Monday, October 4, 2010

Your Danish Missionary 10-4-10

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you have had an amazing week. This week was kind of a weird one as transfer occurred. So not much has really happened! haha. However it was a good week.

To begin the week started out with a wonderful p-day. My companion Elder Hebbert and I did some shopping and took pictures around the city. This was our last p-day as a companionship. So that was fun, and we managed to relax and take it easy.

Then on Tuesday we met with our baptismal date JANET! She is doing super well and we had a great time teaching her. We taught her the Holy Ghost or Spirit. We wanted her to know about the spirit to help her feel if the church is true, as the role of the spirit is to testify of truth. So we had a fun lesson with her and she asked a lot of questions. She seemed to enjoy it. In fact she made another appointment with us for Friday! However, She got really sick and was not able to keep that appointment or come to General Conference unfortunately. I am a little worried, but I have faith things will continue to work out. Shes a great person, and she is searching for truth. Exciting stuff.

We also taught our English class on Tuesday and we have a new student. I think I may have mentioned her before, but maybe not... In any case her Name is THU, and she is from Vietnam. He is in Denmark because her husband is studying here. She just tagged along for the ride and is trying to master her English. The unfortunate thing, is her English is really, really bad. Shes far from perfect, and has a hard time speaking it. However she can read and write really well, so that's how we are able to communicate with her. She told us last week she believes God will help her learn English and that she loves reading books about God. haha. So we thought, what the heck lets give her a Book of Mormon. So we gave her one in Vietnamese and one in English. We told her that if she will read one verse in English then read it in Vietnamese, it can help her! She was thrilled and told her husband about it! Now he wants one too. So we hope as these classes progress and she gets better at English, we can start teaching them about the church! :) Its just going to take time and patience as she has to be able to understand us, if we want to teach her gospel stuff! haha. Shes a sweet person and is enjoying the classes.

Sam, the Chinese man I have been teaching is officially in China for the next 2 months! He has a testimony and I just hope he remembers and keeps it when he gets back! I look forward to his return and pray that he will be watched over and protected so he can make it back to Denmark to join Gods church! He told me last week he is really looking forward to coming back. He is a good man, and will miss him!

The on Wednesday we have the dreaded day of Transfers! haha. Its so much work, but this time I got to relax and watch my companion pack and travel with his stuff. So at 7:00 elder Hebbert and I decided to get some yummy pastries at that famous bakery here in Århus as our last good buy celebration. Then around 9:00 we headed to the train station and boarded a train that would take my companion to Bornholm and I would get off at another station and switch companions with somebody until my new companion arrived later that evening from Copenhagen. My new companion is Elder Warner and he is from Utah. He grew up somewhere around Salt Lake... not 100% sure, I will have to ask him again. I think things will be OK. So yea, new companion, new adventures!

Then on Thursday we met with a less active member named Fareed. He is a awesome guy from Iran. He knows the church is true, he is just a little lazy with coming to church. However. he father recently died so we have tried to make him a weekly visit to help him. The home teaching program isn't really present in the Århus ward... the bishop is working on it. SO until then, we as missionaries kind of do a little bit of the home teaching. It was a fun appointment as we painted his restaurant! IT was a lot of fun, and Fareed really appreciated the help. He made an amazing lunch for us and we just had a great day with him. We told him to come to church this Sunday and watch 1 session of General Conference... but he didn't make it. I will find out what happened. People can be so unpredictable!

So as must of you read last week I told you that Nicole is no longer an Investigator, well that's not entirely true anymore! haha. She is a stubborn person and is back being an investigator again. I think she respects me more for standing up for myself and my companion as she has been very careful on what she says to me. We decided to only meet with her in the church. Things are going well with her again. I personally believe she already knows the church is true, but doesn't really know it herself. It's kind of confusing, but that's my impression. The thing that's wrong is she has a mountain of problems to climb over and its been quite the hike for her. Shes coming but its hard with you have such a large task ahead. I was talking to her and we decided that maybe its time for her to speak to our mission president and discuses these mountains with him- She is game and we have an appointment with our mission president tomorrow at 6. I pray and hope that she will receive the guidance and help she needs. She has a soft baptismal date for the end of December... and with what happens tomorrow will determine her baptismal date. She is a good person and deep down I really hope and care about her and want the best for her! I Will keep you posted! :)

General Conference was awesome! I really thought it was one of the best conferences I have seen in a long time. There were so many talks that just amazed me. One thing I liked is how the talks taught basic truths of our church! I just loved it as that's what I teach every day! So I am excited to use some of these talks with my investigators! I watched conference at the church, but because its so easy now days for members to watch it on the Internet, it was basically only other missionaries, and the few like 5 other members that showed up! haha. So it was like a lot of fun hanging out with the other missionaries and having the church building to ourselves! haha.It was a relaxing day and I just loved it! I never really appreciated General Conference until I came on my mission. Our Prophet and our apostles are amazing, intelligent, men and I could feel there testimonies as they spoke! It was just a great conference! :) So that's my spiritual message for the day! We have been blessed in our day with apostles and prophets! Lets listen to them and take their words and apply them!

I hope all of you have a great week! Thanks for all your love and support! Take care!

Your Danish Missionary,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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