Monday, November 15, 2010

Din Danske Missionær 11-15-10

Hej Alle Min Familie og Venner!

Det er så dejligt at skriver til jer i day! Det betylder rigtig meget til mig og jeg ser meget frem til det hver uge! Her er min uge, og jeg håber du kan nyde denne brev!

So once again I have had a great week but it was been a little slower. I am afraid the slow weeks are going to start being a normal thing, as the Christmas comes closer and closer. I am so excited for the holidays, but not excited for the effect the Holidays have on missionary work.

So to begin we had a good start to the week. We met with our investigator Nicole. She is on track for her baptism on November 25th. She met with the mission president this week and is cleared for her baptism! So we have begun to create her program and do other things to prepare for that day. She is doing much better and has really changed. She is learning more and More and applying the stuff she is learning to her own life. She is attending institute and other young adult acitivies in other wards. She is enjoying those a lot! She also purchased new scriptures and has gained a stronger desire to study lately. she is doing better! I hope and pray the best for her! I will keep you updated as the date gets closer and closer! :) Lots of stuff can happen as the baptism day arrives.

Then on Tuesday we had our apartment repairman come to fix some things. I was hard to explain things in danish to him, but luckily we had our mission leader with us to help us. I was quite fun to practice my danish. I am really fixing up this apartment. Then on Friday I heard from the mission president that we are having a "Cleanest apartment contest" haha. I am determined to win! So I told my mission leader and he also got way excited! So me and my companion and my mission leader our going out to buy some new paint, and new carpet (As the apt really does need it... we have approval from mission office) and all kinds of things to spruce up my apartment! lol! Whats great is it was all Flemmings (My mission leaders) idea! Hes making it so fun, and were really enjoying this project! I am telling you, my apartment is going to rock, and I am so going to win! haha. Flemming and I have come up with design ideas and all kidns of plans to win this contest. He even wants to bring some of his furniture over to our apartment, just so it looks good when we send the picture in for the contest! :) He is also determined to win! GO ÅRHUS ELDERS! :)

Then on Friday we had a specialized training in Århus. Its kind of like a Zone conference except that only our mission president instructs us. It was really good and it was basically talking out making commitments with people. Things like committing baptism sooner then later, introducing Book of Mormon more in our lessons, etc. It was a great instruction and I learned a lot to improve my missionary work. That lasted all day and it was a lot of fun to visit with all the other missionaries in my Zone!

The on Saturday our Ward had a baptism of an 8 year old! Let me tell you the ward was just all excited about it! What was even greater about it, was this family invited every non member friend they had! It was amazing how many non-members were in that building! I talked to many of them and they seemed scared when they saw my badge but after I talked they calmed down as they realized I am not scary! I mean seriously, who couldn't resist my charming smile? haha. Just kidding. I met this American actually at that baptism that is friends with the mother of the daughter that was baptized. I had a great chat with her and I guess she is somewhat interested in the church. It was great to talk to her and introduce me as a missionary to her. Now she knows were nice people and not pushy or weird. So I hope with time and prayer maybe I could teach her. The baptism turned out wonderfully and this little girl was so excited to show the church to all her non-member friends. Before the baptism she was giving them all tours and showing them where she has class and primary, etc. She was a good little missionary to her friends. It was cute. All her friends were so supportive and sweet. Its a shame we cant be the same way as adults. We tend to judge to quickly as we get older. Kids just have a great way do love and respect people.

So my spiritual message goes with my story about the baptism. As we deal with people throughout our day, Mormon or not. Remember to always be respectful and loving to all and everyone. Sometimes we has members get so caught up in judging other religions because we know ours is true. Though we are the only true church, I believe many good things can be learned from the many other churches in this world. As we show our love and respect, just like those kids showed that 8 year old getting baptised, that's when we truly are being Christlike. That's the best way to show others our church, and one day the truth.

Have a great week everyone and thank you again for all your love and support!

Din danske Missionær
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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