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Din Danske Missionær 01-10-2011

Kære Familie og Venner,

Det er so utrolig fantastisk at snakke med dig idag. Vi har haft en god uge, men det var i lidt langsomt, desværre. Men vi forsatte at arbejde hårdt og ser frem to fremtiden! Mig og Æ.Pfeil har det godt og er meget spænd for vores rundvisning project. Det er svært men vi håber fordi vi har arbejdede so hårdt, at meget succes vil kommer. Husker mig og min kamerat og selvfølgelige min område, i din bønner. Vi altid har brug for dem. Ha det godt! :)

Yep everyone I am still using my danish on you. I hope all of you have had a great week. Its been a little bit of a slower week for my companion and I. However were managing and still having a lot of fun while working. I actually hope all of you are doing well. Its a new year filled with many new things. I hope things are well and that you find much success in 2011.

So we kind of had sad moment on Monday. We had our last appointment with our English student Thu. She arrived and we had a normal class. We spoke some English and taught her a few things. Then the hour ended and I could tell she didn't want the class to end. She kept talking about things and kept ignoring the clock... which was fine as I didn't care. Finally 45 minutes past the hour we ended the class. We then gave her a packet filled with English stories about the church, and even a book that talks about church history. She was very grateful, and started putting her things away in her backpack. Then she got up with tears in her eyes and said, "Thank you.... sooooo much...." I could tell from the way she was saying it she wanted to say more to express her gratitude, but didn't know how in English. That alone, I could tell how grateful she was. She said goodbye and shook our hands and left. She gave us a note and said, I hope we will be friends forever. It brought emotion to my eyes as even though she was not baptized, My companion and I still had a strong impact on her life. I hope and pray because of these English classes she will accept the gospel one day. So it was a sad moment on monday. I will miss teaching her. We had a lot of fun in our classes.

We also met with Nicole. Shes doing so well, and I feel so blessed I have been able to remain in Århus a little longer after her baptism. Its been a lot of fun teaching her the new convert lessons and seeing her adjust to the church. I must say I am a proud missionary. The ward also seems happy to have her as a part of the ward. This week we just ate dinner with her. She was proud to invite us over just for dinner as a member. We of course shared a Litte message about setting goals in the new year. We also told her not to limit herself by saying, "I cant do this, I am not good enough... osv" I told her that we have the ability to be anything we want to be as we are daughters and sons of God. Meaning, We have the same genetic structure of our Heavenly father, which gives us the possibility to be as he is. It was a good message and I think she enjoyed it.

Then on Tuesday we had a new missionary meeting here in Århus. The mission president and the assistants came and we basically talked about how the training is going of Elder Pfeil. It was good and Elder Pfeil was able to see his MTC group. I was also able to see the other trainers and talk to them. However most of all I was able to speak to the mission president. It was a easy enough meeting and i think I am doing ok with training. We will see what happens in the future. I will tell you this... Elder Pfeil is tired of being a greenie. He is ready to get off the training packet and be a real missionary. I take it he feels ready, which is a good sign.

Then on Thursday we had a crunch day. We basically were at the computer all day finishing up our posters for our tour project. We found out that we had created them all in the wrong size for printing. so we had to re-do all of them. We also had to create a few more as the member helping us said it would make more sense for the tour. So we did a ton of computer stuff.

Then on Friday we went over to his house (His name is Brother Kreiberg) and he showed him what we had. He was very impressed with the graphics and how professional they looked. I guess my 3 years of yearbook finally payed off. lol. We had of course a few spelling errors, as they are in danish. We spent the rest of friday evening going over things and fixing things to get them ready for printing. It was nice to have their help. They had really nice MACS and Programs such as photoshop and indesign, to help us make these posters look great. Brother Kreiberg actually owns a business that sales display exquipment for Expos or conferences. So not only are these posters going to look great, they are going to be put up in a professinoal manner. I will send pictures ASAP, as soon as they are finished. Its going to be great. We also have new pass along cards getting printed this week and were looking forward to the sucess of this project.

Then on Saturday as we were out and about we were waiting at a bus stop when I caught this ladys attention. As I was looking at her I realized I knew her. So I went up and was like, "I think I know you?" shes was like I also think I know you. Then it hit me, she was an old investigator when I served in Randers! haha. When she realized it, she smiled and we started talking. She was not interested in the gospel anymore, but she did say she still has the book of mormon and looks at it from time to time. It was a good experience for me that people still remembered me from Randers, lol. What was also good was the relationship is still good with the church. So when that day finally comes and I pray it does, where she needs the gospel, she will know where to turn to. She did take my card and I invited her to church. So you never know.

We also on saturday met with Less active Fareed. He still is not coming to church, but I have a few new ideas up my sleeve to get him to come. haha. He just struggles in the morning. So I think this week we might stop by and pick him up for church. We will figure something out. He tells us every week he wants to come, but something always seems to come up. However he is a great guy, with a great spirit. We will get him coming soon. I have no doubt in my mind. :)

It was a good week, a litte slow, but nontheless a good one. I have no complaints. I am very excited for this tour project. I have a good companion and a good area. So things are good for me in the Århus area.

My spiritual message for the week is about Jesus Christ. One thing about him is he is always the example for people to follow. Thats one of the reasons (Besides the atonement) our heavenly father sent him. He was to show us how to live our lives. We as members of HIS church also have need to do the same thing. We need to show others that following the gospel is a good way to live, it can be a normal way to live. So always be alert and be a good example, as you never know who might be watching. I am gratful that old investigator from Randers saw me and that I was showing a good example. I hope and pray my example will help her in the future.

Well everyone have a great week! I sure love you all and wish you the very best!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!

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