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Din Danske Missionær 01-24-2011

Godmorgen, Godmorgen Kære familie og venner!

Oh hay... det har været en meget hurtig uge for mig. Det er svært for mig at tror at januar er næste end færdig. Vi stort set har kun et uge til februar! Er det ikke spændende? So jeg har det godt slevfolgie. Når man tjene herren i har ikke noget at bekymre over. Lige nu mit fokus med min missionær arbejde er den der rundvisning projekt. Det er en meget stor projekt men jeg synes det er det værd! En ting jeg er faktisk meget begejstret over er hvor dejlig Århus menighed har været. Det har støttet mig rigtig rigtig meget! Jeg tror på grund af deres kærlighed og tillid herren vil velsigne dem alle sammen! Når mit projekt er færdig so skal jeg sender I nogen billede. Jeg kan ikke vent at vise jer! :)

Oh danish... so If you kind of want to know what it says, you can try google translate... However I just did it and it is not entirely accurate. So its up to you! :) But yes I will now write in English! :) I hope all of you have had an amazing week. Its weird to think were already finished with the first month in 2011. It just means its one more month to me coming home! Its just incredible how time fast flies. I know I say that a lot, but really time is flying! The weirdest thing for me was a zone conference last week the mission president, President Andersen talked about release dates. I will probably set mine late February or beginning of march. I will let you know when its all finalized. Well everyone thanks in advance for always thinking of me and reading my emails. I sure love each and everyone of you and appreciate always your love and support.

To begin, me and Elder Pfeil had another wonderful p-day to start the week. Elder Pfeil really likes to shop and heck so do I! haha. So I have no problems hitting the stores. I usually don't buy much but I sure love looking. I found a really nice Danish bible that I would love to take home with me. I think the lord would approve of that souvenir. In Denmark bibles are so expensive because the rights to them are owned by the state wide church, the 'Danske Folke Kirke* (The danish peoples church). So a really nice bible like the ones we use everyday in church are about 800 to 1000 krone's. so around 200 American dollars! yikes! What makes me laugh is why they cost so much. I mean unfortunately danish people are not the most believing anymore... most have never even read the bible, and yet they are so expensive. So I am thinking about going into the store and talking to the manager and explain I come from a church.... maybe they might give a discount to me. Who knows. I have met a lot of nice people who have given missionaries a discount before. So we will see. Elder Pfeil and I also went to a viking museum. He sure loved it. I have been there before but one can always learn more. We had a fun day and felt prepared and ready to work hard the rest of the week. Its amazing how vital these days are to a missionary. I mean if I didn't get my p-day I would have killed out a long time ago! lol! :)

Tuesday was a fun day as we had Zone Conference in a nearby city called Frederica! So we had to do a little traveling using the trains. The good news is we only had to be there for the day. Originally we had another meeting on Wednesday and would have stayed the night there. However recently the sister of our mission president passed away in a car accident. Her burial was that Wednesday so they cancelled the meeting. I am amazed at how strong my mission president was during the conference. This man really has a strong testimony of the gospel. He just lost his sister and he didn't questions one thing of his beliefs. I have the best mission president in the world... haha. I mean what an example he is setting to me and for all the other missionaries. I also found out much more sacrifice's he made just to be mission president. He is a great guy. Because he is so great we had a great zone conference. I learned a lot and am now going to work harder.

Another thing they did at the Zone Conference was announced the cleanest apartment in the mission contest winner! The showed a slide show of all the apartments and let me tell you the entire mission did very well. All of there apartment's looked great! Unfortunately however there could only be one winner for the contest... and the winner is.... ÅRHUS! :) Yep me and Elder Pfeil won the contest for the cleanest apartment in the mission! :) haha. The mission president called in, " The standard for the mission." He was very impressed with it and the fact we used the apartment to build relationships with the members! :) We won a gift card to go eat out! It was a lot of fun. Not only do we get a meal, but we made great relationships with the members doing it! A win win situation if I say so myself! :)

Then throughout the rest of the week we were tieing up odds and ends with our tour project. We made our presentation DVDs, our new pass along cards and everything. We checked the shipping status of all of our posters and they are all arriving on Thursday this week! So I will let you know next week how it looks. Elder Pfeil and I are also giving a talk in sacrament meeting this coming up Sunday to introduce the tour project. We plan on having member tours all next week to get them excited about this experience. We also plan, and committing them to bring one friend to this tour over the next couple of weeks. I am going to really push the members to work as this tour thing is a really easy excuse to invite friends too. I mean this project will only be a success if the members choose to participate! So I hope and pray they catch the missionary fire! :) haha. I will once the tour gets going, write a email on everything I am doing. I will give you lots of details and pictures next week. I know your all curious. So don't worry, I will fill you in! :)

Then on Saturday on a little sadder note we had a member in our ward pass away. He was about 84 but very strong and healthy. However one day he was walking his dog outside and slipped on some ice. When he slipped he hit is head and died. His name is Kay. He was a great guy and always prepared the sacrament and passed out the hymn books. He was also one of the very first members to meet my investigators. Well this was actually my first funeral I believe. When the hurse arrived with the caset.. I had to help them carry it into the church. It was a very surreal feeling as I was carrying somebody that passed away. They whole meeting was also very surreal. I had honestly no idea what to think. In any case it was a good meeting and the spirit was there comforting those that needed it. Nicole my new convert also showed up and gave her support. This was her first funeral too. The ward is handling it well. one thing Nicole noticed is how much more uplifting our funerals are. She has a point. We as latter day saints know where we are going, and what happening the next life. We have no worries about it. So when somebody passes away we simply are sad because we miss them, not because we don't know where they are going. I think it was a testimony builder for Nicole on the plan of salvation. How blessed are we to have it! :)

Well everyone.. I think that's all I have to say about my week. I honestly have not thought of a spiritual message. My thoughts have honestly always been on my tour project. I do what to let you know that I really do have a testimony of this church. I know sometimes its hard to sit through meetings or even go to them. Our church does have a lot of meetings and I completely understand how annoying they can be. However, even with those annoying things I truly do know this church is GODS church on the church. We do have a living prophet and we do receive instruction and guidance through him from the Lord. The book of Mormon is Gods word.. its a book that answers life's toughest and biggest questions. It really is a guide to true and everlasting happiness. I just love it! I love being a Mormon and I love being a follower of Christ.

I sure love you all! I wish you the very best week! HAVE AN AMAZING LAST WEEK OF JANUARY! :)

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Din Danske Missionær,
Ældste Skyler Hardy!
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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