Monday, November 22, 2010

Din Danske missionær 11-22-10

Hej Alle Min Familie og venner!

Det er so viderundelig at blive en missionær i Danmark! Jeg er so taknemlig for det og ikke kan vent at tale med jer om min uge.

So this week has been... whats the word... slow! I cant even begin to tell you how much things have slowed down. I have managed to stay busy in other ways, but in short teaching appointments or anything with an investigator has been very minimal. I

So to begin we have an appointment,well multiple appointments with our investigator named Nicole. She came to church on Sunday and things seem to be on track for November 25th! We sent her programs in to be printed, got instructions on how to fill the baptismal font, and got approval from the Bishop. So things are on track with her and I am proud of the changes she has made to be ready for this date. She has really worked hard and has had to deal with ton in her life to get to this point. So shes excited and texts me constantly how exited she is! She was with a member today getting things worked out with her baptismal dress and that just got her all happy. So things are on track and I look forward to Thursday. I will let you know how it goes next week. However this week we continued our lesson on Christlike attributes with her. We taught patience and being humble. Those are 2 things I think we all, ALWAYS need to work on. She laughed when I told her what they were as these were 2 things she has struggled with for a long time. haha. The lesson went well and again she has taken what she has learned and began to apply it. I have already seen a big improvement in her.

We also met with our investigator named Tobias! He is doing alright. He is struggling to see the importance of the church. He thinks its great and interesting but I don't think he is 100 percent committed. So were working on finding a way to make church more interesting. However he is still way cool and constantly feeds us! haha. He also bought one of the new iphones and he showed it to me. I wanted to cry because it was so beautiful. We then showed him the Book of Mormon application and told him to download it.... it just laughed... I don't think he realized I was serious. :) We taught him the 2000 stripling warrior story. We told him that God can give one strength to face the challenges one needs in life. We told how the Laminites relied on their own strength and that's why they failed. We taught that when one truly relys on the Lord, he cannot fall. He found it interesting so we will see what the future brings! Way cool guy though!

We also this week went shopping with my mission leader and bought a new oven for the apartment. It was fun. He managed to talk to the guy at the store and get the oven for 1000 crowns off! WOW! That's a score in Denmark. So we ended up paying only 3200 kronor for the thing (so around 600 dollars). Not bad for Denmark. It was fun and it was a good deal. I am now cooking wonderfully and making good food. Our last oven broke so I have not really been cooking much... we have been eating sandwiches and so soup. We were pretty limited on our choices. But now I am eating well and cooking! I love the new stove. Now watch me get transferred next transfers haha, after putting all the work in to getting a new oven. :) The joys of missionary life.

I also this week got the chance to go to Copenhagen. My companion Elder Warner got permission to see an investigator he prevously taught get baptized. So we had to wake up early, catch a 4 hour train ride to get there. As we were on the train it began to snow! That was kind of crazy! It was actually sticking! Because of that a lot of trains were delayed and it caused a mess. Luckily mine had no problems and we arrived safely in Copenhagen. Then we saw the baptism and it was a great service. The spirit is always so strong and amazing during those. Except the missionaries there in Copenhagen made the water too hot... so they had to quickly run some cold water through it too cool it down. So that was kind of funny. Its a good thing God has a since of humor right? Then after the baptism we hung our for a few hours with the missionaries there. It was good to seem them as one was in my MTC group. Then me and Elder Warner again got back on the train and went back to Århus. However almost every train to Jylland (The main part of Denmark thats connected to Germany) was cancelled. Yikes! I was getting a little worried. We managed to find a train that took us to the middle island called Fyn. This is the island that is between jylland and sjælland. However it left a little later. So we grabbed some McDonalds, ahah, yes McDonalds, and waited for the train. Well we caught it and finally made it to Århus. It was not as smooth of a trip as it was getting to Copenhagen! :) Long day of traveling, but it was nice and fun to get to see Copenhagen for a few hours. I know Elder Warner was very grateful to get the oppertunity to go!

I also this week have gotten one step closer to getting ready to do my church tour idea. I will give your more details later, but I am getting some posters and flyers I created approved and then printed. Then were going to send out announcements and get this idea rocking. I am excited to see if any results come from it. I will keep you updated on the status of my project! The Bishop is excited and I am working very closly with the members to get this idea a reality.

I dont have much of a spiritual message for today. I am been very busy and just have not had much time to think about it. All I guess I want to say is remember the Lord is always watching our for you and taking care of you. I was a little worried about the whole train situation when coming home from Copenhagen. However I had the faith that the Lord is there and that he loves me and that he will get me where I need to go. So just remember that though life can get crazy and messed up, remember somebody is in control and that if you call upon his help and have the faith he can help, all things are possible!

I wish you the very best week! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you guys all eat some extra food for me as the traditional thanksgiving food is hard to find in Denmark! haha. Love you all!

Din Danske Missionær
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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