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Your Denmark Missionary 09-13-10

Hello Everyone!

Its great to be here at the Århus Library on the computer to write to you today! So this last week as literally felt like a year to me. So many things happened that I forgot it was only a week! haha. However its been good and full of some exciting experiences! It also might have felt slow as I hit my YEAR MARK on Thursday! YEA BABY! I am so excited and I have a beautiful package from home waiting to be opened.... OK I lied. I already opened it. Its like a kid on Christmas... way hard to wait! haha. It was a lot of fun to eat the American goodies. So enjoy what you have over there in USA, As I miss it a lot! :)

So to begin at the beginning of the week, we had an appointment with our buddy and fun investigator Sam. Sam is From China! Actually his real name is Fu-sheng. In china they actually put there last name first. So his first name is Sheng and his last name is Fu! However danish people really struggle pronouncing there names so he decided to make is English name Sam. So we just call him Sam when we met with him. I really like the Chinese people because of him. Sam is just a good guy. When we first met the missionaries he didn't know anything about Jesus Christ or God or the atonement... nothing. Sam actually told us that while growing up they teach them at God doesn't exist and other scary things. Hes been meeting with the missionaries for a few months now, and has grown a great love for Jesus Christ and God. We speak English with him and he can for the most part understand. However, it has been tough trying to explain things to him. However thanks to the miracle of technology and videos with translations... we managed to use those tools to teach him about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have some wonderful news for you, that he has a baptismal date for January 22 2011. Yes its a ways off, but its because he has to go back to China for 2 months. Then hes coming back to finish his schooling. He are working with the mission president and ward and him and see if maybe we can move the date before he leaves. Lots of things come into play with that... and if its the Lords will it will happen. We did go over the baptismal interview questions and he passed. He also bore his testimony with us and said, "Of all the Christan churches I have visited I know yours is true because I feel something special here." So yea! He then continued and told us he knows the Book of Mormon is true! Hes excited to become a member, and to top it all of we have Chinese member to help him. So things are going great with him! Hes just a good guy, down to earth, and his excited to teach his kids one day about God. Exciting stuff!

Then on Thursday we had another appointment with a man from the Jehovah's Witness Church. We ran into him many times on the street, and he seemed interested in our church. He was nice so my companion and I decided to give him a chance. Normally people of this church, all they want to do is argue with us. So we met up with him and had a good talk. He kept trying to convince us with scriptures and facts and data... etc etc etc. His facts were also very messed up anyways, they didn't really make sense. All we told him is in the Book of Mormon in Moroni, if you pray with a sincere heart you can know if its true. That was the entire message we kept trying to teach him. We shared Joseph Smith story and other various Book of Mormon stories... however nothing really progressed with him. He tried to fight that topic but he knows the bible says the same thing. He also tried teaching me about his church and I was very polite and listened to him, and said I would pray about it and see if its true. He didn't like that answer.. haha. Anyways after that appointment I was actually more confused on what they believe in, then before. haha. He said he didn't feel comfortable with the book of Mormon so I told him, I understand but the only way your going to know if its true or not is to read it... so yea nothing really progressed with him. However I feel my testimony was very much strengthened after that appointment. I realized how much sence and logical our church really is compared to the many religions around the world. I am so thankful I am a Mormon! :)

Then this week we also had an appointment with Marianne! Everything is completely fine with her. I just panicked a little last week. I found out she had a friend unacceptably come into town, so she wanted to hang out with him. I was so relieved to hear that's why she cancelled. So she gave me a call Thursday evening and asked if she could meet on Friday with her friend at 12:30! I was like, YEA! Of course! EVERYONE is welcome! :) SO we had an amazing lesson with her. We taught her the plan of salvation and she just thought it was incredible! She shared various Scriptures with her in the Book of Mormon and she was just blown away. She loved how much hope was in the plan... that there is a "happy ending" you could say. She just ate it up and was just so happy. Her friend also enjoyed it but was confused how we are different from other churches. So we ended up teaching him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He also loved it! However we found out he is from England... :( and wont be staying in Denmark. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and was very thankful for it. Said he would look the church up in England. Good guy and Marianne also encouraged him to look of the church, as shes just loving it! :) So Marianne is doing awesome! Shes a sweet girl! :)

We also met with our other investigator named Nicole! Shes a great person, but is just a little lost you could say. Shes not sure about the whole religion thing. Shes done questionable things in her past. So this last week I was just reading in my scriptures and came across Alma 32. I came across this verse where the prophet Alma is telling these people to experiment on his words and plant a seed of faith. As I read that I immediately thought of Nicole. So the next appointment we had with her, we had a awesome appointment. It started up with just talking and enjoying some food. Then we began the lesson. I shared with her Alma 32 and how these people experimented with Alma's words and began to believe in something. She thought it was a sweet story, then I turned to her and said, so I have a challenge for you! I told her I wanted to her "Experiment" with being a Mormon! haha. Shes knows the church for many, many years, and I felt it was time to really challenge her! Well, she took the challenge! So that means following all the commandments, coming to church, everything! :) We explained its going to be rough, but shes willing to do it! :) So our task with her is helping her see how blessed and happy you can be by following the "Mormon Lifestyle" you could say! She started yesterday, and even texted me that when she went out to the restaurant she got a coke instead of a Beer! haha. So I feel this "Experiment" will be a good experience for her! :)

So this last Sunday we had stake conference! It was fun, we had to go clear to this small town called Herning, where they rented out a large conference center room. I am on the part of Denmark called Jylland (Jutland in English) and they don't have a church building large enough to hold everyone. So we headed out there and had a good meeting. It was to be honest a little boring, but it was fun to see all the many members and see all my missionary buddies of course. Nicole also came along and seemed to have a great time. She had a hard time staying focused during the meeting, but in all was glad to be around good people.

So my spiritual message for the week goes with the scripture in Alma 32 that I shared with Nicole. I find this scripture very relevant to many of the things we do in the church. If you ever are in doubt with a new calling, maybe a new apostle or prophet being called, or other changes either in church structure or procedures, by council to you is experiment with it. If your not sure if Thomas Monsen is true prophet... try experimenting with that idea by in your mind having faith he is the prophet. I promise that as you let that faith and desire grown and you do it with a sincere heart, our Heavenly Father will bless and comfort you and help you find the answer you need. When things seem uncertain to you in the gospel don't let your faith doubt... experiment and expand your faith.

I sure love and appreciate all of you every much! I wish you all the very best week! May the lord bless and guide you and all that good stuff he likes to help us with! Take care!

Your Denmark Missionary,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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