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Din Danske Missionær 12/13/2010

Hej alle min Familie og Venner!

Jeg er altid taknemlig at snakke med dig på email! Det glæde mig meget! Jeg håber du alle sammen har haft en dejlig uge! Det har været en god uge for mig. Det er so sjovt at have 4 missionærer i Århus. Det er also rigtig sjovt at trainer en ny missionær. So jeg har det godt og kan ikke vent at fortælle mig om din uge.

Hello everyone! It is great to be at the computer today to send you all an email. I hope this letter finds you well and happy, and I wish you the best Christmas Season ever. So Denmark is getting all ready for Christmas! The stores are packed with people and Santa Claus lit the city, so all the Christmas lights are on. They also have tons of street stores with all types of home made treats that are only available around the holidays. People are in a better mood it seems and a wift of Christmas spirit is in the air. Not to mention, all the Christmas music playing, and all the wonderful decorations. By the way, Christmas music in Danish is a lot of fun! I just love it! :)

So to begin, we began the week with a p-day. This is Elder Feils first p-day in Denmark. I don't think I let him down. We decided to do some Christmas shopping, as he wanted to get a package sent home asap. So we went through all the stores, and I made him speak danish to the employees. haha. He did a great job. I also gave him a huge taste of Danish culture by eating a subway with him. haha. What also added to our joy is we have 2 other missionaries with us. So we have 4 of us doing some Christmas shopping. It was a lot of fun. Were just rocking and rolling over here in Århus.

Then later that evening we had a really weird appointment with a man named Morten. He is a really nice guy and he actually called us to make the appointment. So we met with him and all he was really interested in was what our church does to serve others. I just laughed inside my head, when he asked that, as our church as one of the largest humanitarian effort system in the world. So I shared that with him and of course brought op the Gospel. Well in short he really wasn't interested. He said he would not pray and would not read the Book of Mormon. So I told him, then there is nothing else I can do for you. He got kind of upset as he was expecting me to convince him with Scriptures and with my words, but i cant do that, especially in Danish! lol! If he is not willing to read and pray, then tough, I need to move on. We ended on good terms, but unless he reads and prays, he is on hold with the teaching. In short it was a good experience for Æ.Feil. He did a great job explaining things to them in danish, with a little English too. He was a great help. I was way impressed, especially since its his first week in the land.

Then on Tuesday we had a coordination meeting with My mission leader. We are working a ton in making this Church tour project a reality. I just cant believe how slow the ward is moving. Its like trying to pull teeth to get these members to do stuff. They all love the idea and think its great, but then nothing. Flemming my mission leader is the only one moving at my pace, but hes limited as everything has to go through the Bishop. I am not quite sure why Mission work is not more of a priority in the Århus ward. I mean if they don't make it a focus this ward will be nothing in about 15 years. Converts are required to keep this ward alive. But I am way excited for this, and look forward to seeing this project roll out.

Then on Tuesday we boarded a train to head to Copenhagen. We have a Zones conference on Wednesday. That was a lot of fun. It was about a 4 hour train ride and my companion just passed out and slept the entire way. He is way tired. I can remember my first few weeks in the land. They were long and slow, haha. We were able to see the Copenhagen Temple and it was beautiful. It really is a unique building. Something I learned was that it was originally a church building, and this church building was one of the first in Denmark. I mean there is a lot of history in it. From using the basement as a shelter during WWI and WWII, to having Prophets giving talks in there. Its quite amazing. And Now its a temple. I believe that's quite fitting for a building with so much history. Well the Zone conference went well as we had Elder Kapesky from the area presidency come. He gave a great talk and I learned a lot. After the zone conference we stayed in Copenhagen that night again and attended a fireside were Elder Kapesky was speaking again. Except before that fireside we had to go out and contact for a few hours and invite as many people as we could. That was kind of weird, but fun at the same time. The fireside was great and there were a lot of non members present. It was a success.

The on Wednesday we all came back to Århus and continued our work. We were way tired. I am amazed at how tiring traveling is. For the rest of the week we mainly just contacted people on the street and continued visiting people that used to be taught by the missionaries. We tried visiting this lady and well we got lost in the middle of now where. haha. Me and Elder Fiel forgot our maps and we got off too early at a bus stop. Well we were literally in the middle of now where, all we saw was snow, roads, and power lines. Nothing else. It was kind of freaky actually. However we caught the next bus, and we did find that Lady's house. However she was not home... uge! haha. Well at least now I know how to get there without getting lost.

Other than that my week was pretty mellow. It has been fun to train and I am really enjoying Elder Feil as my companion. He is a hard working and were just doing the work of the lord as best we can. Life does not get any better, then when your following the Lord. So that's my spiritual message for the day. Just follow the lord. If you do that true happiness and huge blessings come your way. You stop worrying about all the things you do and you truly start enjoying life. The plan of our Heavenly Father is happiness, we just need to do things his way. His way is the right way! :)

I sure love you all and pray for your success in all that you do! May the lord bless you and your families this Christmas Season!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy.

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