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Din Danske Missionær 10/18/10

Kære familie og venner,

Det er so vidunderlig at være på bibliotek at skriver til dig! Jeg håber du har haft den bedste uge, og er glade for den kommende hellidage. Jeg er meget spændt på det fordi det er min sidste hellidag sæson i Danmark.

haha, ok now I am done with danish! I hope all of you are having a wonderful week. It has been quite the adventure over here in good old Århus. Its been kind of an exciting week, but in all I would say it has just been busy. Something I am very, very grateful for. So let me recap my week!

So we began the week with a less active appointment with a man named Fareed. He was baptized many many years ago and hasn't been to church since. haha. However he still has a testimony and loves the missionaries, he is just a little lazy when it comes to coming to church. He even admits it.... all he needs now is a kick. haha. Well he invited us over and he made us some food from Iran. As Fareed comes from Iran. He also showed us some show in his Persian language about Joseph in Egypt. Apparently they made a TV show about it and how Potiphar's wife still has a thing for him, and I guess the entire TV show is about the hidden love relationship with Joseph and Potiphar's wife. That's what Fareed told me, haha. The show was in Persian translation so.... I didn't get much out of it. However that TV show that just so happened to come on sparked a spiritual conversation and we had a great talk with him about the scriptures and how important it is to continually follow Christ. I think it really helped him out and he got a lot out of it. I know as missionaries we are not allowed to watch TV, but in this instance I am grateful I didn't say anything and allowed this show to spark an Interest in Fareed. Pay attention to your surroundings you never know when our Heavenly father might put something in our path to teach you something! So that was a fun appointment.

Then on Tuesday we had splits with my district leader and his companion. That was a crazy day. I decided earlier in the week to go through the dropped piles of people who once investigated the church and for some reason stopped or the missionaries dropped them. Elder Warner and I thought it might be a good idea to visit some of these people and maybe give them another chance. You never know. So we went through the piles and piles of records and made lists of people and address and spent all day Tuesday visiting people. We managed to get 1 person interested in meeting again. So that was a success. We will be continuing this project over the next few weeks. That was a lot of work, but much more worth it. Its a lot easier to contact already contacted people. I thought it was much more effective then walking around the city randomly looking for people. As we were contacting these old investigators we also contacted while walking to these places and guess what, we got a few phone numbers and address of people that might be interested. So that was an exciting day. I am telling you, splits with other missionaries is always a great help.

We also met with THU this week and continued teaching her English. I saw a huge improvement with her this week. She has been studying really hard and I was very impressed. She just loves church stuff.... she wants to learn but she just cant understand it when we try. We are hoping her husband will want to come one day and maybe then we can teach... as he can translate for her. Lots could happen here, it just takes time and patience. This THU, though is a sweet women. We drew a board of a city and asked her in English to explain how I can get from point A to point B. So I asked her where she wants to go on the board. She said, Church... haha. If I didn't know any better I would say shes already Mormon. :) So that was a lot of fun teaching her this week.

We also have 2 new investigators this week. Its a Women and her brother named Charlotte and Johan's. They both come from Ghana, I think and are very interested in the church. We showed them the Book of Mormon and were just AMAZED! They said, wow... its just like the Bible. I was secretly saying in my head... but better... haha. We taught them about Joseph smith and they just gobbled it up. We have another appointment later this week with them. I look forward to seeing what happens with them. Fun stuff!

Then on Sunday we had a ward eat thing after church called Fællespisning in Danish. Basically every family in the ward brings a food, and we all eat and share and talk for a few hours after church. Well one thing that always helps getting investigators to church is if you tell them there is food! haha. Well I mentioned to Marianne about it and she showed up to church. Marianne is a young girl I believe I mentioned last week in my email. Well she came to church and even went to relief society and really enjoyed it. The ward was just eating her up. I mean, they loved her. She stayed at ate and had an amazing day at church! The only questionable thing was... Nicole another investigator came also... she is a little upset with missionaries and some members... I was shocked she came. She talked negative about the church and was very rude to Marianne. However I managed to sweep Marianne away and I had the bishop sweep Nicole away. I explained the situation to Marianne and she completely understood. She even told me she is planning on coming to church again next week. :) Exciting stuff.

So speaking of Nicole...well we have had a lot of problems with her. In fact the Mission President and the Bishop are now both involved with her teaching process. She is like the energizer bunny... she just never stops... She keeps going and going.... and then keeps going some more. I hope she can find a testimony... but this time its not only the missionaries helping her out. She had a good long talk with MP and Bishop and things seem to be back on track. Shes a roller-coaster and is now hitting the top of the hill. Its only a matter of time she heads back down. However this time we have other people on the ride... so that should help things out. Even though shes a tough person, I truly hope she can find what shes looking for in the restored gospel. I know it can bring her happiness... I just don't think she knows what she is looking for. Something I hope she can figure out. So yea...

So my spiritual message for the day is about 2 things or 2 sayings my Dad has taught me growing up... but I don't think it has really clicked until now for me. These last few months on my mission being with different companions and different people have really made these 2 things make sense. My dad told me....
#1. Let people simply be people.
#2. Beat people with kindness..

So one thing i am learning a lot is how different and weird people can be. I am also learning how mean and cruel they can be too. As a missionary we are not always placed with people we enjoy or even get to teach people we want to teach. However these last few weeks 2 things came into my mind and have helped me tremendously to have patience and keep me calm. haha.

#1"Let people simply be people" I cant even begin to tell you how much my dad told me this one. haha. He was like a broken record! haha. Well guess what, I finally got it! I realized that if I just accepted how people were, and just let them be them, with all their quirks and craziness... I enjoyed life a lot more. Instead of complaining to myself and creating anger to that person all in my head.. I would just relax and let them be themselves. I was less stressed more relaxed and could enjoy life. Something all of us want. Its funny but half the time that other person you are secretly mad at... doesn't even know he or she is doing anything to bug you. So the only person that gets effected by your hidden anger is you.Not cool.

#2"Beat people with kindness" Wow, I love this principle. Something that I also have started to grasp. People can be rude and cruel and all you want to do is say something back that's also rude or in some way or another have your revenge on them. One thing I have enjoyed this week is when you still are nice to those who are rude to you.... it actually makes them questions what they are saying...it puts you in a more innocent state-it makes you more Christlike. Sometimes it can make them angrier, but guess what if your doing your part to be nice and they are still rude... then they are the ones with the continued problem, not you. You then are able to move on with your life. The best way to get revenge on others is to simply Beat them with kindness. haha. :) LOVE IT!

I hope all of you have an amazing week. I hope you all know I love you and pray for you always. Enjoy the fall weather as I believe snow will be on the forecast soon. YIKES! haha. Ha det godt! :)

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Din Danske Missionær,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

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