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Din Danske Missionær 12-6-2010

Hey dad, I forgot to hit send last week for last weeks email... whoops. Here it is.

Kære alle min familie og venner!

Det har sneet meget i Århus denne sidste par dager! Det var helt spædende at se! Det her meget kalt og jeg følge som jeg skal fryse! Men jeg har det godt og faktisk har en ny kammerat! Han har lige kommet from mtcet.

Ok, so hey everyone! It is really good to be at the computer today to write to you! I don't have much this week as its been really busy with other stuff then missionary work. I will explain as the letter goes on! I hope this letter finds you well and I hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season! I know I am!

So to begin me and Æ. Warner had our last P-day as a companionship. We decided to do again go to that amazing bakery here in Århus and by some pastries. We also did some Christmas shopping and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Århus. We also took all of our old carpet to this recycle station in Denmark. It was a relief to see that disgusting carpet disappear out of my life! Yes, this sounds dramatic but its true. It was pretty bad. So I look forward to my new carpet coming this week.

Then on Tuesday we spent some of the day visiting some people that once were taught. Unfortunately they were not home, but we did talk to some nice people on the street. Then we came home and did some packing as we had to leave Tuesday night for Copenhagen. So we packed all his stuff off and caught a train. He got off at another stop and I continued with another missionary that's training to Copenhagen to pick up our Greene's.

Then on Wednesday we got up and started getting ready to go meet our Greene's. We decided to get breakfast at this 7-11, so a muffin and some chocolate milk. Then we went inside this store called Super Best and it has an American Isle. haha. So I went a took a look and saw AMERICAN DIET COKE! It was glorious and I bought a can. It was delicious, expensive, but worth it. I was very happy.

Then at 10 we met at the church in Copenhagen, which is close to the temple, to meet our Greene's. I am training Ældste Feil. He is from California, and likes to play water polo. He is pretty cool so far and I think its going to be a great companionship. He already speaks pretty good danish. I was impressed. When I got to Denmark I could barley speak anything, he is actually managing to participate in conversation. So that's impressive. Then we got a train back to Århus and he just collapsed on the train! lol! He was so tired. I was just thinking the whole time how this was me a year ago. So crazy to think how fast time has flown. We came home, unpacked, and we had a planning session as I also have 2 other missionaries in my area that need to keep busy. So we did that, and I am excited to see that this next month brings. :)

Then on Thursday I took Æ.Feil for the first time out to contact. Well the first person we talk is the pretty danish girl and was way nice. She talked to us for quite a while and even new about the Mormon Temples. She said she had a friend married in one. She would not give us her number, but we taught her a little bit about our church so you never know. I just couldn't believe the first person we contacted actually listened. So it was a good experience for Æ.Feil. Beginners luck maybe?

We also had a dinner appointment with a member. That was Æ.Feils first experience with danish member. haha. It was as danish as it could get. We had potatoes, meat, and gravy, and an old lady that speaks very hard to understand danish. So it was quite the first experience for Æ.Feil. I just grinned and laughed inside as I knew exactly what he was feeling. However I think that Lord has really blessed me lately with my danish. I am doing much better than I ever thought I would. For the first time last week a member talked to me and I replied back instantly in Danish. Normally I take a minute to translate, but it just came out without me thinking. It was a good eperience, and that's a sign that language is starting to really click. I am so happy and I thank the Lord every day that he is helping me learn this difficult language. :)

Nicole is doing OK. She is down a little bit this week and truly struggling with a few things. Some serious family events have occurred in her life and she started questioning a few things. However the members were there and I think shes being taken care of. Just know she has the Gospel and the Lord will take care of her.

We also met with Thu, the girl I teach English with. She is doing so much better with English and we started teach a little bit about the gospel to her. I did find out she is moving to Canada in January. So I am going to find out where she is going, and maybe refer her to my brother in Canada. You never know. How cool would that be! :)

So my spiritual message for today is something I have been thinking a lot about lately. Why do people leave God? Why do people leave the church? I think about this because I read a scripture that said, "All good things come from God" so if all good things come from God, then all bad things must come from Satan. So why do people leave God, the person that can give you the GOOD things? Interesting question, and I don't have an answer. So my spiritual message is don't ever forget your Heavenly Father. Don't ever leave him. If you want a life full of "Good things" then don't leave the provider of the good things. Yes trials will still come because Satan is also competing against you. However I believe and know the path that Jesus Christ has laid before us is much happier then any path we can create or any path Satan will create. so remember him in all you do. You will be blessed.

Thanks everyone for your love and support! It means the world. I wish you the very best Christmas season! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Din Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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