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Your Denmark Missionary 02-24-10

Hello Everyone,

I hope all of you are doing great. I am excited to report to you yall what I
have been up to as a Missionary. Things have been very good lately and I am
truly loving being a missionary. It gets hard, but for the most part its a
more rewarding experience than it is a negative one. The language is still
really tuff, But I am not so stressed about it, as much as I first was.
Whats funny about that, is well I have been learning a lot more. Go figure
right? So learning the language has been a good experience also and its
definitely keeping me busy.

Believe it or not Ballerup has been pretty slow this week. We have taught
quite a few people but they were just normal lesson appointments. Nothing
incredible or amazing. Its just good to have people to teach here. It means
a lot when people are nice and kind and take a few mintutes to listen.

We taught this one couple named Joseph and Kasia. They are in their
later twenties and are married. They have met with the missionaries
for a long time, but took a break for a few months. They agreed to let
us meet with them. Before I forget, the best part about them is they
are Polish! haha. The polish language is insane. It sounds so cool and
really bizarre. They spoke english to us, and Kasia spoke Danish.
However, we did teach the appointment in English. This is fine for me,
as I can participate more in the lesson, when I understand what is
being said.

The appointment went really well. We basically just wanted to meet
with them to see what they knew and simply to get to know them. We
werent sure what the previous missionaries taught them or in short
what their situation was. We had a good time and they said they really
enjoyed our visit. We went over questions about the Book of Mormon,
and read a few scriptures in Alma. Its the story where the prison
walls are knocked down.... anyways, they really enjoyed it. They
brought up how they think our churchs only focus is the Book of
Mormon. They think we worship the book and lose foucus on other
things. We taught them that the Book of Mormon is simply a tool that
reminds us and helps us come closer to Jesus Christ. I emphasised to
them that our church is called the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter
day saints. Were not the Church of the book of mormon, of latter day
saints. It was a good conversation, and I think they got a lot out of
it. What was great about the lesson was they were open and willing to
listen to us.

On a sad note the investigator I set a baptismal date with, named
Christopher, his baptismal date was dropped. It was a little too soon,
and when we taught him about the Word of Wisdom, it kind of threw him
off. We also discovered some hidden issues reguarding his family that
we didnt know about before hand. Long story short, he will get
baptized, their is no doubt in my mind, its just going to take a
little more time. He did tell us again, he knows our message is true,
and knows he needs to do something about it, he just needed more time.
He still wants to meet with us, and we will still continue to prepare
him for baptism. However, the date was dropped, and I will let you
know of any changes.

On p-day we went to Copenhagen and saw this really cool church called
the Marmor Kirke. It was really pretty and the design of it was
incredible. It has a domed roof and inside it has some amazing
designs. It was really pretty. We we went their they even had the
organ playing and it sounded really good inside. Somewith with the way
the sound bounces of the domed roof makes it sound really good. They
do give tours, where you can go up closer to the dom, and outside
around the top. However, because of the winter and ice they closed it
down until April 1st. I was a little dissappointed, however, I figure
it gives me another excuse to go back. I attached a photo of me and
the church.

On a funnier note, we have had an appointment at least once a day or
more. Usually its about 1 - 3. Whats funny about this is me and
Æ.Christensen always get something free. We always get at least
something. From something as simple as some crackers and water as we
teach to full on meals by some of our investigators. They also always
give us fruit or something to take home! its insane! I dont think they
realize how much food I do have at the apartment. I live in Ballerup
and 2 sets of missionaries actually live their. So when we get
groceries we just buy what we want then all split it. So we save a ton
of money and get a ton of food in return. So not only do I already
have a lot of food at home, I also get a lot of food from
investigators. Then to top it all off, the Bishop of the Ballerup ward
runs a catering company. So he always has a ton of left overs from
those catering events and he gives them to us. Its just crazy to me
how much food me and Æ. Christensen have gotten. It always cracks me
up when we get something. We are going on 2 weeks, of always getting
some type of food. I just thought it was funny.

My message for the week is a really simple one. I have been teaching a
lot of people and all of them dont like how we have so many laws in
our church. They think it affects their agency. I am sure you have
heard this argument many a times by a ton of people about our church.
I had a discussion with my companion about it and this comment was

"When we follow the commandments, we have nothing to worry about"

I thought that statment was true. I know rules can be hard sometimes,
and sometimes they dont even always make sense. But one thing I do
know is, that when Rules are followed or in this case commandments are
obeyed, we will have nothing to worry about. Isnt that great? Its like
our heavenly Father has given us a cheat sheet, to avoid the things
that can harm us in this life. So thats my message for the day.

Sorry this email isnt as exciting as the others, lol! Believe it or
not their is such things are mellow weeks in the mission field, haha.
Anyways, I sure love you all and thanks again for all your love and

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