Monday, April 11, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 04-04-2011

Kære Familie og Venner!

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I am well.... hanging in there. A little tired this Monday morning, and a little sad. We found out about transfers this last Friday, and it is official, I am leaving Århus. Kind of hard to believe actually. I have been here so long, its become a part of me. Now I have to find a way to remove it... but not sure how. :) So my 8 month reign over this city is finally over this upcoming Wednesday. My new area is a little city called Horsens. Well I guess its not way little, but its much smaller then Århus. My new companion is named Elder Sandstrom and hes only been in the land for 2 months. So I get the privilege of follow-up training. I am still district leader and Århus is part of my district. So it should be exciting as I get to come back. I look forward to this new area, and in a way hope it is my last, before I head home.

Well to begin Elder Pfeil and I had a good p-day- It wasn't much, but we just relaxed and took a long nap. We have just been so exhausted lately, its incredible. Whenever Elder Pfeil and I have a few minutes down time (which doesn't happen very often) we always seem to collapse. haha. However we had a good day.

Then on Tuesday we met with Naja. She is doing ok. Were still running into some issues regarding some of the things we believe in. However I have faith that things will work themselves out. However we might be pushing her baptism date back again. I feel were moving way to fast and there is some basic stuff she is not understanding. She also still has been struggling to come to church, and so we need to make sure her commitment is real and go from there. So unfortunately, no baptism for me before I leave Århus. I guess that's life. We also that evening ate a very lovely dinner with a sweet older lady in the ward named Eva. Shes a really, really good member. I have really grown to like this lady and she seems to be very proud of Elder Pfeil and I's work in Århus. It always feels like were being honored when we eat over with her.

Then on Wednesday we got the final stuff of the tour project all finished. We had to create a phamplet for the new missionaries that are coming to take it over. So we summarized all our notes, and other things to make sure this project can keep moving forward. I hope and pray it does. Then at 3 my new convert and friend Nicole brought a friend to tour night. We had a great discussion with this guy and Nicole really helped. I was amazed at some of the things she was saying. It made me very happy. So that was a good evening. seeing Nicole do some missionary work, was quite incredible.

Then on Thursday we had interviews with our mission president and a district meeting. My interview went well, short and sweet. I generally don't ever have much to say. I also did my training in the district meeting. Our focus has been on the Christ-like attributes. I am trying to help my district realize that Christ was a perfect missionary and the way he did things was well right. haha. I encouraged my district to be as obedient as they can, and follow those attributes. I promised that if they do this our Heavenly Father can bless us with success. He has already blessed us with success personally or with others we have taught, but if we strive to be our best he can really place many miracles in our lives.

Then on Friday we did a lot of stop bys and contacting. We of course do this throughout the week, but we had a lot of it on Friday. Then that evening we enjoyed a nice dinner at the Bishops home. They are a really good family and its been a privilege to help the Bishop in the Århus ward. We had a good evening.

Then of course on Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference. I must say I have really begun to enjoy these conferences. I feel so energized after these conferences with a strong desire to be better and to improve. We also had some of the missionaries in the surrounding wards come and watch the conference with us. It was a great weekend and I learned a lot. unfortunately none of our investigators were able to make it.

Ami is still doing well and were on track for her baptism on the 15th! I am looking forward to it, and have already gotten permission to come back to Århus for the baptism! Its very exciting! I am glad hers is going smoothly. They were sad to see me leave, but I told them I would be back. :)

Well everyone, I don't have much to write this week. I wish you all the very best!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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