Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your Denmark Missionary 03-31-10

Hello Everyone,

Happy Conference and Happy Easter to all of you! I cant believe its
that time of year already. I seriously wonder where the time goes. Its
amazing to me how quick time seems to flyby. This week was a happy
week for me in Ballerup. Things just seem good right now, and I can
see great potential in so many people! I am so excited I was able to
stay in Ballerup for another 2 months! I am hoping a Baptism is in the

To Begin, I wanted to share an interesting experience. We have a
member in the Ballerup ward who's name is Cecilia. Shes less active in
the church and actually disappeared for a while. Me and Æ. Christensen
found her by accident while we were out contacting. Shes a black women
from Cameroon and she LOVES the missionaries. Love doesn't even
express how much she loves the missionaries. She just thinks were
angels walking. She is a way religious person and knows the Church is
true. Her calling before she became less active was to take care of
the missionaries, and something in primary. Unfortunately shes a
little Prejudice and just hates the Danish People. We found out that's
why she doesn't go to church. Shes also having money problems and is
struggling to find work. so she has a lot on her plate.

One day we got a call from her and she wanted to know if we were
hungry. Me and my companion looked at each other like, oh no, she
wants to feed us. She called us 3 hours before we had a eating
appointment with a member. So we said yes, as we need help Cecilia in
any way we can. She tells us her address and off we go to her house.
We arrive and I was truly humbled. She was living in a 1 room
apartment with very little furniture. She was living very modest. She
sits us down at this tiny table and starts bringing out the food. Bowl
after Bowl, pan after pan. We had literally a 5 course meal. Food like
Chicken, and salad, and bread, and all kinds of rice and potatoes. So
TONS of food. I almost felt guilty eating it, as she has very little
money and yet here she is feeding us missionaries. She told us its a
JOY and a Passion for her to service the Army of the Lord. It was by
far some of the best food I have ever eaten in Denmark. Shes a
fabulous chef. It also tasted better has she made it out of love.
Cheesy saying I know, but I think that's why I enjoyed it. We thanked
her and started to leave, when she pulled out 2 shopping bags full of
fruit! Completely full. "Here, you need your strength, your busy men".
So not only did she feed us that day, she gave us enough fruit to last
us the rest of the week! What a humbling experience for me...

It was amazing to see what she was willing to sacrifice to make sure
the missionaries were happy and strong. Shes knows how important and
critical the message we are sharing is. IT was just amazing to see
someone who has so little, give so much. Its hard to explain, but it
truly was a humbling for me.

SO this week we have GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Yea! I am way excited! It
will be great to hear our prophet and all he has to say to us. However
because of General Conference I have been extremely busy this week. We
are trying to visit all the less active members in our ward and let me
know about General Conference. We are also trying to get a lot of our
investigators to come, so they can learn more about our church. Me and
Æ.Lefevre have been running around crazily to get this done. Its
unfortunate how many less actives we have in Ballerup.

So I think I mentioned Peter in a previous letter. He is the man we
have a Baptismal date with. Hes Danish, and about 45 years old. I am
happy to report he is still on track for his baptism on April 9th! Hes
working really, really hard to get over his alochol addiction and I
believe he will make it! Hes a good guy and he has a testimony. So I
will keep you updated on him.

Then Kenny my other baptismal date is doing great. He have managed to
stay in contact with him almost every other day and he enjoys talking
to us. His wife is out of town (Lene) who is a less active, so its
been nice as we have been able to really focus on Kenny. Hes coming
along. Hes already following most of the commandments and we now its
just getting him to develop a strong testimony. And unfortunately its
something he has to do, not something I can do for him. :)

So my spiritual message for the week goes with my story about Cecilia.
As you watch conference and learn about the restored Gospel, be
humble. When you go to church and learn from other peers, be humble.
When a peer or friend or family member corrects you or says something
to you, be humble. When you have humility you are more open to learn,
to listen and in short change yourself to be better. Its something,
believe it or not, I kind of struggle with. Sometimes when my
companion corrects me, I am quick to get offended or angry at him.
Whats the point? All he was trying to do was make me better... However
if I was more humble I would have taken that comment from him and
applied it, thus helping me be a better person. I know its a little
preachy but our goal in this life is to better ourselves and like I
said last week, to be happy. I believe another key to happiness is

I sure love you all! Thank you for all your love and support and most
of all thank you for the time you take to read my letter. I know I say
it a lot (In fact, I believe I say it in every letter), but it means a
lot that I can share my experiences with you. I hope you all have a
fantastic Conference and Easter Weekend. Say Hi to the Easter bunny
for me, as I think he might be skipping me this year! haha.

Love, Your Denmark Missionary,

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