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Din Danske Missionær 03-07-2011

Min kærlig, fantastisk, vidunderlig, utrolig venner og familie!

Det er so utrolig at snakke med i idag. Det har været en meget interessant uge, men jeg er taknemlig. Vores liv her på jorden er en stor eventyr.Vi aldrig ved hvad skal skete i vores liv. Når man er også på mission, det er mere skøre end normalt liv nogen gange. Jeg tror det er fordi som missionær vi arbejde så meget med menneske. Der er mange interessant folk her, lol! Det er også sjovt fordi jeg er med menneske fra en anden land. så jeg lære meget om deres kultur og livsstil. Så det er altid sjovt! Men jeg vil meget gerne snakke med dig på engelsk fordi i kan forstår mig, ikke? Det håber jeg i faktisk.

Good day to all of you! I hope your having a wonderful week and preparing yourselvs for the wonderful spring we have thats just about here. I am so excited for the warmer weather! You have no idea how wonderful it has been the last 3 days. All the snow in Århus is gone! Its melted and out of my life! lol! The sun as been out and finally the sun is up passed 5! Yesterday we had the sun up to 6:15! Its a miracle! The last few months we have had the sun go down around 3 or 4! So its a nice change of pace having the sun remain up a little longer. Its also been nice because as we walk around the streets we see so many happy danish people! They are just literally leaping for joy seeing the sun! Everyone is outside. I have seen more people on the street then I honestly thought was possible! There out with their kids, dogs, all smiling and playing and enjoying the sunny, warmer weather! Its still a little chilly and we do need a jacket, but its a huge difference from the last few weeks! I cant wait until its finally all warmed up! The work of the Lord will get a huge boost! :)

To begin we had again an exciting p-day... WE DID NOTHING! lol! We were so tired that we went out, emailed, walked around the city for a little bit, then came home and slept! lol! We just took it easy. We also had a few board games in the apartment, like battleship- So that was fun. Lets just say I dominated Æ.Pfeil. He never knew what hit him. Hardy: 1 Pfeil 0.

So Tuesday was a good day, but a little rushed. We got permission from the Danish Council here in Århus to put a A-skilt sign outside on the sidewalk for advertising purposes. So we spent some of the morning designing what we want on the a-skilt. I must say, we came up with some pretty good looking posters. We were happy with them, and so was our mission leader. So we sent them into the printer and got them on Friday. The look great printed, and they were printed in a waterproof style paper and Ink. It cost a little more, but at least we know they will last. I added a picture of my posters in my "chuch tour album" on my facebook. Check out the link...

Speaking of Pictures, I also added more pictures to my normal missionary album! take a look!

Then on wednesday we also had our tour night and it was a HUGE success! We taught 4 lessons all with members! Then to top it all off we gave 4 Book of Mormons out! Oh yea! We had a really great, huge, and wonderful sccessful night! It began with us setting up, then right at 4 we had a member named Eva bring a friend. Well this friend was really old and had no interest in the church what so ever. She was quite rude and said she didnt understand American Danish... whatever... Eva felt bad, but I told her, "At least you gave her a chance to learn." She smiled and laughed and took her friend home. Then around 5, Nicole showed up just to say hi. It was good to see her, and good to see her come on her own to church things. She came early to go to Institute. So that was good to see her motivate herself and do things on her own in the church. Then we had all the youngwomen come for a church tour. Now this is about 12 young women, from 12 to 18.

However one of the young women is 18 and invited some of her older friends along. We we gave them a tour, and it was a good tour. I teased the young women... a lot. haha. I tried to be funny and entertaining, but also point out important gospel principles. Elder Pfeil and my goal is to teach the gospel, but teach it in a normal way. Who says believeing in God has to be weird? The young women got a crack out of me... haha. They were just laughing in their girly laugh and it was just a good experience. I will be honest I didnt think I was that funny of a guy, but in Danish I must be hysterical, as I got lots of laughs, and most of all THEY had a good experience, and the spirit was VERY VERY Strong. When we entered the chapel during the tour, things got immidately quiet, and you could without doubt feel something special. I noticed one of the guests that came, became very focused on what I was saying, I could tell she was trying to figure out, what she was feeling. Then at the end of the tour we took them to the Book of Mormon room and the girls just love it! We would show them the picture and explained each story. I dont know if you have noticed some of the pictures, but some of the guys in the book of Mormon pictures are way buff and huge. I told the girls, I read the book of Mormon so I can be like him one day... They just laughed, and again had a great experience. Then at the very end of the Book of Mormon room, Elder Pfeil and I bore strong testimony, and explained how the Book of Mormon has changed our lives. We invited the guests to take a Book of Mormon and read it and pray about it. Well to our surprise they took the Book of Mormon as well as some phamplets!

Then was we were saying goodbye to the young women this random lady comes up to us and says, What is all this? I not realising what was happening, asked are you a member? "me, no. I just came to institue with my friend and I saw all this!" Well we ended up teaching a lesson about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She just loved it! She was like, "These pictures describe events in the book of Mormon?" Amazing.... Well she took a Book of Mormon, and was way positive. We will stay in contact with her, and see if we can get her taking the discussions. Well at the end of the day, we taught 4 lessons, 4 book of Mormons gone, and a very successful evening! Elder Pfeil and I went up feeling AWESOME! We rewarded ourselves with Pizza and a Diet Coke... Life does not get any better! :)

So after an amazing tour night, we went to bed filled with the spirit! Then to my surprise I woke up with a cold, ok a really bad cold, so probably more of a flu. I guess its the Lords way of keeping me humble... maybe? haha. Or I simply have just been working my tail off, I havent been taking care of myself. So I got sick and well I still am. However I had stuff planned, and couldnt stop the work to rest. So On thursday we left to go on splits in Herning. I am the district leader and Hernings in my district. So we went down there and had a good day. The 2 elders in Herning were 2 people in my MTC group, so it was great hanging out with them. However I was way sick, but I think I put on a pretty good act, as they didnt seem to realize I was sick. I also met a young women in their area that has a baptismal date. She is doing way good, and It will be great to interview her for baptism. I am loving that the mission is baptizing more and more young people! Its terrific!

Then on Friday we met with Naja and Ulu with a member. It was an ok appointment, and I kind of struggled. I was still feeling way sick so it took all I could to stay focused and help her out. Shes still struggling with the Book of Mormon, and coming to church. She didnt come to church again with week... so were trying to find out the real issue. We also met with Nicole that evening to again give her new convert lessons. Shes again doign well, I am a proud missionary, seeing my once investigator still continue moving forward. Its been really rewarding seeing her grow in the church. The other Girl I baptized, Christina, is doing well also. Its just I dont see her! haha. But she writes me occassionaly, and shes doing well! :)

The on saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference. It was a really good conference. We had our mission president speak, as well as many members I know from other places I have served. We also had our tour stuff set up, and the entire stake was just a talking about it! They were very impressed and couldnt believe missoinaries could do something so great! :) Other wards want to steal it and use it in their builinds... I told them its only for Århus right now.. They smiled, knowing transfers are coming... haha. President Andersen also came up to me and seemed very proud of me and Pfeil. I always get kind of quiet around president and nervous, so I just said thanks... lol. Hes a great mission president! :)

Well everyone, thanks for all your love and support! I sure love you all! Life is good, and I hope you take the time to enjoy it! Sure love you all!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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