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Din Danske Missionær 9/27/10

Hej alle min familie og venner!

Det er so dejligt at være på computer at snakkede med dig og fortælle dig om min uge! Det betyder rigtig meget til mig at du læse min e-mail. Tak for det! Jeg håber det bedste for dig og at du finde meget succes i denne uge! :)

So did you catch that first paragraph? Its only danish, everyone is speaking it....haha. Just kidding. I just found out that Denmark's population has hit a record of 5 and a half million people! whoot, whoot! The Danes are pretty excited about that! I read it in one of the headlines on the paper! This little country is starting to grow! haha. The danish people are so proud. Speaking of Denmark, Fall has finally hit. I swear it happened over night. One day all the leaves are green and fresh on the trees and the next, yellow and red falling on the ground. My first and last fall in Denmark. Next fall, I am heading home!

Something for a culture thing i learned this week is how they do there grading here in Denmark. I have no idea if it interests you, but I thought it was very interesting. We were at one of our investigators apartment and we started talking about America and how we use the ABCDF, as our grading score. He started telling me how it is done in Denmark. He told me its a number systems as follows. -3,-2,-1,0,2,4,7,10,12. I thought it was very interesting. We started talking and we figured out the comparison to our grade system.

-3 = F
-2 = F
-1 = F
0 = F
2 = D
4 = C
7 = B
10 = A
12 = A+

I don't know if that's the official translation, you could say, but I do think its the right idea. I just think its very fascinating. Why have 3 different ways to say you failed? I guess so you know how bad you really did mess up, right? haha. So that's my culture shock I experienced this week. I don't think I would do so hot with this system. Failing is hard enough, but knowing how bad you really did fail would just be heart wrenching. haha.

So I just want you to know this week has been one of the longest weeks of my life. Its been that way for many reasons, but most of all its just been because of a lot of drama from one investigator, that I will talk about later.

The week began with a wonderful appointment with a new member that just moved in from Brazil! Her name is Islandia and she invited us over when she was a church on Sunday. She actually has been in Denmark for a while but just moved in to Århus. Shes been to church the last month and she actually asked me to be a part of her babies blessing at church. She just had a baby, and let me tell you its a cute baby! haha. I felt it an honor that she asked me. So I was a part of that 2 Sundays ago. Well this last Sunday she told us her baby is sick and wanted us to give her baby a priesthood blessing. So we came over Monday Morning and had a good chat with her and helped her baby. It was a neat experience. We found out she also served a mission and we just had a good time chatting with her about the "Good old days" haha. Shes a great person! She wanted us over for dinner on Thursday.

So Thursday arrived and let me tell you it was the best food I have had in a long time. One thing about Denmark is the Danish food is very boring. They use very little spices and exotic foods. A typical danish meal consists of Potatoes, gravy, some bread, and a big chunk of meat. Give or take the type of potato and meat! haha. So to be honest I have gotten really sick of Danish food. So when we went over to Islandias she made us authentic Brazilian Food! WOW! It was so amazing! It makes my mouth water now just thinking about it! What was also neat is her mother was over for vacation and she currently lives in Brazil, so her mother helped make the food with authentic food she brought over to Denmark. I hope that's legal? haha. She told us how she feeds the missionaries all the time in Brazil and feeds them what she made for us... Let me tell you those missionaries are spoiled! haha. The food was incredible and was very thankful for that. I am not sure how to describe the food, but it was a sort of pasta with a special sauce, some tasty beans, and ground meat, with spices and other fancy things with. Just take my word for it, it was great food!

Then on Tuesday we went to a city called Odense to witness a baptism. We brought our investigator Nicole to come with to see it. Well lets just say that day didn't go as planned. This Nicole is a difficult person and shes very hard to please. The reason I brought her was so she could meet more members to make more friends. However like I said shes hard to please and didn't like any of the members. She said she didn't have a great time. A lot of it has to do with because we found out about transfers that day. I am staying in Århus and am receiving a new companion called Ældste Warner. Warner was at the baptism and met Nicole but Nicole didn't like him at all. So she started talking bad about him to me, and though I may not agree with everything Warner does, i did not like how harsh she was about him and about the members. She continued with her harsh personality through out the week and got mad at me and my companion for all kinds of stupid things. Its like she thinks we are the big bad wolfs, doing all we can to ruin her life... um whatever... Not the case. haha. In short, things got so bad I finally called her out on it. I finally told her she has no right to treat me or my companion badly. Well as you can imagine she didn't take that well, and she is no longer an investigator. I talked to my mission president about it, and from he said, I handled it right. He told me that even Jesus Christ a perfect man, once and a while rebuked people. He said I have the right to stand up and be bold with people, as I don't need to be treated bad. Especially from an investigator. Its sad that this has happened but the spirit cannot be present if shes treating me or my companion bad. This benefits her too because nothing is going to happen if the spirit cannot be present.

So wow, Nicole. It almost sounds like a TV show drama doesn't it? Oh the life of a missionary, right?

On a more happier note we have a wonderful investigator named Janet. She is from Ghana but has lived in Denmark for many years. She is such a sweet girl and is very interested in the gospel. In fact she now has a baptismal DATE! Yea, baby! We have scheduled her baptism for November 27th 2010! She is not 100% sure church is true, but she told us she is willing to do anything to find out! So exciting stuff! She already loves the Book of Mormon, and loves our church. So I feel good things are going to happen with her, and am thankful for her faith and willingness. We have only met with her twice so to be honest I don't know much about her. I will keep you updated as things continue with her! :)

We also met with another investigator named Tobias! He is such a cool guy and we just always enjoy hanging out with him. He is around 24 years old, I think. He is in college and is just a nice guy. We had a great appointment with him yesterday, and he also fed us Pizza! haha. We talked and taught him about life after death. This is something that kind of worries him. We had a good discussion and I believe his curiosity is getting bigger and bigger! In all things are going great with him, and to be honest I just appreciate how drama free he is. He treats Hebbert and I great, and really respects us for what we do. He is a prefect example of how every investigator should be! :)

As an update, Christina Wydallis, The girl I helped baptize in Slagelse is doing really well. I just found out she has done baptisms in the temple and just received her first calling in the church. She is the first counselor in the young women s organization! I am so proud of her and so happy she is doing so well in the church. I have been told she has been going out with the missionaries to help teach and has continued to be a great help and strength to the Slagelse Ward! I still leap for joy over her and brag about her to everyone! haha. I am just so glad shes been immersed in the ward! I still love Slagelse and miss it! Just wanted to let you know shes doing amazing! :)

Thats my highlights for the week! Many other things happened, but these were the most important. My new companion arrives Wednesday and my old companion is being sent to an area called Bornholm! its a small island next to Sweden! So he should have a great time there! I sure love you all and wish you the very best week!

I added more pictures to my online album of my mission! If you would like to check them out here is the link! If you scroll down to the bottom you will see 7 new photos! :)


Also, check out the new www.mormon.org! It is way neat and has a lot to do with missionary work! I even have a profile! Check it out, here is the link!


You know me and technology, not even a mission can keep me away from it! haha. I sure love you all! Thanks for all your love, support, and your many prayers! I can feel them working!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

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