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Din Danske Missionær 10/26/2010

Kære Familie og Venner!

Det er dejligt at høre så mange sjove ting der sker derhjemme! Jeg har hørt at du måske skal modtage sne snart. Held og lykke med det, og jeg håber det bedste. For mig er det bare kolde regn. Jeg er ikke sikker på, der er bedre. Jeg vil også gerne sige til dig, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Its so wonderful again to be at the computer! I was worried I would not have been able to write until the end of the week. I have a booked week and actually don't really even have a p-day this week! that's how crazy it is! haha. However I managed some time and am very happy to be here! My week was a good one so here it is! haha.

WOW, and wow! Halloween is this week! I cannot begin to tell you how fast this month went for me! I swear I just got to Århus and I am actually just finishing up month 3! Is that crazy or what! :) So Halloween is not an official Holiday in Denmark, but its becoming more popular every year. Most stores have Halloween decorations you can buy. A lot of people carve pumpkins and eat candy. However the concept of trick or treating has not taken off. Most people just have a little part in there homes and celebrate. The younger people will generally head down town and party. So its kind of fun as the holiday is getting bigger. It kind of reminds me of home a little bit! :) So for me and my companion we plan on just buying a pastry or something to celebrate Halloween. I think maybe we might buy a pumpkin. I will update you on my Halloween celebration next week. If any... haha.

So to begin we had the Zone leaders for splits on Tuesday! That was a lot of fun and we got a lot of work done. Its fun sometimes having other missionaries come to your area. You get to talk to other people besides your companion and also do a lot of work! The Zone leaders came and helped us out a lot.

Then on Wednesday we met with an investigator named Janet! I think I have mentioned her before. She is from Ghana, but has lived in Denmark for the past 18 years, or something. She is 21 or 22 years old. So she is basically danish.She speaks danish and English and we usually teach her in both. We taught her about Jesus Christ this week and showed this movie called "finding faith in Christ." she really enjoyed it. We then taught her about how faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost all go together. She loved the lesson and told me, she "Hopes the book of Mormon is true!" YES! Hope, the beginning of faith! She has a baptism date for the end of November, but it might be moved one week. She is doing well and I enjoy teaching her!

We also met with another investigator named THU, from Vietnam. We are still teaching her English and she is improving a lot. We actually got invited over to there home and was fed authentic Vietnamese food! So that was exciting. However what was even more exciting was that we were able to teach her and her husband about the church and Joseph Smith. We learned real fast however, that they have no christian background. So that will take some time, but its a start. They are great people, and it will be a lot of fun teaching them the firsts, like prayer and Book of Mormon, etc. So I hope things keep going good with them. By they way, the food was great! :)

We also met with Nicole. She is progressing and is doing much better then she has done in the past. She is starting to enjoy church a little more and is on track for her baptism. We taught her last time about tithing and fasting. She agreed with it, and it made since to her. The ward is really starting to like her and shes also starting to like them. Slowly, Nicole is beginning to be integrated really well. That's good as I don't want her relying on missionaries, as we leave. Her testimony needs to be with the church. not the missionaries. So things are going well!

Then on Sunday we had 3 investigators show up to church. Whats even more impressive is the stayed all 3 hours! haha. We had Nicole, Marianne, and Janet! Let me tell you it was a crazy Sunday! However, they all together enjoyed church. Nicole has been coming every week since I began teaching her, so I am really proud of her. So she was coming anyways. I had no idea Marianne was coming. She just kind of randomly showed up! haha. I was so happy to see her and she said she just had the best day ever at church! She loves relief society! She told me she just finds that class, Brilliant! :) Janet loved sacrament meeting! She told me the church feels right when she enters that meeting. She didn't really like Sunday school or relief society. She told me she felt like she was being brain washed! haha. I told her its just because they probably went over stuff she didn't know about, she agreed. So I told her we should start meeting more, so we can teach you as much as possible! :) Other than that, it was a great Sunday and me and my companion were just all over the building, and talking our mouths off! It was one of the most busiest Sundays I have had in a long time! The ward was also just ex-tactic! I could tell they were impressed and happy to see people coming. That means a lot to the members! :) So I made the ward happy, so that was good! :) It was a good Sunday!

On a funnier slash cool note, we also helped a member this week move. This member lives in Randers but has a Son the lives in Århus. Well over the last 3 months I have talked and communicated with her as she has been trying to get some of her friends to meet with the missionaries. So shes doing a great job doing missionary member work. So I have talked to her quite a lot on the phone and through texting. The thing was I once served in Randers and didn't remember this women. Her name is Irene Clark. She called me last week and asked if we could help her son move move as he lives in Århus. I said absolutely! So on Friday I finally met Irene Clark and I just smiled.

I recognized who she was. She was the first member I met when I first came to Denmark.I remember being in Randers and out contacting the first day and I was super nervous and scared. Then I remember this women come up to me and greet me. She spoke English and told me, "It just warms my heart to see you guys out working." I don't know why but that had a great impact on me. She really made my day. Then I remember giving my first 15 minute talk in church. She came up to me again and talked to me and just complimented me like crazy. I remember her saying, "I think we are going to see great things from you!" Anyways, I remembered her! Now to come to find out, I have been working with her the last 3 months and didn't even know it. It was just a neat experience to meet her again.

So my spiritual message goes with my Irene Clark story. You never know what impact you can have on people. I just realized after meeting her, how those 2 comments she told me really made my experience that much better in Randers. I honestly believe those comments and a few other things are what got me through those 2 months. Those first months were tough. So my message is this, be an example and try to go out of your way to say or do something nice. Irene didn't have to say those things, but she did, and oh how much better my experience was. God also works in the same way. He continually blesses us, even when we don't deserve us. He just loves us that much and wants us to be happy. Let us be better and do a little more... you never know how much those little things can mean to people.

I hope all of you have a fantastic week! I heard you might be getting snow in Utah.... so watch out and good luck with it! haha. We don't have snow yet but its cold rain. Also not very fun! Love you all!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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