Monday, November 1, 2010

Din Danske Missionær 11/01/2010

Hej alle min Familie og venner!

Oh det er so dejlight at være på computer i dag for at snakke med dig! Jeg håber du alle sammen har haft den bedste dag, eller den bedste Halloween weekend du nogensinde har haft! Min var ok, men Halloween er ikke so stor i Danmark som det er i USA. So for Danmark det var næste den fuldkommen! haha.

OK, haha. I am just having way too much fun writing in danish. Have you been able to understand it? In any case you get to kind of see what it looks like! :) So HAPPY NOVEMBER! I cannot believe the holiday season has already begun! It just amazes me how fast it all happens. Denmark and its stores have already begun to set up for Christmas and almost all the stores have Christmas decorations ready to go! kind of crazy! I love the holidays! My last Christmas in Denmark!

So my week was pretty good. It was actually more on the mellow side, but in any case a good week filled with stuff to do!

On Monday we had a district meeting in Horsens. Horsens is a near-by city that takes about 45 minutes to get too with train. So me and my companion caught a train very early and made our way to Horsens. The meeting was pretty good and I had to give a training on, "How to plan for your investigators" haha. It was kind of an awkward training, but it was fun. I just gave everyone a fake investigator and had them plan for it. Then I gave them hints and tips that are in Preach my gospel and called the training complete. I think everyone enjoyed it and it turned out well. So that was fun. Then we hung out in Horsens the rest of the day and took our p-day. We basically ate out with all the missionaries in our group and had a shopping day. I didn't buy anything, but it was just fun to be with a bunch of missionaries and hang out. It was a fun day.

Then on Tuesday we met with our Investigator named Nicole. We taught her about the Word of Wisdom and Law of chastity. She knew it already but it was a good refresher course. She enjoyed reading out of the scriptures and it was a good appointment. She was a baptismal date for Nov 19. I hope it will hold through. She is much better then she has been, and has really began to change and be better. So one can only hope! haha.

Then we had an appointment with some new investigators named Charolette and Roger. We gave them a church tour and asked us how we ran our meetings. They found it very interesting. Roger was very positive and in fact did some of his own research about our church. He read our website and was amazed with our temples. He thought they were breath taking. So it was a fun giving a tour of the church. We hopefully will have another appointment with them this week, and have a good sit down and teach about Joseph Smith. :) They are good people and I am excited to see what happens! :)

We also met with our less active friend named Fareed! He is such a good guy but just wont come to church! haha. He cracks me up. He tells us every time, he knows he needs to come! However this time he did have good news as he told me that his boss just hired 5 new people. Which means he can get Sunday off of work. That was great news! He said he is going to talk to his boss this week! I am excited to get this man re-activated! That's almost as good as a baptism! haha. Fareed is also a very good cook and just loves cooking for us! He also does all he can to take care of the missionaries! SO good man. His appointments are always a lot of fun.

My other investigators are also doing well, and I have made appointments with them for this week! SO things are going well and I hope to have a baptism for Århus for Christmas! Me and My companion are working hard and doing are best to fulfill our calling! haha.

So I don't really have a spiritual thought for today. But something I really want to express is the concept of patience. One thing I am learning as a missionary is how patient I have to be with people. That could include my companion, my investigators, or even the ward members. The one thing I learned is the more patient I am the better things turn out. If I lose my patience and get mad, or whatever, I end up in a worse situation then I was in. So for this week, remember to have patience. If everyone in this world would do that a little more, I think the world would be a better place. Wow, ok... this message was a little cheesy. Did anybody else think that message was like a response from like the Miss. America pageant?.... oh wait I forgot to add.... "World peace" haha. Oh boy... *Grin*

I wish all of you the very best week! Happy November!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

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