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Your Denmark Missionary Again 12-02-09

Hey Family,

So After that annoying companion exchange last week I finally got my normal Companion back. Its so much better... However the Zone leaders decided they needed to do companion exchanges with us this week! Oh boy, I was a little scared, lol! As last time I had a horrible experience. However this time the experience was much better as these missionaries I switched with were great- They really loved what they were doing and it was fun to see there contacting and teaching styles.

All of them were really nice to me and we talked to a ton of people! It was great because in Randers there is only 2 missionaries. Me and Elder Robinson. So the work, unfortunately goes a little slow. But with the Zone leaders in town we were able to have 4 missionaries in Randers! Oh yea! We got so much done. We had a ton of people to stop by and say hi! Whats weird is a lot of them were home. We were able to share quick messages with them and in general were able to schedule a return visit! A lot of these people for stop bys were people that haven't been talked to in a while. Some were even dropped, by previous missionaries. However most of them listened and enjoyed listening to our message. So get this me and Elder Oakey (Elder Okay is the Zone leader) were on companion exchange. We decided to go to the other end of randers to meet some of the investigators on the outskirts of town. It was quite a walk. But it was great because he let me speak (Even though I sounded bad and used the wrong words, lol!) without making me feel completely stupid. He taught and would jump in at any moment to help me out. So it was much better than that missionary I had last time... We talked to a lot of people and finally made it to this investigators house named Patrick.

We knocked on the door and we didn't just find Patrick, we found 3 other people that were investigators in our records. So we ran into 4 people who we have been teaching all at once and they all knew each other! It was crazy how that worked out... I am thinking its was meant to be. None of them were interested in a message right then, but we did schedule some appointments for next week. I just thought it was funny that we were able to see 3 people previous missionaries had taught all at once. One thing we might to later is encourage them all to come to church together, since they are all friends. That way they wont feel awkward. We mentioned that to Patrick and they thought that actually sounded kind of fun.

Wow. so after we talked to those guys we had an appointment with this wonderful lady named Rhoda. Shes from Congo. I think i have mentioned her before but this time she wasn't sick and we could actually teach her. And luckily she understands English better than Danish so we were able to teach her in English. We got to her street and I had absolutely no idea where she lived. She lives in this huge Apartment complex and all the buildings look the same! I was with Elder Oakey who didn't know where she lived as hes never been taught her. Elder Robinson my normal companion forget to tell me her address and me being new didn't think about it... so it was interesting. I think my companion thought I remembered where she lived... So we got to this apartment complex and We went into every building. To top it all off I only knew her first name not her last name... and all the mailboxes have last names! So we were lost. I felt so stupid, hahah. But Elder Oakey and I just laughed and kept hunting for her name. We finally came to a mailbox and for some reason a named stuck out from the rest. The name on the Mailbox that stuck out was Mulaylah. So I kind of guessed it was her name as all names from the Area of Congo have names I don't even know how to pronounce. haha. So we made it to her apartment and knocked. Her brother opened the door and let us in and we sat down. So we started talking and we found out she knew all those people we found at Patricks house. So we have been teaching all these people and they were all friends. Crazy!! We told Rhoda our plan of having all of them come to church together. She said she might do that. She told us about her church experience and how in Congo they sing and dance and clap hands and that's how she feels the spirit. Before we were teaching her on how to recognize the spirit. She struggled with the concept that she could feel the spirit from reading a book or saying a prayer without singing and dancing. She was a tough cookie to explain this too. She believes in the bible to we told her stores of how the spirit is a still small voice. Its in 1st kings 19:11 or something. Cant remember but it was a great scripture. Once we started using the bible she really started listening. I think it started to make sense to her.

So after the lesson, we told her to read the Book of Mormon. She has read it before, but I don't think she knew what to look for when she read. Or how to recognize the spirit. So hopefully our lesson helped her out with that. Her brother and her have read it, but our commitment this week was to read it to find out if it was true. We told her we cant make your know its true, you have to find out if it is. Then out of the Blue Elder Oakey asked her if she prayed and knew it was true and felt the spirit if she would be baptized. This was my first experience with asking someone to be baptized... She gave us a lame answer.. "I don't know.." but she said she probably would if it was true. We promised her that if she reads and really does want to know, the spirit will tell her... So well see how it goes. I know she felt something as through out the lesson she was much more interactive then other lessons. usually she just smiles and nods... then we leave.. This week she was actually asking questions. So I take it as a good sign, I will let you know how it goes.

As an Update on my first contact named Rosalyne... She is comes back from her vacation on Friday and has texted us that she cannot wait to hear our message. Were meeting with her on Saturday I think... But we have only met her 1 and shes been way excited... So I will update you on that later...

So in Randers their are some Jehnovas Witnesses Missionaries. These guys are so strange.. I totally respect them and never say mean things to anyone about them. But they are always saying mean things to other people about Mormon Missionaries. They have even taken away Book of Mormons from people we have taughten. We got a call from an Investigator a few days ago asking of she could get another one as the Jehvoas witnesses took it away from her. We never take away their stuff if they have given it to our investigators. We always show great respect to other religions. Its kind of annoying but geneally people get pretty mad at them for taking away stuff from them. Its been intresting as its seems they talk to the exact same people as we do. The good news is we have the spirit and that spirit is what helps people make a decision on the church, not me or Elder robinson but the spirit. I think thats why we as Mormon Missionaries have more success. But its been an intresting experience.

As for me things are going good. I found out Milk goes bad way fast here. I bought some on Monday and by Friday it was rotten... So I have to drink it fast. As you know I don't like milk that much. The milk also tastes weird, but its okay with cereal. Speaking of Cereal i found an American Cereal! We were at this store called Netto, and they had an America section! I was super excited. I went over there and they had every American chocolate bar, however they were super expensive. But they also had cereal! They only had Frosted Flakes, but I bought it anyways! Its so much better than the other cereal I purchased because that cereal was bird food. So I was in heaven as I enjoyed my American Cereal.. oh boy I was a happy kid that day. lol! So but the yogurt is amazing here. It is the yummiest substance I have every eaten in a yogurt form! The cheese is also much better. They however don't have cheddar cheese at all so Its been a little depressing As I love Cheddar! But food wise its really similar. The grocery stores are pretty similar to ours, however much smaller. They also charge you for grocery bags. So we keep them and just re-use them again. They also don't bag your groceries for you. We have to bag our own groceries. I thought that was interesting.

Weather wise its getting super, super cold. I do not enjoy it at all. It rains every single day. My opinion on rain is starting to change... I never thought I would say that... I guess I should say I love UTAH RAIN! The rain in Denmark is very wet (obviously, right haha) and way cold and it never stops. The rain just goes and goes and goes and goes and wait... and goes some more... lol! I am getting used to it, but it still isn't very fun. It also gets dark around 4:00 PM here. Super, super early. When that son goes down I get way tired. My body think its time for bed. But I get through it and usually we have appoints in the evening so its not too bad. Randers is very pretty right now with all the Christmas lights. People are starting to wish each other a Merry Christmas. Stores and all decorated and people are out Christmas shopping. Its really fun. Danes love to shop, and they do. The stores are always packed! Its been fun. I went into an electronic store.. oh Best Buy puts them to shame. Stores here also close around 5 PM. So its crazy but everything shuts down and Randers is a Ghost town. Stores open around 10:00 AM usually close around 4 or 5. It stinks when I need something in the evening and cant get it because everything is closed. But its OK. Its just a whole different experience here.

My apartment actually isn't too bad. We have a tiny tiny kitchen. However it is big enough to for 2 people to work in. The apartment isn't too bad, and there is a lot of space in the family and bed rooms. Its not too bad. Sisters had previously lived in it, so its been pretty kept up. Elders don't do a very good job at taking care of things. haha. As you know I am always taking care of stuff and have respect for things. Its amazing how some elders absolutely DO NOT CARE about things. I guess I am different. I think I'm rubbing of on others as I think I make them feel a little guilty when they don't take care of things, lol!

But things are good. I keep reminding myself, "life's good." I know more then even my Heavenly Father is listening to my prayers and my pleads for help. Hes already showed it, numerous times already. I even have my Grandma Clara behind me and I know shes also helping. Shes probably mad at me for how hard I am being on myself, lol! But I know what I am doings right. Its fun to go to church and meet all the converts that are there. They just love the missionaries as it was a missionary that taught them. The church changes people, and its fun to see all the happiness that Gospel brought and is continuing to bring into their lives. I love it! I just am already loving the people here! Its just fun to see how the Gospel makes peoples lives happier.

Anways I am out of time. I want you to know I love you all and appreicate everthing you do more me. Have a fantastic week and Glaedelig Jul! (Merry Christmas).
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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