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Your Denmark Missionary 03-04-10

Hey Everyone!

Its your missionary from Denmark Elder Skyler Hardy! I am so excited to tell
you of my adventures this week! It was one of those weeks fr me that was
like WOW, I cant believe that was my week!

Ballerup is a really great area. I realized on other letters I never really
talked about it. Ballerup is really close to Copenhagen. Its a bigger city
but its mostly a industrial area. Which brings me to where I live. I live in
a house, which is cool, but its right in the middle of an industrial area!
So as you pull up to the house to the left of me is some car depot place,
where they take broken cars and use their parts to fix new cars. Then to the
right of me, is some sort of tractor storage area. Across this street is
some offices and other weird factory like buildings. Then theirs the house
and I think 2 other houses arranged randomly on the street. So I do have
some neighbors.

So the house usually has 6 elders live in it. However, when I got their only
4 live their now. So I have my companionship and another companionship. Its
actually been a lot of fun! So we have me, my companion Æ. Christensen, then
the other companionship Æ. Davis and Æ.Camp. Whats really neat is Æ. Camp is
from my MTC group. Its actually a funny story but in the MTC we hated each
other. We were always on each others nerves. So before I came to Ballerup I
was really nervous about how this would turn out. Well now me and Æ. Camp
are like best friends! ITs been weird but we have gotten along perfectly. It
was funny because one night Æ. camp turn to me and says, "You know, I didn't
like you in the MTC, " I turn to him and said, "Yea, I didn't like you
either." Then we just sat, and laughed and then I said, "It looks like we
both have changed and now we can deal with each other," haha. Its funny, how
people you hated at first can all the sudden become good friends.

Unfortunately, we had a mini transfer this month, and Æ.Camp and Æ. Davis
are getting their own apartment in their area. I am a little disappointed as
it has been a lot of fun having them live in the same house. It was fun to
come home and hear their crazy stories, and it was also nice to tell them
mine. Another benefit having them in the same house was, if I got sick of my
companion I could talk to them and kind of get a break. So I will miss them,
but hey I now have this huge house just for my companionship. I even get my
own bathroom! Isn't that crazy?!?! Oh and did I mention the bathrooms have
heated floors? Apparently that's like a standard thing in Denmark, who knew!
So thats a little about Ballerup and where I live.

This week we haven't had a lot of appointments. We are kind of taking a
break from the people we teach as sometimes its good to take a little break
from them. Its good because our goal this week is to find some new people to
teach to bring fresh blood into the area. We were out knocking on doors and
we came across this man from Afghanistan. He lets us in and says, "Hold, on
I have your book." He comes back with some book and kind of looks at us
weird. I looked at the book and found out it was a Jehovah's witness
pamphlet they give out. Æ. Christensen said you know this isn't our book,
were from the LDS church, you now Mormons. Then the guy gave us a big smile
and said, good, I didn't like that book. I kind of laughed. It amazes me how
much people confuse us with Jehovah's witness missionaries. Whats funny
about it, is when we do tell them who we are, they usually smile and kindly
say no or yes. It find that int resting. So we began to teach him about
Joseph smith and the book of Mormon. We found out he was Muslim, but left
their religion when we moved to Denmark. He said his eyes have been opened
that theirs more to life then the Muslim way, or something like that... We
asked him if he thought our message could be true? He turned to us and said,
"Absolutely, anythings possible with God." Oh baby, Perfect answer. He said
were welcome back. It was a great lesson. I hope it will turn into something

Then we were out knocking on doors again and we across this lady from
Ecuador! She welcomed us in with open arms! Shes was so happy to talk to
someone about religion! Apparently her boyfriend is Atheist and he wont let
her talk about God. She also told us how she cant speak very good danish
yet, and so she has a hard time wanting to talk about God as most Danish
people don't know the English religious vocab. She complimented us on
serving a mission. She says its some much better that your sevrving missions
and being good people, then what most people do at your age. Shes like most
kids your age are out drinking, partying, and doing horrific things. She
said, she was proud of us for serving God. After she said those nice things,
I was like in my head"is this women Mormon?" Shes too nice to be an
investigator! haha. We began to teach her, and we taught her about Joseph
smith and Book of Mormon, and she really enjoyed the discussion. We found
out shes Catholic and when she moved to Denmark, its because of God she made
it though all the trials it took to get her here. So shes very religious. It
was a great lesson, and of course she invited us over next week!

Then on Preparation Day we decided to go to Copenhagen, because of something
really cool they are doing for a limited time. The prince of Denmark, Prince
Frederik, and is wife, Princess Mary Elizabeth, when they were married began
renovation of the palace they are going to live in. Its been quite an
expensive little renovation, about 120 million Danish Kroner (Its 5 dollars
to 1 Kr, You can do the math). IT was completely payed for my the Danish Tax
payers, and they still charge you 40 Kroners to get in... even if you are
Danish! Well they are just about done, and they decided to open it to the
public for the next 2 months before they move in! So thats what we did, we
went and saw the actual Palace that the Prince and Princess will be living
in! Because of Security reasons we were not allowed to take pictures inside,
but I did buy a book that had pictures in it.Let me tell you, it was
beautiful! They actually restored a lot of the original design of the palace
when it was first built, many many years ago! They are some really neat
paintings, and all kinds of beautful hand carved ceilings and pillars! It
was truly amazing. Its something to see an Old castle, but seeing the one
they will actually live in, well thats an experience on its own! I attaced a
picture of me, in front of it! I hope you enjoy!

As an update, I mentioned in my last letter that me and Æ. Christensen have
gotten something free every day... can you remember? well Just to let you
know we are going on 3 weeks of always getting some type of food or
something from either invesitigators or members. I just fid it some funny,
we have gotten something every day. Oh the life of a missionary! :)

Here is my spiritual message for the day... Always treat people with
kindess and respect. In the MTC, I literally thought I would always
dislike Æ.Camp. And Now that I have lived with him again and gotten to
know him more, we became friends. I honestly never thought that would
happen, and now I regret the difficult time we had in the MTC. Always
be nice, because you never know who might one day be your friend or
someone you have to work with. Who would have guessed my bitter enemy
in the MTC would be a great friend?!?!

Thanks for taking the time to read my letters! I sure love you all and
appreicate all your love and support! Have a fantastic week!

Your Denmark Missionary,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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