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Your Denmark Missionary 06-02-10

Hello Everyone!
Its good to hear that you are still liking my emails. I got some letters and
emails from some and Its really appreciated. I am glad to know that I am not
boring or bugging anyone! haha. So thanks for all your support, love and
time for reading my letters! It means a lot. More than you probably think.
So Tusind Tak (Thousand Thanks). So this week as been one of those weeks
that turned out nothing like I planned. Its pretty bizarre how things turn
out that way. So it should be an exciting letter! I hope I don't disappoint.
So this week we didn't have the chance to meet with Tom and Christina. Its
quite sad, but we had an appointment on Saturday and we were all exciting
about it. Christinas been asking questions about baptism... so we thought it
would be a good idea to mention a baptismal date with them again. The last
time we mentioned it they were not so thrilled, but we thought this time
might be a little different. So we planned, studied, and did all the good
missionary stuff before the appointment. Then we got a text from Christina
and she said that her dad, so Tom, was just put in the hospital. Now she
wouldn't tell us the reason, but I guess it was pretty serious. So we asked
if it was possible if we could see him, if he was feeling up to it. Tom I
guess had issues with that. Christina says that Toms very proud, and having
him in a hospital bed showed weakness. In fact, Christina wasn't allowed to
seem him til just yesterday, so We didn't pursues that request. Tom has his
reasons and we will let it be. But we told Christina he would be in our
prayers. Then the next day apparently he did a complete turn around, meaning
hes doing a lot better. Christina and Tom both contributed it to our prayer.
I thought that was very sweet. Christina also told me that she dropped off
his Book of Mormon at the hospital on his request. So hes found some time to
read and it was all his idea. So that was exciting. Toms is doing better and
him and Christina are both coming on Sunday. Christina said that shes
committed to coming every Sunday, so she can learn more about the church.
(By the way, this was all through phone calls and texting, we didn't
actually meet with her this week). SO they are still both doing very well,
and I sense a happy future for them both.
To be honest not much as really happened this week. We don't have a lot of investigators. However we have met quite a few new people on the street who seem positive. We met a girl from Chile, and a girl from Brazil. We also met this very nice danish guy who was way cool and said we could come buy again. So we have people listening, it just takes time. Its unfortunate the missionaries we have had previously didn't do the best job. However the work is progressing. We manage to teach about 20 lessons a week, so not too bad. The first presdient as asked we teach 20 times. So we are managed to stay busy, but just seeing less progression then we would like.
Its kind of crazy but I have met a ton of people all over the world, here in Denmark. I have met people from Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Germany, Ghana, Switzerland, Poland, USA!!!!!, Denmark,Sweden, Norway, Finland,China, Japan,South and North Korea,Holland, Congo, Cameroon, England, Ireland, Kenya, Philippines, Thailand, Greenland, Iceland, Faeroe Islands, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, France, Canada, Russia, India, Romania, Latvia, and to be honest I have probably met more, but ha vent managed to remember or write them down. I started my list about a month ago. Its crazy how many people I am meeting. What great about it is I have learned one thing, Religion is important in EVERY culture. Whats also good as our church is established in each and every one of those countries, with the Book of Mormon translated in their language. Pretty amazing. Just another example to me, how much the work of the Lord is going forth.
Then on Sunday we were fortunate to have our Mission President speak in Sacrament Meeting. Tom and Christina weren't able to come as tom was in the hospital. However as we were sitting waiting for the church meeting to begin, our ward Mission leader comes up and says, can you guys give a brief 5 minutes talk and testimony? So spur of the moment, but luckily we had a feeling they would, so we prepared stuff the previous night. However I was still nervous as me and Danish are not quite their. So meeting began, and then it was time for the talks. Æ. Meyer was first and he goes up and gives a talk with great danish. As he was talking i was looking over my notes and I had the strongest impression not to give that prepared talk. I shrugged off the thought and kept going over the notes. Well that stupid thought wouldn't go away. So I put the notes away and I said a short prayer asking for help. I wasn't sure how he was going to help, but I knew if I asked he would. Æ.Meyer finished and I made the long walk up to the stand. I smiled at the Bishop and looked over the danish Audience. I began speaking. I would love to tell you it was a MIRACLE and I spoke perfect Danish... well that didn't happen. However I spoke decent Danish and from what my companion told me, people could understand me. I shared a missionary experience and a testimony. I was by no means at all good, but I believe my Heavenly Father helped me. In fact I think he helped me even before I spoke. From not using that prepared talk, I managed to better practice my danish. Go figure. It was a very nervous 5 minutes, but I did it, and now I can decently share a talk, if I am ever asked again.
Then this week we had a big spring cleaning at the church building. So the
entire ward showed up and we cleaned and organized the entire building. We
also did the yard work and all kinds of things to make the building better.
One thing that's kind of different about Denmark Church buildings is some of
them have Family history centers in them. Slagelse is fortunate to have one
of these inside the church building. In Utah, we are spoiled as we have a
huge center in Salt Lake City. So as most of you know the church is no
longer using the micro film technology. So one thing is Slagelses Family
history center was a big machine used to make micro film. So church
headquarters asked all the churchs with them to get rid of them. So
that was a task me and my companion did. It was a huge thing and weighed a
ton. Thank goodness we don't use that technology anymore.
After we got rid of the machine we started to take the old computer it was
hooked too out. As I picked up the tower I realized it looked just like my
very first computer I had when I was a kid. It was an old yellow, peach
colored metal square looking thing with Windows 98. It made me flash back to
when my parents got me my first computer. To this day it was still one of
the best birthday presents I have gotten. I remember my Mom driving me
somewhere random and making me try to guess what store we were going too. I
remember I had no idea and finally she told me Office Max. She told me I was
getting a computer and a desk and a fancy office chair. I was so excited! TO
this day that has been one of my favorite gifts. I believe it was that computer that got me so excited about technology and why today I have such a love and desire for it.
So my spiritual message goes with my old computer story. Its funny how that old computer started something in my life. To this day I love computers and its because of that old cream colored machine. My dad and mom put that computer in my path and now today I love everything to do with technology. Our Heavenly Father does that exact same thing. Heavenly Father puts things in our paths to better us or test us. Sometimes the things he puts in our path may not be a computer or a fancy office chair, but whatever it is, it helps us. Sometimes a death of a family member will cross are paths, or divorced parents, or other sad events. But how we handle that event is what matters. When those bad things happen, do we allow our faith to be thrown away? Do we allow hatred or anger to fill our thoughts? Do we allow ourselves or forget the good things that were placed in our paths? Do we forget to be good and follow Gods commandments? Its hard, I know.
I know for me I ha vent always been fortunate to have computers placed in my path. I have hard very difficult things come my way. Though I was not always perfect, and may have hated the thing I was facing, I always tried my best to learn from it, climb over that trial, and move on. I come out more experienced, and can face the next challenge facing my way. Hey who knows, the next obstacle might be something happy, not necessary bad. I am grateful I fell in love with that old computer my parents put in my path, or today I might not be as computer savvy as I am. I reacted well with that placed in my path. So my spiritual message is this, Take whatever comes your way and react well to it. Thought it might not always been easy, remember our buddy Jesus Christ. Hes been through it all, so you are never alone. I have seen many people here in Denmark react bad to many situations, and now their lives are destroyed or at least close to it. Always react the way your Heavenly Father would want you too. So that's my message. I hope it made sense. Its so hard to transfer your thoughts to text.
I sure love all of you and am grateful again for your support. I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Love Your Denmark Missionary,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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