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Your Denmark Missionary 04-21-10

Hej Godday Alle!
Its good to be back on the computer to write a email to all of you. This weeks has been definitely one of the most trying weeks for me. But its good to be at the computer to catch my breath and let you all know how I am doing. Its a joy for me to write these emails, and more of a joy that you love them so much, so again, Thanks, or in Danish Tak!
So here is a little update on my investigators that i have that have a baptismal date. So the first one is Peter. Poor guy. Man this being addicted to alochol has been a really challenge for him. In fact me and my companion were starting to get a little down, as we are not sure what else we can do to help him. We are at a point where the only person that can do anything to help him stop, is him. So We called our mission president and he suggested we mention to Peter about attending at rehab clinic. They are sponsored by the government and would cost him nothing, except his time. Now to be honest I was a little nervous about the idea, as I didn't want to show peter that we didn't have faith in him or anything like that. So we tried to visit him on Saturday and he didn't answer. we tried Sunday, no answer. Now I was way worried, as we meet with him every day, and its very unusual he doesn't answer. But finally we got a hold of him on Monday and it was a Miracle of an appointment. He told us we got frustrated with being drunk over the weekend and decided to go to the doctor or hospital and see what the doctors could do for him. Now this was amazing news to hear, as Peter did this out of his own free will, which is a sure sign he wants to change. The doctors gave him some medicine to help him with the withdrawals and suggested he go to a rehab clinic! WOW! All this took place over the weekend! I was way excited as now I didn't have to suggest he go to a rehab clinic. He also told his he hadn't drunk anything for the last 2 days. SO Peter is doing a lot better. Its taking a while but in any case it is progress. So it was a huge relief for me.
Then my other baptismal date, Kenny! He is doing awesome. Unfortunately some things came up so we had to push his baptismal date to May 15th. Its so some of his family members can attend. We had a great appointment with him also on Monday, where he said hes ready to be baptized and hes sick of waiting. This was great to hear from Kenny, as its good he has the motivation and desire. His wife who is Lene, who is a less active member was a great support when we taught him. She actually suggested he read the Book of Mormon all the way through before the baptism.... So guess what, Kenny committed to it. So from last Monday to May 15th he will have to read 20 pages a day to be finished. So we also committed to read along with him. I can sense he has a testimony and that's fantastic news. So Kenny is doing well and we are 100% sure his baptism will go forth on May 15th 2010!
So Right, isn't this great news? Its great to see the gospel influence people and change them for the better. To help them see all the many blessings they can receive from knowing and understanding Jesus Christs true gospel. So are you ready for some bad news? Well... here it is... I am being Transferred! I have very mixed feelings about it. I was supposed to be in Ballerup for one more month, so having me move now really shocked me. In fact, I was at first way upset as now I cant finish seeing my baptismal dates go through. Kenny also didn't take it well, he was actually kind of upset too. However, My mission president told me that I could definitely go back to see his baptism. Like that's great in all, but I was really hoping to teach him all the way through. But in any case, I do get to come back and see it. But I am also excited for a new area. New sights, sounds, etc. It will be another good adventure with a new companion named Ældste Meyer. I will let you know more about him next week.
On Friday April 16 was actually a really big day in Denmark. It was the queens birthday! YEA! who hoo! Her name is Queen Margrethe the second. She just turned 70 years old. In Denmark when its somebodies birthday, especially the queens, they always use the danish flag to celebrate. So they had the danish flag everywhere. They had the flag on the busses, the mail cars, on light poles, over streets etc. It was a lot of fun. The bus driver even announced it on the bus by saying something like. "Thanks for traveling with Movia, and have a great day celebrating Queen Margrethes Birthday". So it was a lot of fun. The whole idea of a Royal Family is just fun to me. So in any case, the queen does of a wikipedia page, so if you do want to learn more about her,you know where to go.:)
So this week we were going through some contact sheets and we found a number that had never been called before. The contact named said Sook. So we gave her a call and she answered and was extremely glad to hear from us. So we schedules an appointment and met with her. We arrive at the appointment and we find out shes from South Korea and is 50 years old. She speaks Korean, Danish, and English. She preferred English, so we taught her in English. Shes divorced and has 2 kids that have long ago grown up and moved out. So she lives alone, and told us shes really wants to love and trust in God. Before we could even teach her, she said hold on, I want to show you something. She leaves into another room and comes back with her wallet. Shes opens it up and shows us her wallet. More specifically on the part of the wallet that has that clear spot for your drivers license. Instead of having her license she had missionary pass along card with a picture of Jesus Christ on it. She said she was contacted by missionaries many, many years ago, and they gave her a card. So she put it in her wallet and has carried it with her every day, hoping for a phone call from them. Wow. So we taught her about Jospeh smith and how God is our loving Heavenly Father and he loves us. When we mentioned love she broke down into tears. She was like, this feels right. When do you have church? We invited her to church the following week as we had stake conference this week. It was an amazing appointment, as I was able to see the spirit really touch someone.
Then on Saturday I was able to attend a baptism for a person that some other missionaries have taught. Actually its kind of funny, but these 2 people are actually in my area and me and my companion were supposed to teach them. So actually it was a baptism for our ward, the Ballerup ward. Its a long story but they were taught by the assistants to the president. These 2 people are from china, named Lu and Leoan. They are cousins, and had no christian background at all. But they felt the spirit, new it was true and became baptized. It was a great experience for me to witness it. I was also able to participate in the circle on Sunday and give them the gift of the Holy Ghost at church. Wow, now that was a really neat experience. It was fun to welcome them to the BAllerup ward as they had been attending another one. They had a great experience and look forward to learning more about Christ. Then they invited us over for dinner and I was able to eat authentic Chinese food made by real Chinese people. I must say it was very tasty. We also played Ping pong, and wow Chinese people are way good. Its in their blood! haha. They won by a long shot! It was a fun night and its fun to have some new members in the Ballerup ward!
So My spiritual message for the week goes along with the Chinese people. They come from a country with absolutely no christian background. They grow up not even knowing who Jesus Christ is! Isn't that crazy?!? However, they we humble and open, and listened to the missionaries. They studied and prayed and were soon baptized and confirmed members of the church. My message is this, we as people don't have to know everything there is about the gospel to know its true. All it takes is some faith, study and prayer and you can get yourself a testimony just the same as the Chinese people. Its not something hard to do. If we are humble and have a desire to know, we can. Its also a great way to continually strengthen our testimony as members.
Well that's all I have this week! I will let y'all know the juicy details on my new area next week! It should be exciting. Keep me in your prayers, as I will be transferring on Friday. Pray that I don't lose my luggage on the train and pray I can keep my sanity as I travel. haha. Oh the joys of traveling as a missionary! haha. I sure love you all, and hope you have a fantastic week!

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