Wednesday, June 23, 2010

week 2

Hey Family,
So Because of thanksgiving this week, I am actually going to be traveling to another city in Denmark to do things with the entire Zone. So I will not have time later this week to write, so I'm writing today. I hope this doesn't cause you to much grief, lol! So enjoy it and I will be able to write next Wednesday. From next Wednesday on, I should be back to schedule and you should expect an email every Wednesday. If something changes I will let you know. I will make sure I write to you every week.
So I believe I wrote to you on Friday. So since then, things have slowed down a little. Things are really crazy still but I think I am slowly adjusting. So I had my first Sunday church experience in Denmark, What a crazy day. It was a very small, small ward. Whats really weird too, is they start with Elders Quorum, Relief society first, Then Sunday School, Then Sacrament. So its was a little backwards and kind of messed me up a little. However whats really strange about this ward is everyone speaks really good English. I mean they almost sound American. You cant even tell that English was their second language. So It was nice as they loved practicing their English on me.
I had to bear my testimony during sacrament on Sunday. That was really crazy. I was extremely nervous. However beforehand I wrote down my testimony and practiced with my companion. He helped me out with pronunciation and how to say things more like a Dane. So I practiced and practiced and the time finally came to speak. He called me up after we had sacrament. Then I began. I messed up a few times and I thought I sounded completely awful. In my testimony I said who I was and where I was from and of course my testimony. Apparently I am the first American Missionary they have had in a long time. Its been about a year since they have had an American missionary in their ward. So I thought that was interesting. Finally ended my testimony and sat down. Apparently I did really well. I got lots of compliments and they all were shocked at how much i knew. I kind of figured that they always say that to missionaries and I was right, my companion confirmed that! But my companion did say that he was impressed. He said I actually spoke really well. He said the sentences I did say right, sounded really good, almost as good as a Dane. So I thought that was a nice compliment. However, that does not mean Danish is going well. I am still struggling with it- but I am remaining patient and am learning a lot. I keep reminding myself its only been like 6 days. I still have a long ways to go.
Contacting is actually pretty neat. We get turned down a lot, but never rudely. Danes really care about what people think about them, so if they are rude obviously people will think bad about them. So they always kindly decline and keep doing what they were doing. So I haven't been scared to approach peoples, which is good. I have just been scared to speak as I do not know danish at all. But my companion talks to most, I just nod and smile. Its helps actually because it shows the people were normal and happy about sharing our message-
One thing I have learned a lot is the Foreign people are a lot more willing to listen to us. Actually most of our progressing investigators are Foreign. The few Progressing Investigators we do have are really stubborn and have a hard time exercising faith. Its like faith means nothing here to the Danes because life is so good why worry about it. Most Danes have every materialistic thing they could want. So its really hard to explain to them how our church can make them happier, as they think they are already happy. I Hope that makes sense. So its been a challenge, but that doesn't mean we are not busy. We have a ton of investigators, and almost all of them are foreign. Awesome people and they love, I mean Love us missionaries. Even though they are not members of the church they love what we do and how nice we are. We actually have one investigator that loves my companion. She always blows kisses to him and winks. lol! Its pretty funny. I think she just does it because she knows we cant date. But in General shes is really nice. She is a little outgoing and sometimes a little crazy but after meeting her once, I have a feeling she will go far. She is on our list to commit to Baptism. But in general these people are way nice and way open to listen. They just all struggle with understanding our message. Some of the things we are teaching them, like the plan of salvation is so new its takes a few times to explain things to them. In general these people are nice and I have high hopes for them.
But on Friday evening i got my first contact. She is this Philippines woman. and her personality is like Sister Veater. Really nice and loving and just way friendly. She talk to us like we were old friends. We talked to her and she was very interested in our message. She spoke English and was learning Danish. So I told her I was learning Danish too and we talked for a few minutes at how confusing danish is. So its was funny, I was laughing and smiling the entire time she was talking to us. We got her number and told her we would call her in a few days to schedule an appointment. She said she couldn't wait, but did mention shes leaving on vacation for a week so she said she would let us know what would happen when we called her.
So we waited a few days and called her back on Monday. She answered and my companion was like, "hello this is the missionaries, we contacted you on this street, do you remember us?" She was like is this Robinson and Hardy? I was shocked, she remembered our names! She said she was so happy we called because she looked are her flight plans and will be gone for a week. She felt bad but did schedule an appointment the first day she was back. So my first contact seems really promising. So I hope it goes far, Because shes such a nice person. I will let you know what happens. Oh and her name was Rosalyne. Its so nice when we have nice people willing to listen. She is the only contact we have gotten so far. We have been outside for hours contacting people and no luck. But once we greeted Rosalyne, that made the whole day worth it. So its crazy- but its good that they are some people willing to listen.
Other than that things are good. I am slowly starting to figure things out. I hate riding a bike, as I get really tired. I get fed all the time from members- Just about every night so far I have been fed. And every meal has been way good. However, they for some reason think missionaries are starving because once my plate is empty they fill it up again. They just keep feeding me and feeding me, and of course not to be rude, I eat it. Lets just say after every meal I feel a little sick! lol! Its like thanksgiving dinner every night, I eat and eat and eat some more. So I might be a little chubbier when you see me in 2 years, lol! JK! Riding the bike burns all that fat, Seriously this place is like San Francisco! the roads are so steep! Its way exhausting. I legs feel like Jello after a get done riding. However I am impressed I do keep up with my companion, so I am not too bad.
Well Family that's all I have. I am safe and things are good. I am loving Denmark more and more very day! The culture is extremely fascinating. Well have a great Thanksgiving, I know I will. We are getting together as a Zone and the Sister missionaries and cooking us Dinner. They are even cooking a Turkey, so it should be good. We are also going to Watch a movie, a Disney movie. So it will be nice to watch a movie! i am way excited. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Oh before i leave I want to tell you something i Just remembered but is really amazing! So Danes celebrate Christmas for 3 days! So the 24,25,26. I think. And they celebrate Christmas on the 24th! That's when they open presents and stuff. The Danes spend time with their families all 3 days and stay at home. So Because Families are a central part of our message and our church we are not supposed to do any missionary work those days. If we did, we would have some very unhappy Danes looking at us as it would be disturbing their family time, lol! So those 3 days we usually spend time with a member or chill in our apartments. lol! I am not sure what were doing but i thought the celebrating Christmas for 3 days was awesome! I wish we did that in the U.S!
Anways have a great week, I will talk to you all later!

Ældste Skyler Hardy

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