Monday, March 7, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 02-21-2011

Godmorgen kære familie og venner!

Det er bare so dejlig til at snakke med i alle sammen gennem email. Det er helt utrolig at jeg faktisk kan sende en email hele vejen from Danmark til USA på en måde af få sekunder! Vi bo i et vidunderligt tid! Jeg er så taknemlig for teknologi fordi det giver mig mulighed for at snakke med i! Jeg håber i alle sammen har haft en dejlig uge. Det var en svært uge for mig og Ældste Pfeil men, så den er det bare. Det desværre skete til missionær. Men jeg tror jeg skal forklare min uge til dig på engelsk, ikke på dansk. Jeg tror det er fordi ikke så mange af i kan forstår hvad jeg siger. Jeg faktisk at ikke tror at jeg forstår dansk,det er bare en mirakel synes jeg.

Good morning everyone! I hope your having a great day and that this email finds you well and happy. So I hope things are going well for me in Denmark. Its been a crazy last week and were just glad that the new week is finally here.

Well we began the week with a nice p-day. We took it easy and relaxed. We mentally and physically prepared for the week. I will be honest i knew it was going to be a hard week. We were told were going to get more snow and that temperatures are going to drop here in Århus. So I was not excited about that.

Then on Wednesday we met with our investigator Naja. She is the one that has a baptismal date for February 26th. We met with her and shes doing well. We discussed a lot of things like the Book of Mormon and the trinity. We seemed to have a great appointment and she told me she learned a lot. We also found out her daughter Ulu, would also like to be baptized. So that was exciting. We left the appointment and she seemed ready for her baptism. well we had an appointment for Friday, but she cancelled. But she told us she would see us at church on Sunday. Well she didn't show up, which was very disappointing, as that means we have to push her baptismal date to another day. We are not sure what happened, but we will find out this week. :)

We also had our church tour on Wednesday. Nobody came, but were keeping the faith as it takes time for the word to get out. We also had the church tour on Saturday, but the ward was having an activity, so we didn't get to really set up or anything. So the Bishop just said that if anybody shows up, they will invite them to the party, lol. So we sort of cancelled that tour night. However we look forward to a great week of tours this week! :)

We also spent some of our time this week creating a Manuel you could say for our tour project. The Mission president asked that we put together a report that explains the project, so we also worked on that. Its hard as we have the idea in our head, and trying to write it on paper, can be heard. Expressing ones self on paper is not always easy. So that took some time, and were still not completely finished... We have too much to do! :)

We also this week met with Nicole, my new convert. She is doing well, and we had a great lesson with her. She just has a lot on her plate, as a lot of us do, with life. Shes managing it well and I couldnt be more proud of the changes she is making in her life. The gospel really can change people and motivate people to be great, to make them be what our Heavenly Father wants and has created us to be! :) It was a good afternoon, and its been fun to continue teaching someone I baptized after baptism. That doesn't get to happen too much generally.

I don't have a spiritual message for today. But just know that our Heavenly father loves us all and is with us every step of the way in our lives. :) I know it may sound weird, or crazy, but I really know someones with me, leading me and guiding me. I know he feels what I feel and understands perfectly each and every situation I run into. I cant explain to you how much I feel is help in my life right now. This last week as been a week where I really noticed and utilized his help. Things came to my mouth I didn't even think I knew, confidence and motivation popped up in times i was very low. The power and help of God is very real. I sometimes think we don't realize how real and involved our Heavenly Father really is. I know its real. I know its not something I made up or something somebody told me. Hes real, hes there and He loves us all.

I wish all of you a great week! May you find success in all that you do this week! I love you!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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