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Din Danske Missionær 03-21-2011

Kære Familie og Venner!

Jeg altid ser frem til at skriver til jer alle sammen. Det glæder mig rigtig meget for at gør det. Jeg håber i har haft en dejlig uge. Jeg er ikke helt sikkert hvad jeg skal skriver denne uge, fordi sidste uge var så spændende! haha. Det vil være svært for mig at finde noget denne uge som er som sidste uge. Men jeg vil gerne prøver. Så mange ting gå godt for mig og Æ.Pfeil her i Århus. Vi er lykkelig og arbejde hårdt.Vi har slet ikke noget for a bekymre over! men jeg tror jeg skal skriver på engelsk, fordi det er nemmer for i at forstår, ikke?

Hello everyone! Great to be able to write to you today! I hope you all are doing well and staying busy. Well things are definitely starting to warm up in Denmark. All the snow is gone and were starting to see things grow. Not to mention were seeing a lot of grass turning green and birds chirping up a storm. Another sign is they turned off the heaters on the bus, so that kind of gives it away. haha. Its still a little chilly out, but were thinking within the next 2 weeks it should really warm up. So Æ.Pfeil and I are very excited as well as every other missionary in the danish mission!

Well Æ.Pfeil and I had a good week. It was definitely not as exciting as last week, but it was good nonetheless. Well I guess I will start as I always do, from the beginning.

We started off the week with P-day again. Except this p-day we started off with an appointment with Naja. Monday was the only day she could meet so we changed our p-day around to meet with her. We arrive at her home and shes just running around like crazy. She tells us how busy she has been and how its been hard to keep everything straight. Well finally we sat down and told her about the testaments movie we wanted to show her. She was excited as she was able to take a break. So we start the movie, and to be honest I think she was a little skeptical at first. She would bring up conversation here and there about random things, as I think she was losing interest in the movie. Well as the movie progressed, we got to the point where it gets more serious as it shows Christs death. Well that hit her like a ton of bricks and she was at the edge of her seat the rest of the movie. IT finally ended and the first thing she says is, "Så på den måde tror du på Mormons Bog!" or in English, "So in the way, you believe in the Book of Mormon." As shes been really struggling with the Book of Mormon as she loves the Bible so much. However the movie finally helped her understand that both books are critical to truly understanding Christ. Well she was in tears the rest of the appointment and i almost felt bad, as she couldn't control herself. She said she felt the spirit very strongly. Well, were excited to meet with her again soon. We feel it really helped. Were going to try to set another baptismal date with her soon.

Then on Wednesday we had our tours. It was not a huge success like we have had before. But that happens. However a less active showed up to the building at got a great experience back in church. He was really impressed with the large Book of Mormon pictures and how cool the church looked. So I hope it will help him bet back in church and active again.He is 16 and he could really use the spiritual strength right now. So lets hope.

Then on Thursday we met with a new investigator named Martin. He is danish and is around 26. He actually texted us as he got a pass-along card from a member on the bus. He was interested in learning more, so he wrote us. It was quite exciting as normally we have to do all the work to make contact, but he did it for us this time. We had a good lesson with him, and he actually knew quite a lot about the church. He is not the most positive investigator, but I would say there is potential. Well we wants to meet again after he gets back from a 2 week trip to Norway. so we look forward to another appointment.

Then on Friday we had another appointment with Nicole. She again is still doing well and adjusting well to the Church. We also decided to show her the Testaments movie, so help her understand Christs Role in our lives. She enjoyed it, though she thought it was a little cheesy. Which it kind of is. haha. We also had a good chat with her about the atonement again. Shes pretty hard on herself. However we comforted her and let her know, nobodies perfect and as long as were always striving and trying to be better, God will bless us. I have no worries with her. Shes a great member of the Lords church. :)

Then on Saturday we met with Fareed again, except this time we met with him with our mission leader Flemming. We had a good chat and Flemming invited him to church again. He still didn't come, so were not sure what to do. I guess its time to just turn to the Lord and really ask him what is best. We will see.

Then we had our tour again,and unfortunately we didn't have anybody show up. Were actually thinking of changing the day, as Saturday is not really the best day after all. Its all trial and error with this tour project. haha. However as we were ending our tour and getting ready to clean up, we got a call from the first counselor in bishopric and he asked us if we could leave everything up as we have ward conference on sunday. So we left it all up for the ward to see on sunday. We were kind of excited as now the entire ward can see what we are doing.

So sunday came and the ward was all excited to see it up. They seemed very happy and all seemed very supportive of the project. I think it helped having everyone see it, as not everyone got the chance to see it on the other nights. So that was a good experience for us and for our tour. We didnt have any investigators in church, unfortunately. I am not sure what to do, to get them to come, but were working on it.

Well that was my week. Nothing too exciting, and thankfully no dark shadows. haha. I dont have a spiritual message this week, but I hope you all have a great week! I sure love and appreciate all of you! Take Care!

Den Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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