Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Your Denmark Missionary 09-20-10

Hello Everyone!

It is so nice to be able to be at the computer today to write to you! I have pretty much exhausted and worn out as this last week as been very crazy! I am ready for a nap, and a 5 year vacation! Anybody want to go to Disney world?.... haha. Just kidding, I have 1 year left to go! Is that crazy or what? I have been on my mission for one year! That just about blows my mind! I will tell you what though, Its been a long, very learned filled year. Its going to be crazy to see what else comes along.

So this week to begin we had an appointment with our investigator named Nicole. I think I mentioned her last week. Well its been quite the little adventure with her! She is an awesome person and I couldn't ask for a nice person to teach. However she really needs the gospel in her life, more than I think she herself even realizes. Shes is doing will with the "Mormon Challenge" and as told us multiple times it is a better lifestyle. She feels much better about herself and knows why we Mormons live it. However she is a little bored as all her friends are still living her old lifestyle, so still drinking, smoking etc, etc. So she do-sent want to go out with them, but is super bored. So we are trying our best to have her meet new members and build relationships within the church. Its hard for her though as there are very few young people in the ward... however we are managing. She really likes us missionaries and loves hanging out with Americans. However she is progressing and is doing quite well.

This week we also met with Sam! He is the Chinese guy we have been teaching for a while! He is way cool and Elder Hebbert and I just really enjoy teaching him! Well the unfortunate thing is we only have 2 more appointments before he heads off to China for 2 years! So this last appointment we taught him the ten commandments and he understood them perfectly. So no worries there. We also taught him a little bit of our church history and our prophets. He just loves learning it and finds our history completely amazing. We also had him say the closing prayer in our appointment and spoke an amazing prayer. I am really going to miss this guy and felt very sad after the appointment as I have really enjoyed his company and teaching him! I am going to go all out on these last 2 appointments! haha!

We also this week have 2 new people in our English class that we teach. They are 2 people from Korea. Its a man and his wife. He speaks great English but his wife does not. So we are basically starting from scratch on teaching her English. Its going to be rough, but I think its going to be fun. Over time I hope to be able to teach them about the church! Who knows! however, they are really nice, humble people. Sam also comes to our English classes, and now hes helping us teach! haha. Tuesday nights are a lot of fun during language classes! :)

This week we also had a crazy p-day to celebrate my year mark! We went to a viking museum in Denmark and ate good food and just played games all day! I had 2 other people in nearby areas that were in my MTC group, come to Århus! It was a lot of fun and it was a good relaxing day! The museum was very cool and we learned a lot. We saw a skeleton of a Viking and how they lived in the ancient days of Århus, then called Aros. So fun day and now I am on the countdown home! Exciting stuff! I also ate at Subway again as one just opened up! I am excited! :)

The day before my fun p-day we actually had massive splits in Århus. So because I had an appointment I had 2 other missionaries that knew Marianne very well go meet her. They had a great experience with her! So Marianne basically just wanted to talk and take the missionaries to her church. So Marianne had the job to bring bread that week to her church, so Elder Davis and Elder Camp (The 2 missionaries I assigned) went with her and entered the church building. All those members in that church were very nice to them and asked questions about our church. They were all very respectful to Elder camp and Davis. Well as they were chatting Mariann's Priest came and started to Bible bash with Camp and Davis! Well Camp and Davis held there ground and were very respectful and told the priest that if he would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, he could also know if it was true. Now I don't know about you but I was worried in this part of the story as what is Marianne thinking... is she going to drop us. etc etc. Well after the priest was finished arguing... he called Marianne into his office. Marianne told Davis and Camp to wait for her. Camp and Davis waited for her for 20 minutes and then left the church building. Camp and Davis were so nervous that Marianne was going to drop them when Marianna burst out and said, "THAT WAS AWESOME! YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC!" IT turned out that she was so impressed with the way they handled themselves. So Marianne is doing awesome! She told Camp and Davis she never really was happy at that church! haha.

As for an update on Tobias. We have an appointment with him Today! So next week I will tell you how it went! Exciting stuff! :)

As for me I am doing well. I have very tired but managing to stay busy here in Århus! We have been everywhere these last week trying to meet less actives, meeting with Nicole and other investigators, meet with members, and just trying to do the work of the lord. It can be very exhausting.

So my spiritual message for the day kind of goes with my situation, and Nicole's and all of are other investigators. One thing my parents always taught me and something I am finally really starting to understand, is nothing is life that's worth it, comes easy. Anything worth while will take a lot of work. For me this mission is a lot of work... to be honest it would be easier to turn in the badge and come home. However I know it will be worth it in the end, and that's why I continue and work hard. Nicole and Marianna, and Tobias in Sam.. all know its not easy to be a Mormon, but eventually they will know. and it will be worth it in the end! So remember.. things that are hard and difficult in life will always be worth it in the end!

I sure love you all and wish you the very best! Have a great week!

Your Denmark Missionary,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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