groceries and continued cleaning. Then we had some appointments, but all of them got cancelled, so we started knocking on some doors. Once again, it was a little difficult as the danish here is going to take some time for me to get used too. Then we met and ate at the Bishops. Too my surprise he told me. "Missionary work is the major focus in the ward, we have called 4 member missionaries to help you, and plan on making you guys our priority.." I about fell out of my chair... I have never been in a ward where the Bishop told me the focus is missioanry work. That made my day. The food was also good.

Then on Friday we met with this young dane named Henerik. He seems very positive and is searching after truth. I seemed to click with him very well... I hope and pray things can go far with him. :) We also visited this lady named Ines from Portugal. We had a great lesson and she seems very interested in the church. Then we came home and began organzing the area book, again this area book is the worst I have ever seen, I dont even understand how the work has even been functioning here. haha.

Then on sunday we had church, and I had the greatest sunday every. This ward is so lively and happy and so missinoary focused! I mean it was a huge difference form the Aarhus ward. I had jsut the greatest time ever. As did our investigator. However I bore my testimony as it was fast sunday, and I completely embarassed myself while speaking. haha. oh well. I had a hard time understanding everyone, but it was a good day.

So everyone, that was my week. I sure love you all, and wish you the very best.

Din Dansk Missionær
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Din Danske Missionær 04-04-2011

Kære Familie og Venner!

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I am well.... hanging in there. A little tired this Monday morning, and a little sad. We found out about transfers this last Friday, and it is official, I am leaving Århus. Kind of hard to believe actually. I have been here so long, its become a part of me. Now I have to find a way to remove it... but not sure how. :) So my 8 month reign over this city is finally over this upcoming Wednesday. My new area is a little city called Horsens. Well I guess its not way little, but its much smaller then Århus. My new companion is named Elder Sandstrom and hes only been in the land for 2 months. So I get the privilege of follow-up training. I am still district leader and Århus is part of my district. So it should be exciting as I get to come back. I look forward to this new area, and in a way hope it is my last, before I head home.

Well to begin Elder Pfeil and I had a good p-day- It wasn't much, but we just relaxed and took a long nap. We have just been so exhausted lately, its incredible. Whenever Elder Pfeil and I have a few minutes down time (which doesn't happen very often) we always seem to collapse. haha. However we had a good day.

Then on Tuesday we met with Naja. She is doing ok. Were still running into some issues regarding some of the things we believe in. However I have faith that things will work themselves out. However we might be pushing her baptism date back again. I feel were moving way to fast and there is some basic stuff she is not understanding. She also still has been struggling to come to church, and so we need to make sure her commitment is real and go from there. So unfortunately, no baptism for me before I leave Århus. I guess that's life. We also that evening ate a very lovely dinner with a sweet older lady in the ward named Eva. Shes a really, really good member. I have really grown to like this lady and she seems to be very proud of Elder Pfeil and I's work in Århus. It always feels like were being honored when we eat over with her.

Then on Wednesday we got the final stuff of the tour project all finished. We had to create a phamplet for the new missionaries that are coming to take it over. So we summarized all our notes, and other things to make sure this project can keep moving forward. I hope and pray it does. Then at 3 my new convert and friend Nicole brought a friend to tour night. We had a great discussion with this guy and Nicole really helped. I was amazed at some of the things she was saying. It made me very happy. So that was a good evening. seeing Nicole do some missionary work, was quite incredible.

Then on Thursday we had interviews with our mission president and a district meeting. My interview went well, short and sweet. I generally don't ever have much to say. I also did my training in the district meeting. Our focus has been on the Christ-like attributes. I am trying to help my district realize that Christ was a perfect missionary and the way he did things was well right. haha. I encouraged my district to be as obedient as they can, and follow those attributes. I promised that if they do this our Heavenly Father can bless us with success. He has already blessed us with success personally or with others we have taught, but if we strive to be our best he can really place many miracles in our lives.

Then on Friday we did a lot of stop bys and contacting. We of course do this throughout the week, but we had a lot of it on Friday. Then that evening we enjoyed a nice dinner at the Bishops home. They are a really good family and its been a privilege to help the Bishop in the Århus ward. We had a good evening.

Then of course on Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference. I must say I have really begun to enjoy these conferences. I feel so energized after these conferences with a strong desire to be better and to improve. We also had some of the missionaries in the surrounding wards come and watch the conference with us. It was a great weekend and I learned a lot. unfortunately none of our investigators were able to make it.

Ami is still doing well and were on track for her baptism on the 15th! I am looking forward to it, and have already gotten permission to come back to Århus for the baptism! Its very exciting! I am glad hers is going smoothly. They were sad to see me leave, but I told them I would be back. :)

Well everyone, I don't have much to write this week. I wish you all the very best!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 03-27-2011

Hejsa men kære familie og venner!

Jeg håber i alle sammen har det helt utrolig! Jeg kan forstille i har haft en dejlig uge. Jeg faktisk har også haft en utrolig uge! Jeg har så mange ting for at fortalle jer, men jeg tror jeg skal gør det på engelsk. Jeg er ikke helt sikkert hvorfor jeg skriver en afsnit af min brev på dansk, men jeg gør det alligevel.

Hey everyone! Its good to be with you again to tell you about my week. So before I came to the computer to email we decided to take a quick detour to the local grocery store called "Super Best" to buy breakfast. We don't really have much in the apartment currently in regards to food. That's another task of my millions of things to do this week! haha. So we went in and to my wondrous surprise they had fresh danish strawberries! I didn't even know it was strawberry season yet in Denmark. So i grabbed a carton of those and continued my adventure through super best. Then i find myself in front of a huge wall of drinks, what to choose, what to choose. Then to my wondrous eyes and happiness I see a small 1 liter container of.... dun dun dun! TROPICANA ORANGE JUICE! Is that not a miracle or what? That's an American brand! So I snatched that container up and headed to the check out stands and purchased it! What a glorious find. I was very happy. One of Gods tender mercies. Then as I was opening the container I realized that it was packaged in France. So the orange juice came from France and not Florida. It was sad and maybe a let down, but it still tasted good. However there was a little magic missing from that juice.... magic only Florida has. So here I am now with a carton of strawberries and my Europe imitated Florida orange juice. Life does not get any better! :)

Well my week was actually really amazing. It was just a really fast week. I cant really believe all that has happened. However It was a marvelous week full of Gods great mercies and miracles. How grateful I am for my Heavenly Father. He really has a masterful plan and he really does care about each and everyone of us. I know it may sound silly sometimes to believe in him. To most danish people, believing in God is like believing in Santa Claus. However one thing that I have learned more than anything on my mission is that GOD really is there. He is very much involved in our lives and very much aware of who we are. I cant shake that belief. Everything we have and everything we are is because of our Heavenly Father. Some believe it was just an accident we are here. Others say there is nothing... were just here. How can those thoughts even exist when His miracles and mercies are all over us? How can people really deny the existence of a God? How can others not see the reality of his miracles? I don't understand it. I look around this crazy world, and crazy it might be, but its part of His plan. Its ups and downs, its part of his plan. Why does God let bad things happen? Why does God allow us to be sad or miserable? Answer: Because he loves us. Because with that sad, comes one day happiness. With that misery comes one day comfort. Why is this world the way it is? Because it was designed to be this way. I feel more than ever the reality of who God is, and gain a greater Love for him every day. I know he is real, and I know he is with each and everyone of us. That's the miracle I had this week with my investigators. I realized that God is with them and hes taking care of them. But let me tell you my week from the beginning.

We started off with another p-day.It was not the most exciting p-day ever, but it was a good one nonetheless. We decided to go around the city to take pictures of all the places we have been. We feel that at transfers I am leaving. I am sad, but I feel that my time in Århus is coming to an end.Its been weird but I really feel that the lord is helping me let go. I have really grown a huge love for this area and its people. However I am looking forward to the many more adventures the Lord has in store for me.

Then on Tuesday we had a Zone Conference in Århus. It was kind of a mess as the building had the carpets cleaned all day Monday. So we came into the building and they were just starting to clean the carpet on the floor below.So we had wet carpet and a wet dog smell in the building. haha. However we opened the windows and got everything set up. It was a great conference and I really learned a lot. President Andersen is just an incredible mission president. I could listen to him for hours as he teaches us about the gospel. It hurts my brain on how much I do not understand in regards to the gospel. There is so much to learn and its incredible. Then for our zone leader and assistants trainings they did something a little different, where we split up according to our districts to be trained. That was a lot of fun as we had a lot more interaction in our trainings, then just to sit down as a large group and be bored. So it really was a great, great day.

Then that evening we had a great appointment with Nicole. She is still doing well, and is understanding more and more as we teach her the new members lessons. I am amazed how well she is doing. Step by step shes becoming better and It gladdens my heart. We had a great lesson on repentance again. Its been a hot topic with her. The atonement is a very complicated thing, but I think she understood it a lot better this time. She said shes facing some issues, and I looked at her and said, "We all are." She smiled and knew that it was true. Kort sagt, shes doing great and I am proud.

Then on Wednesday I had a leadership training in Århus with President Andersen, Zone leaders, Assistants, and all the other district leaders. Elder Pfeil my companion headed up to contact and work in Århus that day with one of his MTC companions. So 2 new missionaries contacting on their own around Århus. They had a great time and a great experience. It was nice I think for them to be away from their trainers. The leadership meeting was AMAZING! I learned a lot again, and it was great. Had a good chat with President Andersen, also, and lets just say he has some big plans for Århus. I am sad I wont be apart of them as I kind of got the hint from him, that I am transferring. haha. Nonetheless he has taken all my comments in regards to arhus seriously and is using them. That made me feel good inside. Then during this meeting a got a call from Naja, the lady from Greenland. I left the meeting as I felt very prompted to take the call. So I answered and we ended up having a 45 min discussion on the phone. It came down to it that her family and friends told her that if she joins the church, they will reject her. That was really scary and hard on Naja, as she feels the Church is true and wants to be a part of it, but also wants her family. I talked to her and comforted her and share how in my family history I had a relative that lived in Switzerland, who after joining the church lost his job and in a way was rejected from his family and friends. However over time they realized that the gospel made him a better person, and the issue was resolved. I told her that God really has a plan and he will take care of us for doing whats right. I then made an appointment for Friday. She felt better after talking and looked forward to the appointment.

Our tours were also a huge success. We had a member bring a friend and this friend was very positive, and were pretty sure we can get him as a real investigator soon. We also gave president Andersen a tour and he was very impressed. He loves that interaction it gives to the members and how it opens up our church buildings to be used for others to see. He plans on sending our idea to the area presidency. President Andersen also gave us a few ideas on how to improve it, so were excited to implement these changes. :)

Then on Friday we met with Naja at the church. That was a miracle as she now knows where the church is. We gave her a tour and she had a good experience. She said she felt peace inside the building. So we sat down and talked and to in short, she told us shes going to follow God and not people and join the church anyways, along with her daughter. She said her concern over the Book of Mormon is gone, as it hit her the other day while she was reading that the Book of Mormon is not the bible. Its more scripture that goes along with the bible. I have tried teaching Naja that 100 times, but it finally clicked for her. Then she looked me in the eye and said, I want to be baptized! I was so happy and could see she was committed! so we set it for April 9th at 1:00PM! Shes way excited! She said she could feel the spirit and knew it was the right thing to do. I smiled. and knew God really had been taking care of Naja, and I also knew God was listening and answering my prayers. To make my joy even more sweet the lord answered my prayers in that I could get another baptism before I left Århus. Its happening on the 9th, but I hope I will be able to manage to stay and transfer right after the baptism. Its another one of Gods tender mercies.

Sunday was also another incredible day! We had all 3 of our baptismal dates in church. Naja and Ulle showed up on time and had a great experience in church. Ami also showed up with her mom and less active brother, who they also had a great time. Sacrament meeting was amazing as President Anderson spoke along with is wife. He always does an amazing job. I was very glad, as I actually had my investigators there to benefit it from it. President Andersen also taught in a combined relief society and priesthood meeting, which Naja joined. The topic was on missionary work and that's Najas favorite part about our church. She cant wait to serve a mission one day! During this Ulle was in Primary having a great time with another 11 year old in the ward. She said she loved primary. that made me happy. The members also did a great job welcoming in everyone. We announced Najas baptism and it went very well. The ward is all very excited as we had 3 baptisms in April! :) YEA! Naja took church well and she just knew it was right. Church was everything she needed. Another one of Gods tender mercies. :)

Then that night we met with Ami, with her non-member dad, and less active brother. It was a great lesson and it was on the plan of salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had to combine them as were running out of time to get all the discussions in. It was a great discussion and everyone participated even the non-member dad. I think we caught his attention with the whole plan of salvation. Short said, it was a great lesson, spirit was powerful, and the gospel is started to truly bless this little family. They have been so focused on other things in their lives, that church was put to the side, but now its starting to entire there hearts again, and its wonderful.

Well I think this is a very long letter! Wow! I had so much to say, and in all reality I could probably write even more. However I am on a time frame as are you! haha. I wish you the very best week! I sure love and appreciate all of you! Take Care!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Din Danske Missionær 03-21-2011

Kære Familie og Venner!

Jeg altid ser frem til at skriver til jer alle sammen. Det glæder mig rigtig meget for at gør det. Jeg håber i har haft en dejlig uge. Jeg er ikke helt sikkert hvad jeg skal skriver denne uge, fordi sidste uge var så spændende! haha. Det vil være svært for mig at finde noget denne uge som er som sidste uge. Men jeg vil gerne prøver. Så mange ting gå godt for mig og Æ.Pfeil her i Århus. Vi er lykkelig og arbejde hårdt.Vi har slet ikke noget for a bekymre over! men jeg tror jeg skal skriver på engelsk, fordi det er nemmer for i at forstår, ikke?

Hello everyone! Great to be able to write to you today! I hope you all are doing well and staying busy. Well things are definitely starting to warm up in Denmark. All the snow is gone and were starting to see things grow. Not to mention were seeing a lot of grass turning green and birds chirping up a storm. Another sign is they turned off the heaters on the bus, so that kind of gives it away. haha. Its still a little chilly out, but were thinking within the next 2 weeks it should really warm up. So Æ.Pfeil and I are very excited as well as every other missionary in the danish mission!

Well Æ.Pfeil and I had a good week. It was definitely not as exciting as last week, but it was good nonetheless. Well I guess I will start as I always do, from the beginning.

We started off the week with P-day again. Except this p-day we started off with an appointment with Naja. Monday was the only day she could meet so we changed our p-day around to meet with her. We arrive at her home and shes just running around like crazy. She tells us how busy she has been and how its been hard to keep everything straight. Well finally we sat down and told her about the testaments movie we wanted to show her. She was excited as she was able to take a break. So we start the movie, and to be honest I think she was a little skeptical at first. She would bring up conversation here and there about random things, as I think she was losing interest in the movie. Well as the movie progressed, we got to the point where it gets more serious as it shows Christs death. Well that hit her like a ton of bricks and she was at the edge of her seat the rest of the movie. IT finally ended and the first thing she says is, "Så på den måde tror du på Mormons Bog!" or in English, "So in the way, you believe in the Book of Mormon." As shes been really struggling with the Book of Mormon as she loves the Bible so much. However the movie finally helped her understand that both books are critical to truly understanding Christ. Well she was in tears the rest of the appointment and i almost felt bad, as she couldn't control herself. She said she felt the spirit very strongly. Well, were excited to meet with her again soon. We feel it really helped. Were going to try to set another baptismal date with her soon.

Then on Wednesday we had our tours. It was not a huge success like we have had before. But that happens. However a less active showed up to the building at got a great experience back in church. He was really impressed with the large Book of Mormon pictures and how cool the church looked. So I hope it will help him bet back in church and active again.He is 16 and he could really use the spiritual strength right now. So lets hope.

Then on Thursday we met with a new investigator named Martin. He is danish and is around 26. He actually texted us as he got a pass-along card from a member on the bus. He was interested in learning more, so he wrote us. It was quite exciting as normally we have to do all the work to make contact, but he did it for us this time. We had a good lesson with him, and he actually knew quite a lot about the church. He is not the most positive investigator, but I would say there is potential. Well we wants to meet again after he gets back from a 2 week trip to Norway. so we look forward to another appointment.

Then on Friday we had another appointment with Nicole. She again is still doing well and adjusting well to the Church. We also decided to show her the Testaments movie, so help her understand Christs Role in our lives. She enjoyed it, though she thought it was a little cheesy. Which it kind of is. haha. We also had a good chat with her about the atonement again. Shes pretty hard on herself. However we comforted her and let her know, nobodies perfect and as long as were always striving and trying to be better, God will bless us. I have no worries with her. Shes a great member of the Lords church. :)

Then on Saturday we met with Fareed again, except this time we met with him with our mission leader Flemming. We had a good chat and Flemming invited him to church again. He still didn't come, so were not sure what to do. I guess its time to just turn to the Lord and really ask him what is best. We will see.

Then we had our tour again,and unfortunately we didn't have anybody show up. Were actually thinking of changing the day, as Saturday is not really the best day after all. Its all trial and error with this tour project. haha. However as we were ending our tour and getting ready to clean up, we got a call from the first counselor in bishopric and he asked us if we could leave everything up as we have ward conference on sunday. So we left it all up for the ward to see on sunday. We were kind of excited as now the entire ward can see what we are doing.

So sunday came and the ward was all excited to see it up. They seemed very happy and all seemed very supportive of the project. I think it helped having everyone see it, as not everyone got the chance to see it on the other nights. So that was a good experience for us and for our tour. We didnt have any investigators in church, unfortunately. I am not sure what to do, to get them to come, but were working on it.

Well that was my week. Nothing too exciting, and thankfully no dark shadows. haha. I dont have a spiritual message this week, but I hope you all have a great week! I sure love and appreciate all of you! Take Care!

Den Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Din Danske Missionær 03-13-2011

Kære min dejlig familie og venner!

Jeg håber i alle sammen har haft en utrolig uge. Jeg selvefolgie har haft en god uge. Når en tjene herren, i har ikke so meget at bekymre over. Mig og Ældste Pfeil har haft en meget travlt uge. Det var også svært på en måde, men det skete nogen gang. Det er svært at forklare, men den her uge jeg lærte meget om at Guds mirakler skete altid. Gud virkelig elsker os og hans plan er sand. Det var også en god uge fordi vi mødet med mange af vores undersøgeren, og det er jeg meget taknemlig for. Men som i har set jeg skrive på dansk, og det kan i ikke læse. Jeg vil nu skrive på engelsk! (FYI: Google Translate was not even close on this one)

Good morning and good day everyone! I hope your doing well and that spring is at your doorstop. I am currently looking at a very foggy but pleasantly temperated weather outside. We have clouds in the Sky's and its about 5 degrees Celsius. Pretty warm compared to what it has been. Its nice but when you go outside, it smells and feels like spring. There is just a different feel right now, and its awesome! I love the summer in Denmark. It reminds me a lot of Florida, except not as hot. I am counting down the days to a wonderful summer!

So Elder Pfeil and I have had a good week. Its definitely had its ups and downs, but nonetheless it was good. Right now the Danish mission is staying busy. Our Mission president has been very impressed with the rate of growth and improvement this mission is making. Our lessons are a lot higher quality and its been with members, and our investigators are more committed. So not bad for a small mission like mine. Unfortunately Elder Pfeil and I don't have a lot of investigators right now. However I feel we will have a lot coming as we follow up on the people who have taken our tours. But let me start from the beginning.

We started off with a p-day as always. haha, shocker that one. We again took an easy day, enjoyed the sights and sounds of Århus, and emailed. We have been super, super tired, and any moment we can get to sleep, we take it. So that was nice. I sure love it here in Århus and am going to really miss it when I get transferred.

Then on Tuesday we met with Nicole and had a great lesson about the atonement and Jesus Christ. She still had a lot of questions about repentance and Jesus and how all of that comes together. Our lesson went from a short message for 15 minutes, into over an hour discussion. It was a powerful lesson and the spirit was present and it was strong. She worries about her faith and not being worthy and things like that... worried that shes not utilizing the atonement. However the funny thing is, I can see it already working in her. The fact shes changed so much, shows the atonement is working. Sometimes the worst person that judges us the most, is well... us. We are our worst critics. However day by day shes learning and when we do our best to develop and change our Heavenly Father loves us even more. It loves us for trying. How grateful I am for a loving Heavenly Father.

Then on Wednesday we had our tour afternoon again. This time we had the Zone leaders with us for the entire day. We did a lot of stop bys still. Visiting those that once were taught. That's been a huge project and were almost finished with our list. However the tour went good and we had 1 investigator come. His name is Jonus, and he is Danish. We loved the tour and learned a lot. He is very fascinated about religion, but he said hes never came across a religion like the Mormon church. Interesting.. I thought... maybe its true? haha. He did say he would convert if he got an answer, so he said he would try. It was a great experience, and I think things could go really well with him.

Then on Thursday we had a district meeting in Århus. Its the first one I have ever planned. My goal was to keep it short and yet beneficial. I have had district meetings in the past where they just went on and on for hours... BORING! haha. So, I wanted mine to be short and entertaining and simple. It was about 1 hour and I had everyone involved. I figured nobody wants to hear a district leader talk and talk and train and train, so I made the entire district do it instead. I must say, it was a lot more enjoyable of a meeting. I have about 6 in my district and they are all working hard and doing well.

The on Friday we met with Naja and Ulu. It was Najas Birthday and we had a good discussion with her. I am really confused by this lady as she agrees with everything we teach her. The loves all the doctrine of the church, but yet will not come to church... really annoying. haha. :) But we sat down and really talked with her, and its basically come down to the Book of Mormon. She does not like it... she says she loves the Bible and has a hard time with the other. We explained the importance and comparsions and to pray about it... and she agrees. She said she knows it Gods word... so were kind of confused. However we asked her if it would be alright to show her a film next time called the testaments. It shows how the Bible and book of Mormon come together. She agreed, and so next time we are going to show her that film. That movie is really good and I hope it will help her. She still has not come to church... so were working on that too. Her daughter Ulu, is getting frustrated as she wants to go, but Naja wont come. So keep Naja in your prayers.

Then on Saturday we met with a less active guy named Fareed. I have been working with this man since day 1 in Århus. He still has not come to church... so were trying to figure out that one too. However we are bringing a member with us next time, so I hope that will help. Fareed finally agreed with it. We also had church tours and It was an interesting afternoon. It started off with nobody and we were just sitting and talking, when Elder Pfeil noticed a shadow at the door. We looked and we saw this figure dressed in black starring into the building. He wouldn't open the door, he just stood there. Freaky.... So I moved towards the door (Yes I was scared, but something kept pushing me to check it out). As I approached the door this figure turned around and ran away. The weirdest thing about it is, after he left the steps leading up to the building, he like vanished. I didn't see him run on the sidewalk or across the street, he just disappeared. There was no car and no other possible way for him go... I am not really sure what happened. Well Elder Pfeil and I were a little creeped out, but we were in the Lords church and knew these buildings were blessed. So we felt secure. We still are not sure who it was or what...

Well time kept going and we had about 15 minutes until we needed to clean up. I was kind of down as I really wanted one person to come. So I remember in my heart saying a quick prayer asking the lord to send one person, at least. Well as I finished saying that quick prayer all the sudden a car pulled up into the parking lot! oh hay! IT works! I was thrilled. This guy walks in and asks if we were open? I said yes, of course and we started talking. Apparently he read on the website we have a genealogy center in the building and he wanted to meet with somebody regarding that. Well we told him you have to make an appointment and he felt embarrassed and said he would come back. But we got into talking with him and started asking him about his beliefs and things regarding the Book of Mormon. We came to find out he had been doing some family history work and found some long lost family in Salt Lake City that hes related too! He said that hes traveling there next month to meet them for the first time! So way cool. He said hes been doing a lot of studying regarding our church. Well I turned to him and gave him a Book of Mormon and said, this is the best way to learn about the church. I said this book will tell if you its a true church or not. He took the book as well as some other things regarding the church. He then asked. "Will it be easy to find a place in SLC to drink?" haha, I smiled and well as him, as that was his way of making a joke! haha. He was a very nice guy and he was an answer to my prayers.

Well Sunday finally came and we unfortunately did not have any investigators show up to sacrament. However it was our fast and testimony meeting as last Sunday we had our stake conference. Nobody was going up to bare there testimony, so I went up and gave mine. Its always stressful as I have to do it in Danish, but I felt prompted to bare my testimony on the tour project. I don't have the best danish in the world, but people understood what I said. I hope it helped.

Then later that night we boarded a train and headed off to Silkeborg to teach our baptismal date Ami the discussions. Shes the daughter of a member and is about 13. She is very sweet and we had a great lesson with her. He step-dad is not a member so we manged to teach him though teaching Ami. We basically taught Ami as if she never heard anything about the church, so her dad could learn a few things. Ami caught the idea and we taught her. She surprisingly didn't have the biggest understanding of the gospel, but were getting her on the right track. I hope maybe her father could be a new investigator maybe from all this. We will see.

Well as you can see it was a crazy week. Were just running from place to place doing the work of the Lord the best we can. Its kind of crazy. Well I have already written a ton of stuff in this letter so I don't really have a spiritual message for you. But one thing I learned this week is that Gods Miracles are all around us. Its a crazy world we live in but hes constantly blessing us and helping us. Its a comfort and a miracle he does all he does for us!

Have an amazing week! I sure love all of you!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Monday, March 7, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 03-07-2011

Min kærlig, fantastisk, vidunderlig, utrolig venner og familie!

Det er so utrolig at snakke med i idag. Det har været en meget interessant uge, men jeg er taknemlig. Vores liv her på jorden er en stor eventyr.Vi aldrig ved hvad skal skete i vores liv. Når man er også på mission, det er mere skøre end normalt liv nogen gange. Jeg tror det er fordi som missionær vi arbejde så meget med menneske. Der er mange interessant folk her, lol! Det er også sjovt fordi jeg er med menneske fra en anden land. så jeg lære meget om deres kultur og livsstil. Så det er altid sjovt! Men jeg vil meget gerne snakke med dig på engelsk fordi i kan forstår mig, ikke? Det håber jeg i faktisk.

Good day to all of you! I hope your having a wonderful week and preparing yourselvs for the wonderful spring we have thats just about here. I am so excited for the warmer weather! You have no idea how wonderful it has been the last 3 days. All the snow in Århus is gone! Its melted and out of my life! lol! The sun as been out and finally the sun is up passed 5! Yesterday we had the sun up to 6:15! Its a miracle! The last few months we have had the sun go down around 3 or 4! So its a nice change of pace having the sun remain up a little longer. Its also been nice because as we walk around the streets we see so many happy danish people! They are just literally leaping for joy seeing the sun! Everyone is outside. I have seen more people on the street then I honestly thought was possible! There out with their kids, dogs, all smiling and playing and enjoying the sunny, warmer weather! Its still a little chilly and we do need a jacket, but its a huge difference from the last few weeks! I cant wait until its finally all warmed up! The work of the Lord will get a huge boost! :)

To begin we had again an exciting p-day... WE DID NOTHING! lol! We were so tired that we went out, emailed, walked around the city for a little bit, then came home and slept! lol! We just took it easy. We also had a few board games in the apartment, like battleship- So that was fun. Lets just say I dominated Æ.Pfeil. He never knew what hit him. Hardy: 1 Pfeil 0.

So Tuesday was a good day, but a little rushed. We got permission from the Danish Council here in Århus to put a A-skilt sign outside on the sidewalk for advertising purposes. So we spent some of the morning designing what we want on the a-skilt. I must say, we came up with some pretty good looking posters. We were happy with them, and so was our mission leader. So we sent them into the printer and got them on Friday. The look great printed, and they were printed in a waterproof style paper and Ink. It cost a little more, but at least we know they will last. I added a picture of my posters in my "chuch tour album" on my facebook. Check out the link...

Speaking of Pictures, I also added more pictures to my normal missionary album! take a look!

Then on wednesday we also had our tour night and it was a HUGE success! We taught 4 lessons all with members! Then to top it all off we gave 4 Book of Mormons out! Oh yea! We had a really great, huge, and wonderful sccessful night! It began with us setting up, then right at 4 we had a member named Eva bring a friend. Well this friend was really old and had no interest in the church what so ever. She was quite rude and said she didnt understand American Danish... whatever... Eva felt bad, but I told her, "At least you gave her a chance to learn." She smiled and laughed and took her friend home. Then around 5, Nicole showed up just to say hi. It was good to see her, and good to see her come on her own to church things. She came early to go to Institute. So that was good to see her motivate herself and do things on her own in the church. Then we had all the youngwomen come for a church tour. Now this is about 12 young women, from 12 to 18.

However one of the young women is 18 and invited some of her older friends along. We we gave them a tour, and it was a good tour. I teased the young women... a lot. haha. I tried to be funny and entertaining, but also point out important gospel principles. Elder Pfeil and my goal is to teach the gospel, but teach it in a normal way. Who says believeing in God has to be weird? The young women got a crack out of me... haha. They were just laughing in their girly laugh and it was just a good experience. I will be honest I didnt think I was that funny of a guy, but in Danish I must be hysterical, as I got lots of laughs, and most of all THEY had a good experience, and the spirit was VERY VERY Strong. When we entered the chapel during the tour, things got immidately quiet, and you could without doubt feel something special. I noticed one of the guests that came, became very focused on what I was saying, I could tell she was trying to figure out, what she was feeling. Then at the end of the tour we took them to the Book of Mormon room and the girls just love it! We would show them the picture and explained each story. I dont know if you have noticed some of the pictures, but some of the guys in the book of Mormon pictures are way buff and huge. I told the girls, I read the book of Mormon so I can be like him one day... They just laughed, and again had a great experience. Then at the very end of the Book of Mormon room, Elder Pfeil and I bore strong testimony, and explained how the Book of Mormon has changed our lives. We invited the guests to take a Book of Mormon and read it and pray about it. Well to our surprise they took the Book of Mormon as well as some phamplets!

Then was we were saying goodbye to the young women this random lady comes up to us and says, What is all this? I not realising what was happening, asked are you a member? "me, no. I just came to institue with my friend and I saw all this!" Well we ended up teaching a lesson about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She just loved it! She was like, "These pictures describe events in the book of Mormon?" Amazing.... Well she took a Book of Mormon, and was way positive. We will stay in contact with her, and see if we can get her taking the discussions. Well at the end of the day, we taught 4 lessons, 4 book of Mormons gone, and a very successful evening! Elder Pfeil and I went up feeling AWESOME! We rewarded ourselves with Pizza and a Diet Coke... Life does not get any better! :)

So after an amazing tour night, we went to bed filled with the spirit! Then to my surprise I woke up with a cold, ok a really bad cold, so probably more of a flu. I guess its the Lords way of keeping me humble... maybe? haha. Or I simply have just been working my tail off, I havent been taking care of myself. So I got sick and well I still am. However I had stuff planned, and couldnt stop the work to rest. So On thursday we left to go on splits in Herning. I am the district leader and Hernings in my district. So we went down there and had a good day. The 2 elders in Herning were 2 people in my MTC group, so it was great hanging out with them. However I was way sick, but I think I put on a pretty good act, as they didnt seem to realize I was sick. I also met a young women in their area that has a baptismal date. She is doing way good, and It will be great to interview her for baptism. I am loving that the mission is baptizing more and more young people! Its terrific!

Then on Friday we met with Naja and Ulu with a member. It was an ok appointment, and I kind of struggled. I was still feeling way sick so it took all I could to stay focused and help her out. Shes still struggling with the Book of Mormon, and coming to church. She didnt come to church again with week... so were trying to find out the real issue. We also met with Nicole that evening to again give her new convert lessons. Shes again doign well, I am a proud missionary, seeing my once investigator still continue moving forward. Its been really rewarding seeing her grow in the church. The other Girl I baptized, Christina, is doing well also. Its just I dont see her! haha. But she writes me occassionaly, and shes doing well! :)

The on saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference. It was a really good conference. We had our mission president speak, as well as many members I know from other places I have served. We also had our tour stuff set up, and the entire stake was just a talking about it! They were very impressed and couldnt believe missoinaries could do something so great! :) Other wards want to steal it and use it in their builinds... I told them its only for Århus right now.. They smiled, knowing transfers are coming... haha. President Andersen also came up to me and seemed very proud of me and Pfeil. I always get kind of quiet around president and nervous, so I just said thanks... lol. Hes a great mission president! :)

Well everyone, thanks for all your love and support! I sure love you all! Life is good, and I hope you take the time to enjoy it! Sure love you all!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Din Danske Missionær 02-21-2011

Godmorgen kære familie og venner!

Det er bare so dejlig til at snakke med i alle sammen gennem email. Det er helt utrolig at jeg faktisk kan sende en email hele vejen from Danmark til USA på en måde af få sekunder! Vi bo i et vidunderligt tid! Jeg er så taknemlig for teknologi fordi det giver mig mulighed for at snakke med i! Jeg håber i alle sammen har haft en dejlig uge. Det var en svært uge for mig og Ældste Pfeil men, så den er det bare. Det desværre skete til missionær. Men jeg tror jeg skal forklare min uge til dig på engelsk, ikke på dansk. Jeg tror det er fordi ikke så mange af i kan forstår hvad jeg siger. Jeg faktisk at ikke tror at jeg forstår dansk,det er bare en mirakel synes jeg.

Good morning everyone! I hope your having a great day and that this email finds you well and happy. So I hope things are going well for me in Denmark. Its been a crazy last week and were just glad that the new week is finally here.

Well we began the week with a nice p-day. We took it easy and relaxed. We mentally and physically prepared for the week. I will be honest i knew it was going to be a hard week. We were told were going to get more snow and that temperatures are going to drop here in Århus. So I was not excited about that.

Then on Wednesday we met with our investigator Naja. She is the one that has a baptismal date for February 26th. We met with her and shes doing well. We discussed a lot of things like the Book of Mormon and the trinity. We seemed to have a great appointment and she told me she learned a lot. We also found out her daughter Ulu, would also like to be baptized. So that was exciting. We left the appointment and she seemed ready for her baptism. well we had an appointment for Friday, but she cancelled. But she told us she would see us at church on Sunday. Well she didn't show up, which was very disappointing, as that means we have to push her baptismal date to another day. We are not sure what happened, but we will find out this week. :)

We also had our church tour on Wednesday. Nobody came, but were keeping the faith as it takes time for the word to get out. We also had the church tour on Saturday, but the ward was having an activity, so we didn't get to really set up or anything. So the Bishop just said that if anybody shows up, they will invite them to the party, lol. So we sort of cancelled that tour night. However we look forward to a great week of tours this week! :)

We also spent some of our time this week creating a Manuel you could say for our tour project. The Mission president asked that we put together a report that explains the project, so we also worked on that. Its hard as we have the idea in our head, and trying to write it on paper, can be heard. Expressing ones self on paper is not always easy. So that took some time, and were still not completely finished... We have too much to do! :)

We also this week met with Nicole, my new convert. She is doing well, and we had a great lesson with her. She just has a lot on her plate, as a lot of us do, with life. Shes managing it well and I couldnt be more proud of the changes she is making in her life. The gospel really can change people and motivate people to be great, to make them be what our Heavenly Father wants and has created us to be! :) It was a good afternoon, and its been fun to continue teaching someone I baptized after baptism. That doesn't get to happen too much generally.

I don't have a spiritual message for today. But just know that our Heavenly father loves us all and is with us every step of the way in our lives. :) I know it may sound weird, or crazy, but I really know someones with me, leading me and guiding me. I know he feels what I feel and understands perfectly each and every situation I run into. I cant explain to you how much I feel is help in my life right now. This last week as been a week where I really noticed and utilized his help. Things came to my mouth I didn't even think I knew, confidence and motivation popped up in times i was very low. The power and help of God is very real. I sometimes think we don't realize how real and involved our Heavenly Father really is. I know its real. I know its not something I made up or something somebody told me. Hes real, hes there and He loves us all.

I wish all of you a great week! May you find success in all that you do this week! I love you!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Din Danske Missionær 02-14-2011

Kære familie og venner som betyder alt for mig!

Jeg håber at i alle samme har haft en dejlig uge fuldt med mange helt utroligt ting! Min uge var meget interessant men det var godt nok synes jeg. En uge som en missionær er altid en spænende ting. Man aldrig ved hvad kan skete som en af herrens tjener. Der er fordi herren vil gerne har også alle samme udvikle sig og være beder. Det kan man ikke gør hvis man er ikke udfordret. Liv er svært nogen gang men jeg er så taknemlig for den liv som jeg har. Jeg tror vores himmelsk fader har gjort en fantastisk job. Hvor taknemlig jeg er for ham og hans søns evangelium. Men nu skal jeg snakke om mig uge og det skal jeg siger på engelsk, slevfolgie.

Hey everyone! I hope you have all had a great week filled with good stuff and events! So right now I am sitting in the warm church building, with a pastry and some chocolate milk emailing home! I just love p-days. However, I say warm church building as we have snow right now in Århus. Yes, I know SNOW! I thought it was over too, but I guess the lord has other plans in regards to the weather here.haha. Either way, I am not too thrilled for the snow. I think I ordered summer? I hate the late deliveries. haha. So my week was good. To be honest it was just one of those normal weeks one has as a missionary. Nothing bad or really good happened. It was just one of those hard working weeks where nothing much happens, but nothing bad really happens either. I call it a filler week, and that's kind of what I had. :)

So we start the week with yet another p-day. We didn't do much that day, again! lol. Elder Pfeil and I have just been super, super tired. We did go out and take some pictures and kind of enjoy the sites. I am trying to enjoy every minute of Århus as my time here is coming soon to a close. I am almost 100% certain that I will leave this city by next transfers. I have been in Århus for now 6 months, and by next transfers that will make it 8 months. :) We took it easy and prepared ourselves for another week. You have no idea how critical and vital a p-day is for a missionary. :)

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday we had quite a few appointments set up, but all of them cancelled on us. Its been a long time since I have had that many cancellations. It was crazy, and disappointing. :( So i don't have much to say about most of the week unfortunately.

We then on Wednesday evening had our tours again. This is the first night of the real tours to investigators and friends, and it was a big success. We had many of the members show up and see it because it was on a Wednesday and everyone is in the church for mutual. Everyone, and I mean everyone was impressed. Then to top it all off we had 2 potential investigators come and and got a tour from Elder Pfeil and I. It was a great experience and they seemed to enjoy the tour. I could feel the spirit and I think the 2 people realized there is something really special about our church. So we will see if they become future investigators.

Then on Friday we had a specialized training here in Århus. It was a great training and President Andersen did a great job. I really love what he has to say. His input and they way he teaches is very much my style. I learned a lot. President Andersen also got to see our tour project and he was blown away. He got very quiet and was just in awwww the whole time as we gave him a look around. He was very proud and said its going to be an amazing tool to use to bring more unto Christ. So it was very nice to get our presidents stamp of approval. I think president was a little worried that it was going to be something completely different. So i think he was glad to see it how it was.

Then to top it all off the spokesperson for the church in Denmark is actually in the ward. I had no idea and he came and saw the tour project. Well he was very impressed and is getting pictures and an article written in the Liahona about it. He and our mission leader are also going to take it to the newspapers and other news affiliates to get the word out. Then our spokesperson went to the Head library in Århus, and asked if it could be possible to set up some displays about this book inside. They said yes, and now hes working out all the logistics and things to get it all done legally. So were going to have a huge display in the busiest library in Jutland, be in the newspaper and Liahona! I mean the work is moving forward! its amazing! Whats most amazing about all this is the members are doing it all, not me. All these things were there idea. So the missionary work fire is starting to light and I am so glad. Now its just getting the rest of the members to get involved... and that's another story. They will come given time. :)

So I was thinking about my spiritual message for the week and decided to again mention the importance of being a good example. I realized how doing something little really can make a huge impact on people. I realized that my idea of a simple tour, could really spark the imagination and desire of the members to share the gospel. It brings me joy to see that my companions and I's good example of missionary work is starting to rub off on those around us.Now I am not perfect but I realized that doing something really simple can really spark something. Then as you spark that one person, there example can spark anothers and before you know it, were all learning from each other. So I hope you follow our savior, Jesus Christs example. He inspired and still inspires million's upon millions of people. Let us be like him and inspire those just as Christ did.

I wish you all the very best week! Thanks again for all your love and support. I don't know where I would be without it. :)

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 02/07/2011

Hej alle min dejlig familie og Venner!

Det er so godt at være på computeren idag til at skrive til jer! Jeg salvne i alle sammen og ser frem til den dag jeg kommer hjem. Men for nu, så skal jeg arbjeide som in missionær og tjene herren. :) Min uge var god, men jeg tror jeg skal fortælle i på englesk, ikke på dansk! :)

Hello EVERYONE! I hope you have all together had an amazing and fantastic week filled with amazningness. My week was ok, not the greatest week I have ever had, but that happens sometimes. My tour project is in full swing this week and I hope it brings much success. This project has brought much worry and stress and I pray every night for its success. I will tell you more about it in the rest of my letter. But yea... let me give you the low down of my week!

So on Monday, we had another p-day. It was nice as we before we began our p-day we met with one of our investigators Naja. We ended up setting a baptismal date with her for February 26th. Then we came to the church and began emailing home. then we were feeling kind of tired and needed a break. So we went home and just slept. Elder Pfeil and I just collapsed on our couch. haha. Other than that it was a good day and we needed the down time.

Then on Tuesday we ran over to the church and created a baptismal calendar for Naja. It was so exciting to make a calendar for a person that wants to be baptized! We just don't get to do that too often in the danish mission. After we took care of that, we headed out and did some stop bys and contacting on the streets. Then we made our way back to the church and began practicing for our tour project. If this tour was in English, I might not have any issues, but in Danish, its a whole nother story. So we did that for the rest of the evening. My companion Elder Pfeil is a little nervous as Danish is still pretty new for him. However he is doing a great job and is just speaking as best he can. Our tours are coming and were excited to give tours to the members later this week.

Then on Thursday we met with Naja again and talked to her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a good lesson and I think she really enjoyed it. Sometimes I noticed with me that I get too focused on talking about Joseph Smith and The book of Mormon that we forget to just talk about Jesus Christ. So that's what we did. We shared many scriptures in the Book of Mormon about Christ and I think that really helped Naja. After Naja we ran to the church and met up with a member named Sister. Kreiberg. She brought all our posters and stands to set up. She stayed and helped us get things going, and let me tell you it looks amazing! I created the posters on the computer with help from Elder Pfeil. I had most of them created before he got to Århus. Then we sent them via email to sister.Kreiberg and Bro. Kreiberg and they printed them for us. It was so crazy to see my companions and mine work all up! It looked so good! So if you click the link below, you can see my tour project. :) Enjoy

(Copy for paste link) You do not need a facebook account to see photos.

Then on Thursday evening, Friday evening, and Saturday evening we presented the tour to the members. We unfortunately did not have that great of a turn out. I am not sure what happened and its something I am currently working with the mission leader right now. The members kind of disappointed me and Elder Pfeil. We thought we had a little more support, but we didn't get very much of it at all. We had maybe 12 members come all together. But you know, were still faithful this project will work and I know the lord will provide a wake up call for the members. :) However the people that mattered came and they were very impressed.

Then on Sunday we had church of course and a sister missionary that's heading home came and visited with her family. That was kind of fun and it was nice to be around some Americans. We had some issues with investigators at church and some missionary drama. However we got it resolved... however it was stressful. After church we came home, ate lunch, and too be honest I didn't remember what happened. All i remember was I woke up 4 hours later. Elder Pfeil and I crashed, and we crashed hard. We were so tired and stressed that our bodies I think couldn't take it anymore, lol! I mean I have never in my life collapsed that hard before. So after we woke up and did some weekly planning. Then because I am district leader I gave a call to everyone in my district and took care of my responsibilities there. It was kind of weird being on the leadership end of things. After that we went to bed early to get ready for a good p-day... today! :)

Let me tell you it was a very interesting week. I am glad its over and i look forward to a brighter week. For my spiritual message for this week, it is "Think positive." My sister kind of taught me that. I also remember her telling me before I left on my mission, "Remember to Smile". So my message for this week goes to thinking positively and smiling. We had a guest class yesterday at church and the teacher asked us to write down 5 things you are happy about. Any 5 things, and it can be ANYTHING. We did that as a class, and you know what, I realized life is good. IT can be hard but its good. We then shared everything we wrote down and the room was happy and we were all smiling and thinking positively. There was such a different atmosphere in the room that it made me realize how much better life could be if we focused all of our time and energy on the positive things, instead of the negative. I realized that Life is a good teacher and its all part of Gods plan. As Elder Wirthlin would say, "Come what may, and love it."

I wish you all a great week full of positive things and lots of smiles... oh wow... I have not been that cheesy in a long time... I think its time for me to get home... this missionary life is starting to mess with my head. lol! :) Have a good week everyone!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlilg Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Monday, January 31, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 01-31-2011

Hej Kære Søskende... (Som betylder familie eller venner, Det er en ord man brug på dansk i kirken. Det er lige som bror eller søstre)

Jeg håber i alle sammen har det godt! Jeg har det udmærket! Jeg elske denmark og herrens arbejde lige nu. Ting gå godt or igår har jeg 2 undersøger i kirken. Det var so dejligt at ser dem i Kirken! Jeg og Ældste Pfeil også gave en tale on vores rundvisning projekt! Det var interessant, men jeg troede vi gjort det fint! Mange er spændt at ser vores projekt! Jeg kan ikke vent at fortælle i os om min projekt!

Hello Everyone! I hope this letter finds all of you well and happy! Its been a really long week for me and my companion Elder Pfeil. I mean so much has happened that its weird for me to think its only been a week. Its just been a week full of all kinds of crazy things.Good things and I am happy to report much success of the work of the lord!

First and for most I have found out about transfers. I are you nervous? I sure was... I was very nervous. In fact when I got the call I got very, very scared. Elder Pfeil and I were in the church assembling some stands for our tour when my cell phone began to ring in my pocket. I stopped assembling and a look of fear came over me and my companion. I walked outside into the church foyer and answered the phone. I hear a voice... a voice of an assistant. He gives me a hi and asks, "So do you want to know about transfers?" I smiled and said, OF COURSE! He then told me that me and Elder Pfeil are both staying in Århus. He then added that president has also called me to serve as a district leader. So I have 2 more months in Århus! I am very grateful for this! :) And I have now more responsiblity in the mission. It should be an exciting adventure, as Morgan would say! :)

Well I began with a pretty mellow week starting with a p-day.We went to lunch with our gift card from winning the cleanest apartment award. That was fun. We then just came up and rested. Then around 6:00 we went with Flemming, our mission leader, to Århus laser printing. There we talked to the guy that's printing our new pass along cards for the tour. So we set that all up and should have them soon. Well I hope anyways... Things are not always as quick as I would like them.

Then on Tuesday I had a leadership training because I am a trainer with President and the Assistants, and those that are in leadership. It was a good training and I learned a lot... Ok to be honest I felt guilty after leaving that training. I realized I have a lot to do to be better. There is always room for improvement. ITs just when you think your doing good and somebody else tells you to do better... It kind of hurts inside. :( But in any case, its better to learn to be better then just remain the same. :)

The on Wednesday we met with a new investigator named Naja. She is from Greenland and was taught in a far away town in Denmark called Skiva. She moved here to Århus and so she was referred to us. We met with her and to be honest I don't know why she is not baptized. Shes answered all our questions beautifully and believes in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. She just struggled with the getting baptized again concept. She feels that because she was already baptized she does not need to again. We shared some scriptures but in the end we encouraged her to pray about it. Then on Saturday we met with her again with the old missionaries that used to teach her. It was a good appointment and she really understood the concept of Authority and baptism. She then was committed to baptism and asked to think about it and pray about it. She said she would. So today before I came to the computer to write to you, we met with her again. She did not make it to church yesterday as she got lost. Well she told us she wants to be baptized! So we set a date with her for the 26 of February. We then talked to her about our baptisms. She then said, wait, children can be baptized? We said yes if they are 8 or older. She got a huge smile on her face and expressed how her daughter thats 11 also wanted to be baptized! So she said she would talk with her daughter about it later this week. So who knows... we might have another baptism with her. But for Naja it really was an amazing experience. She said she prayed about it and got a direct answer. I have never met an investigator so in tune with the spirit. Shes going to be a great member. Who knows... maybe she can also set up the church on Greenland! So yes keep her in your prayers!

We also met with an older investigator of mine named Tobias. He is doing well and loves having us over. He is not too positive with the church, but I am trying to keep a good relationship alive with him, as you never know when he could be interested. But during the appointment he said to us, I think i want to go to church. So I said sure and he came! haha. He came and said he had a good time. The appointment with him went well and we taught about the importance of the Book of Mormon. He is struggling with reading. so we will see. :) I am just so happy he has a desire to see church.

Then on Saturday we had Interviews with our mission president. It went well and president is exited to see my tour project. Speaking of the tour project... so we receive everything this Wednesday and we begin tours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to show the tour to the members. Then next week we start the real tours for every Wednesday and Saturday from 5 to 7 for investigators. So once we get it all set up, I will send pictures next week.

Then on Sunday me and Elder Pfeil gave talks in church. He spoke on everyday missionary life, while I gave a talk on the tour project. Ældste Pfeil did very well and is danish is really coming along. I did just ok... When I am nervous my danish is even worse... and I mean the only reason I am nervous is because of my danish... go figure right? But my message came across and everyone in the ward is very excited about the project. Kristian, a member in the bishopric told me that when I brought up the tour in my talk- the spirit just flooded the room. He said it felt right - he said he felt its going to be a success. The whole ward was buzzing and it was a great day. Then to top it all off we had a random young man, about my age, come in the building asking to meet with us the missionaries. We taught him and he seems really positive about the church. He actually stayed for sacrament meeting. So we might have a new investigator on our hands soon. We also had Tobias and the ward was excited to have some guests. It was a great Sunday and the ward seems to be getting more and more excited about missionary work.

Obviously there was more I did in the week but those were the highlights. Its really hard to write down all my feelings and experiences. Its also difficult to summarize a week long of events in one letter! But I hope you got an idea of how things are going. The work is going forward and I am so happy to be apart of it. I don't have much of a spiritual message but one thing that I really did learn this week is GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYERS! I mean Naja got an answer... it almost seems too easy. I cant believe it. We still have a month to make the date... but I feel confident. It hit me hard this week that she got an answer. I mean, its just a miracle! :)

I hope you all have a great week! I sure appreciate all your love and support!

Din Dansk Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 01-24-2011

Godmorgen, Godmorgen Kære familie og venner!

Oh hay... det har været en meget hurtig uge for mig. Det er svært for mig at tror at januar er næste end færdig. Vi stort set har kun et uge til februar! Er det ikke spændende? So jeg har det godt slevfolgie. Når man tjene herren i har ikke noget at bekymre over. Lige nu mit fokus med min missionær arbejde er den der rundvisning projekt. Det er en meget stor projekt men jeg synes det er det værd! En ting jeg er faktisk meget begejstret over er hvor dejlig Århus menighed har været. Det har støttet mig rigtig rigtig meget! Jeg tror på grund af deres kærlighed og tillid herren vil velsigne dem alle sammen! Når mit projekt er færdig so skal jeg sender I nogen billede. Jeg kan ikke vent at vise jer! :)

Oh danish... so If you kind of want to know what it says, you can try google translate... However I just did it and it is not entirely accurate. So its up to you! :) But yes I will now write in English! :) I hope all of you have had an amazing week. Its weird to think were already finished with the first month in 2011. It just means its one more month to me coming home! Its just incredible how time fast flies. I know I say that a lot, but really time is flying! The weirdest thing for me was a zone conference last week the mission president, President Andersen talked about release dates. I will probably set mine late February or beginning of march. I will let you know when its all finalized. Well everyone thanks in advance for always thinking of me and reading my emails. I sure love each and everyone of you and appreciate always your love and support.

To begin, me and Elder Pfeil had another wonderful p-day to start the week. Elder Pfeil really likes to shop and heck so do I! haha. So I have no problems hitting the stores. I usually don't buy much but I sure love looking. I found a really nice Danish bible that I would love to take home with me. I think the lord would approve of that souvenir. In Denmark bibles are so expensive because the rights to them are owned by the state wide church, the 'Danske Folke Kirke* (The danish peoples church). So a really nice bible like the ones we use everyday in church are about 800 to 1000 krone's. so around 200 American dollars! yikes! What makes me laugh is why they cost so much. I mean unfortunately danish people are not the most believing anymore... most have never even read the bible, and yet they are so expensive. So I am thinking about going into the store and talking to the manager and explain I come from a church.... maybe they might give a discount to me. Who knows. I have met a lot of nice people who have given missionaries a discount before. So we will see. Elder Pfeil and I also went to a viking museum. He sure loved it. I have been there before but one can always learn more. We had a fun day and felt prepared and ready to work hard the rest of the week. Its amazing how vital these days are to a missionary. I mean if I didn't get my p-day I would have killed out a long time ago! lol! :)

Tuesday was a fun day as we had Zone Conference in a nearby city called Frederica! So we had to do a little traveling using the trains. The good news is we only had to be there for the day. Originally we had another meeting on Wednesday and would have stayed the night there. However recently the sister of our mission president passed away in a car accident. Her burial was that Wednesday so they cancelled the meeting. I am amazed at how strong my mission president was during the conference. This man really has a strong testimony of the gospel. He just lost his sister and he didn't questions one thing of his beliefs. I have the best mission president in the world... haha. I mean what an example he is setting to me and for all the other missionaries. I also found out much more sacrifice's he made just to be mission president. He is a great guy. Because he is so great we had a great zone conference. I learned a lot and am now going to work harder.

Another thing they did at the Zone Conference was announced the cleanest apartment in the mission contest winner! The showed a slide show of all the apartments and let me tell you the entire mission did very well. All of there apartment's looked great! Unfortunately however there could only be one winner for the contest... and the winner is.... ÅRHUS! :) Yep me and Elder Pfeil won the contest for the cleanest apartment in the mission! :) haha. The mission president called in, " The standard for the mission." He was very impressed with it and the fact we used the apartment to build relationships with the members! :) We won a gift card to go eat out! It was a lot of fun. Not only do we get a meal, but we made great relationships with the members doing it! A win win situation if I say so myself! :)

Then throughout the rest of the week we were tieing up odds and ends with our tour project. We made our presentation DVDs, our new pass along cards and everything. We checked the shipping status of all of our posters and they are all arriving on Thursday this week! So I will let you know next week how it looks. Elder Pfeil and I are also giving a talk in sacrament meeting this coming up Sunday to introduce the tour project. We plan on having member tours all next week to get them excited about this experience. We also plan, and committing them to bring one friend to this tour over the next couple of weeks. I am going to really push the members to work as this tour thing is a really easy excuse to invite friends too. I mean this project will only be a success if the members choose to participate! So I hope and pray they catch the missionary fire! :) haha. I will once the tour gets going, write a email on everything I am doing. I will give you lots of details and pictures next week. I know your all curious. So don't worry, I will fill you in! :)

Then on Saturday on a little sadder note we had a member in our ward pass away. He was about 84 but very strong and healthy. However one day he was walking his dog outside and slipped on some ice. When he slipped he hit is head and died. His name is Kay. He was a great guy and always prepared the sacrament and passed out the hymn books. He was also one of the very first members to meet my investigators. Well this was actually my first funeral I believe. When the hurse arrived with the caset.. I had to help them carry it into the church. It was a very surreal feeling as I was carrying somebody that passed away. They whole meeting was also very surreal. I had honestly no idea what to think. In any case it was a good meeting and the spirit was there comforting those that needed it. Nicole my new convert also showed up and gave her support. This was her first funeral too. The ward is handling it well. one thing Nicole noticed is how much more uplifting our funerals are. She has a point. We as latter day saints know where we are going, and what happening the next life. We have no worries about it. So when somebody passes away we simply are sad because we miss them, not because we don't know where they are going. I think it was a testimony builder for Nicole on the plan of salvation. How blessed are we to have it! :)

Well everyone.. I think that's all I have to say about my week. I honestly have not thought of a spiritual message. My thoughts have honestly always been on my tour project. I do what to let you know that I really do have a testimony of this church. I know sometimes its hard to sit through meetings or even go to them. Our church does have a lot of meetings and I completely understand how annoying they can be. However, even with those annoying things I truly do know this church is GODS church on the church. We do have a living prophet and we do receive instruction and guidance through him from the Lord. The book of Mormon is Gods word.. its a book that answers life's toughest and biggest questions. It really is a guide to true and everlasting happiness. I just love it! I love being a Mormon and I love being a follower of Christ.

I sure love you all! I wish you the very best week! HAVE AN AMAZING LAST WEEK OF JANUARY! :)

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Din Danske Missionær,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 01-17-2011

Kære Familie og Venner.

Jeg håber i alle sammen har haft en dejlig uge. Jeg tænke over i og din succes i alt i gør. Jeg håber herren vil forsæt at velsigne i! Jeg har haft en god uge. Det er mærkelig for mig at tænke over januar er næste end færdig. Hold op! Wow! Idag er den 17 af Januar. Tid har skete rigtig hurtig. Jeg har næsten kun 8 måned før jeg er hjem. Det er so utrolig! Problemet er jeg tror jeg skal salvne Århus, or faktist Denmark rigtig meget! Den er land er so magisk, og untrolig. Men jeg tror jeg skal slut med at skriver på dansk på grund af i kan ikke læse hvad jeg har skrivet. So jeg skal nu skriver på englsk! Ha det godt! :)

You got to admit seeing danish written down is pretty cool...Its weird to think that right now i can read that above. I never thought I would be able to learn another language. I want to thank each and everyone of you for keeping me in your prayers. Its only because of your prayers and thoughts that I am where I am today. I doubt honestly my language learning skills. Lets just say when I get home, I am sticking to English and danish. No more languages for me. haha. Anyways, I hope you have all had a great week. I look back to my week and just look at it and say, "Where did the time go?" I have so much to do, but so little time. Well let me tell you my week.

We started off the week with a wonderful p-day. We decided to hit the stores again and look around and hang out in the city center. This time we had our zone leaders with us. They decided to come on Monday and spend the day with us then on Tuesday have some splits. So we looked around and had a little party. Well as much as you can have as a missionary. Its always fun being with more missionaries. In the danish mission you feel so isolated. You would think because were such a small country we would see each other more. However we don't, and its a rare treat to see them.

Then on Tuesday we had our splits with the Zone leaders. They are a good couple of guys. There names are Elder Pearson and Elder Christensen. Elder Christensen was actually a former companion of mine. We had a lot of fun hanging out a little that day. The first half of the day I was with Elder Pearson. We mostly worked on visiting those that used to be taught by the missionaries. To our displeasure most on the list had moved away. However we contacted this cool danish guy while vising others, and he seems pretty interested in the church. So I hope. Mean while my companion Elder Pfeil was with Elder Christensen. They were also doing the same thing, except they accidentally contacted a drunk man that was praying on the streets. Yes you heard me right, a drunk man praying on the street. Apparently this man kissed my companion and was completely drunk. So my companion had quite the little experience. lol. The we switched at lunch and I went with Elder Christensen. We drove all the way to the very edge of our area to visit a temple square referral. However it was a bogus referral and that person did not live there. It was a 40 min drive, so we got there and basically turned around. We didn't stay to work as when the zone leaders are gone there is no way for me to get there. However it was a successful day and we have some possibly new investigators.

The on Wednesday we were with a member family finishing up our posters for our tour project. We found some new issues with them, but fixed them and they are currently on there way to be printed. We should have them by the end of this week. I will send some pictures of them asap. :)

Other than that my week was pretty boring, really. We have hit the streets hard these fast few weeks and have been contacting a lot. Were struggling to find people right now. However once my tour project is in full bloom, I feel we will have some success. I have no doubt. :)

Nicole my recent convert is still doing well. She is going strong with her new boyfriend in the church. Shes enjoying the "Mormon way" of dating. haha. She says the relationship feels more real then what she previously has experienced. She came to church yesterday with her boyfriend and son. Her sons name is Eric and is about 3 years old. Eric had a great time at church and that made Nicole very happy. Eric has never ever been to church before in his life and asked Nicole a very interesting question. During church Eric saw a picture of Christ on the wall.It was just a cartoon picture as he saw it near the primary activity board. Eric asks, "Mom is that man a King?" Nicole just looked at him.. speechless. She commented after and didn't understand how he could have known that. I also thought it was very weird as I know Nicole and Eric really well, and I honestly have no idea either. I just told Nicole...," well, he was with Christ only like 3 years ago... so it comes to reason that maybe he remembers..." She just smiled and said, maybe. I thought it was an interesting experience... It was a good Sunday and Nicole is doing well. Shes happy. I have also heard my other concert Christina is doing well and shes trying to make her way to BYU. She told me that shes planning on at least vising Utah this summer whether she gets in to BYU or not. So shes getting excited for that and is also doing well.

Well my spiritual message for the day goes with Gods plan for us. I have really been thinking about it a lot lately and realized God really is in control of this world. I know sometimes he seems this world is out of control and bad... but if you really think about it... God planned it that way. I have sort of gotten a better understanding in my studies this week that God really planned out our lives and this world pretty well and pretty detailed. He left nothing out. How amazing is that? One think I know is that God really does have a plan for each of us, and that really has been a faith builder for me. I know that if I just simply follow him and do my best in this life, God will keep me on his plan and life will be full and meaningful. It doesn't necessarily mean it will be easy, but I do know it will be more worth it in the end. I hope all of you really think about that plan of his and realize we have nothing to fear as God really is in control. Hes driving this world. SO lets just strap ourselves in and have the faith he gets us safely to our destination. :)

well Everyone, I hope you have an amazing week. Thanks again for all your love and support! Take care!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 01-10-2011

Kære Familie og Venner,

Det er so utrolig fantastisk at snakke med dig idag. Vi har haft en god uge, men det var i lidt langsomt, desværre. Men vi forsatte at arbejde hårdt og ser frem to fremtiden! Mig og Æ.Pfeil har det godt og er meget spænd for vores rundvisning project. Det er svært men vi håber fordi vi har arbejdede so hårdt, at meget succes vil kommer. Husker mig og min kamerat og selvfølgelige min område, i din bønner. Vi altid har brug for dem. Ha det godt! :)

Yep everyone I am still using my danish on you. I hope all of you have had a great week. Its been a little bit of a slower week for my companion and I. However were managing and still having a lot of fun while working. I actually hope all of you are doing well. Its a new year filled with many new things. I hope things are well and that you find much success in 2011.

So we kind of had sad moment on Monday. We had our last appointment with our English student Thu. She arrived and we had a normal class. We spoke some English and taught her a few things. Then the hour ended and I could tell she didn't want the class to end. She kept talking about things and kept ignoring the clock... which was fine as I didn't care. Finally 45 minutes past the hour we ended the class. We then gave her a packet filled with English stories about the church, and even a book that talks about church history. She was very grateful, and started putting her things away in her backpack. Then she got up with tears in her eyes and said, "Thank you.... sooooo much...." I could tell from the way she was saying it she wanted to say more to express her gratitude, but didn't know how in English. That alone, I could tell how grateful she was. She said goodbye and shook our hands and left. She gave us a note and said, I hope we will be friends forever. It brought emotion to my eyes as even though she was not baptized, My companion and I still had a strong impact on her life. I hope and pray because of these English classes she will accept the gospel one day. So it was a sad moment on monday. I will miss teaching her. We had a lot of fun in our classes.

We also met with Nicole. Shes doing so well, and I feel so blessed I have been able to remain in Århus a little longer after her baptism. Its been a lot of fun teaching her the new convert lessons and seeing her adjust to the church. I must say I am a proud missionary. The ward also seems happy to have her as a part of the ward. This week we just ate dinner with her. She was proud to invite us over just for dinner as a member. We of course shared a Litte message about setting goals in the new year. We also told her not to limit herself by saying, "I cant do this, I am not good enough... osv" I told her that we have the ability to be anything we want to be as we are daughters and sons of God. Meaning, We have the same genetic structure of our Heavenly father, which gives us the possibility to be as he is. It was a good message and I think she enjoyed it.

Then on Tuesday we had a new missionary meeting here in Århus. The mission president and the assistants came and we basically talked about how the training is going of Elder Pfeil. It was good and Elder Pfeil was able to see his MTC group. I was also able to see the other trainers and talk to them. However most of all I was able to speak to the mission president. It was a easy enough meeting and i think I am doing ok with training. We will see what happens in the future. I will tell you this... Elder Pfeil is tired of being a greenie. He is ready to get off the training packet and be a real missionary. I take it he feels ready, which is a good sign.

Then on Thursday we had a crunch day. We basically were at the computer all day finishing up our posters for our tour project. We found out that we had created them all in the wrong size for printing. so we had to re-do all of them. We also had to create a few more as the member helping us said it would make more sense for the tour. So we did a ton of computer stuff.

Then on Friday we went over to his house (His name is Brother Kreiberg) and he showed him what we had. He was very impressed with the graphics and how professional they looked. I guess my 3 years of yearbook finally payed off. lol. We had of course a few spelling errors, as they are in danish. We spent the rest of friday evening going over things and fixing things to get them ready for printing. It was nice to have their help. They had really nice MACS and Programs such as photoshop and indesign, to help us make these posters look great. Brother Kreiberg actually owns a business that sales display exquipment for Expos or conferences. So not only are these posters going to look great, they are going to be put up in a professinoal manner. I will send pictures ASAP, as soon as they are finished. Its going to be great. We also have new pass along cards getting printed this week and were looking forward to the sucess of this project.

Then on Saturday as we were out and about we were waiting at a bus stop when I caught this ladys attention. As I was looking at her I realized I knew her. So I went up and was like, "I think I know you?" shes was like I also think I know you. Then it hit me, she was an old investigator when I served in Randers! haha. When she realized it, she smiled and we started talking. She was not interested in the gospel anymore, but she did say she still has the book of mormon and looks at it from time to time. It was a good experience for me that people still remembered me from Randers, lol. What was also good was the relationship is still good with the church. So when that day finally comes and I pray it does, where she needs the gospel, she will know where to turn to. She did take my card and I invited her to church. So you never know.

We also on saturday met with Less active Fareed. He still is not coming to church, but I have a few new ideas up my sleeve to get him to come. haha. He just struggles in the morning. So I think this week we might stop by and pick him up for church. We will figure something out. He tells us every week he wants to come, but something always seems to come up. However he is a great guy, with a great spirit. We will get him coming soon. I have no doubt in my mind. :)

It was a good week, a litte slow, but nontheless a good one. I have no complaints. I am very excited for this tour project. I have a good companion and a good area. So things are good for me in the Århus area.

My spiritual message for the week is about Jesus Christ. One thing about him is he is always the example for people to follow. Thats one of the reasons (Besides the atonement) our heavenly father sent him. He was to show us how to live our lives. We as members of HIS church also have need to do the same thing. We need to show others that following the gospel is a good way to live, it can be a normal way to live. So always be alert and be a good example, as you never know who might be watching. I am gratful that old investigator from Randers saw me and that I was showing a good example. I hope and pray my example will help her in the future.

Well everyone have a great week! I sure love you all and wish you the very best!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 01-03-2011


Jeg håber I har haft den bedste nytårs aften nogensinde! Det var en dejlig aften for mig og det er rigtig svært for mig at tro det er året 2011! Er det mærkelig eller ej? Det er meget mærkelig for mig at jeg skal hjem denne år. Jeg følge lidt nervøs og stresset at tage hjem, men det vil nok komme og jeg vil har det fint. En ting jer er lykkelig om er at jeg har alle min familie og venner at komme hjem til. Jeg ved det godt nok at jeg har I at hjælpe mig justere til normalt liv. Det er jeg meget taknemlig for. So mange ting at ser frem til! Jeg håber jeg kan arbejder hårdt for herren før jeg komme hjem!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! Can you believe it, another year down. Its just incredible to me how fast time is going. The concept of time is quite interesting, if you think about it. Its weird how to all of us it feels different, throughout the year. While my first 2 months on my mission were some of my hardest and slowest times, for others it was speeding by. I am grateful right now at time is just screaming by. Lets just say if a cop were to pull "Time" over for me... the ticket would be outrageous. 2011 is going to be great! So my week was good, quite boring and slow, but fun.

On Monday we continued the remodeling of my apartment. Yes it is finally finsihed and I am happy to report it looks amazing. I uploaded them onto the online web album. Take a look! (Click or copy and paste link)

We also went around the city and did some shopping. My companion really likes to shop and be out. So we walked around and checked out all the stores. It was kind of fun. we didnt buy anything but were just enjoying the sights and sounds of Denmark. I realized that day how much I really am going to miss it here. It kind of hit me like a ton of bricks... I only have 8 months left... scary.

Then on tuesday we had the Jylland Zone Christmas Gathering. We got together as a Zone and met in Århus.Mission president and his family also came. We had a spiritual message of course, then after that we just played games, and ate great food. Then after we did some games and things together as a zone president let us play Wii and talk with each other for the rest of the evening. It was a lot of fun. I was able to see a lot of my old companions and missionary friends. It was a very relaxing day and just plain fun. That took most of the day. Then after the gathering Elder Pfeil and I stayed and cleaned up the church building a little better then how the rest of the zone left it. We ended up coming up a little later that evening. It was a great day.

Then on Wednesday we met with our wonderful English student Thu. We started recently pushing more and more with the gospel and she has really enjoy it. We have her the Joseph Smith story in English and it Vietnamese and she read it and found it very good. Then she also gave us some sad news, and that is she is moving Jan 8th to Canada. Her Husband showed up and thanked us for all our help and teaching his wife English. I could see he was very grateful. I encouraged them to look up the church in Canada as they can continue to offer her classes. Then I told them that the church would be a great way to meet some new people in Canada. They thought that was a great idea. I got there email and they have mine and said if we cant find it we will call you! haha. So I am excited. I also told Thu that church is in English, so she could practice English all day. She just loved that idea. So I hope and pray things will continue to go good and well for her and her husband in Canada.

I also this week got my papers to renew my visa. I am approved and Now I just had to go into the Police station and get a work permit sticker in my passport. So I headed over there and I find the door locked and closed, even though it says its supposed to be open. I figured because of Christmas it must be closed that day. So we waited until the next day and we went over. The thing with my visa is I have to get this done ASAP and before Jan 1st or I might get deported! haha. So I was getting a little stressed out. I finally made it in and they guy told me that I have to go to the immigration office again. I questioned him and he told me he was pretty sure. So again i had to wait until the next day as the immigration office is only open to 12:00. Stupid, yes, but so Denmark. haha, Finally I made it to the immigration office and I went WAY early and was 2nd in line. The lady that helped me was super Nice and was very impressed that an American was speaking danish. She even went out of her way to make sure I got my hospital card (Denmark as socialized health care). I thought that was very nice of her. I said yes I had it and she smiled and wished me a merry Christmas. Normally these immigration people are never nice. So it made my day and I was proud to speak decent danish with her! :)

Then on Friday we had a normal work day planned when we got a call from our Zone Leaders informing us that president as cancelled work for the day and that we need to get home. So we ran home and had a really boring day. lol! We have nothing to do in the apartment. So we slept and listened to music. Then at 6:00 we went to a members home for New Years. We went to Brother and Sister Bohonkos. They are a really old couple but really fun. She made great food and we played a lot of fun board games. We also watched the Queens speech she gives every year. It was a lot of fun this year as I was able to understand her. She mentioned issues in the country and mostly how we need to have more respect and love for each other. She really gave a great speech. It was a lot of fun. :) To see the Queens speech check out this link.

THEN MIDNIGHT HIT AND 2011 BEGAN! It was insane as last year. HUGE FIREWORKS and drunk people everywhere! Honestly that night is the only time on my entire mission where i felt a little concerned for my life! The fireworks here that normal people can buy are the fireworks that are illegal in most parts of USA. So it was a lot of fun. We didn't stay out long as missionaries and drunk people and fireworks don't really go together. We got home late and with presidents mission got to sleep in. It was a nice day.

The on Saturday (New Years day) we cleaned our apartment and relaxed. We took a walk outside and just enjoyed the danish air. Then we also got permission to see a Christmas movie in Danish. We watched Polar Express or in Danish, Polar Expressen. It was a lot of fun in Danish. Our apartment is clean and beautiful. I will let you know the results of the mission wide contest. The missionary companionship with the cleanest apartment wins dinner at a nice danish restaurant, on president! haha. I am pretty sure i won...but we will see.

Then on Sunday we met with Nicole after Church. She is doing well and seems very happy in the church. She is still struggling with a few things but she now has a new boyfriend that is a member and he is teaching her and helping her out a lot. I think shes really enjoying the community that comes with the church. Most of all though, she is still progressing in the gospel and I cant be any more proud. The gospel truly does change people. Its a miracle.

Well everyone, I think I officially wrote way to much this week. However I do have a spiritual message for you. If you read in the good Old Testament in the Bible in Genesis 19, you find the story of Lot. This is the story where he was commanded to leave a very wicked city and told not to look back. Well his wife did, and she became a pillar of salt! Its quite a wow sort of story. However the message I got out of it is "Keep moving Forward," It is a new year, with a new beginning you can say. Now is the time to take what we learned from the previous year and move on, move forward, be better. Lets not get caught up in past mistakes or just in the Past in Genernal. Lets look to the future, and future more focused on Christ. How great are lives can be and will be if we keep moving forward, keep moving forward to Christ!

Happy New Year everyone! or in Danish, GODT NYTÅR! ( Pronounciation Got Newt Ore)

Din Dansk Missionær.
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy