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Din Danske Missionær 02-14-2011

Kære familie og venner som betyder alt for mig!

Jeg håber at i alle samme har haft en dejlig uge fuldt med mange helt utroligt ting! Min uge var meget interessant men det var godt nok synes jeg. En uge som en missionær er altid en spænende ting. Man aldrig ved hvad kan skete som en af herrens tjener. Der er fordi herren vil gerne har også alle samme udvikle sig og være beder. Det kan man ikke gør hvis man er ikke udfordret. Liv er svært nogen gang men jeg er så taknemlig for den liv som jeg har. Jeg tror vores himmelsk fader har gjort en fantastisk job. Hvor taknemlig jeg er for ham og hans søns evangelium. Men nu skal jeg snakke om mig uge og det skal jeg siger på engelsk, slevfolgie.

Hey everyone! I hope you have all had a great week filled with good stuff and events! So right now I am sitting in the warm church building, with a pastry and some chocolate milk emailing home! I just love p-days. However, I say warm church building as we have snow right now in Århus. Yes, I know SNOW! I thought it was over too, but I guess the lord has other plans in regards to the weather here.haha. Either way, I am not too thrilled for the snow. I think I ordered summer? I hate the late deliveries. haha. So my week was good. To be honest it was just one of those normal weeks one has as a missionary. Nothing bad or really good happened. It was just one of those hard working weeks where nothing much happens, but nothing bad really happens either. I call it a filler week, and that's kind of what I had. :)

So we start the week with yet another p-day. We didn't do much that day, again! lol. Elder Pfeil and I have just been super, super tired. We did go out and take some pictures and kind of enjoy the sites. I am trying to enjoy every minute of Århus as my time here is coming soon to a close. I am almost 100% certain that I will leave this city by next transfers. I have been in Århus for now 6 months, and by next transfers that will make it 8 months. :) We took it easy and prepared ourselves for another week. You have no idea how critical and vital a p-day is for a missionary. :)

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday we had quite a few appointments set up, but all of them cancelled on us. Its been a long time since I have had that many cancellations. It was crazy, and disappointing. :( So i don't have much to say about most of the week unfortunately.

We then on Wednesday evening had our tours again. This is the first night of the real tours to investigators and friends, and it was a big success. We had many of the members show up and see it because it was on a Wednesday and everyone is in the church for mutual. Everyone, and I mean everyone was impressed. Then to top it all off we had 2 potential investigators come and and got a tour from Elder Pfeil and I. It was a great experience and they seemed to enjoy the tour. I could feel the spirit and I think the 2 people realized there is something really special about our church. So we will see if they become future investigators.

Then on Friday we had a specialized training here in Århus. It was a great training and President Andersen did a great job. I really love what he has to say. His input and they way he teaches is very much my style. I learned a lot. President Andersen also got to see our tour project and he was blown away. He got very quiet and was just in awwww the whole time as we gave him a look around. He was very proud and said its going to be an amazing tool to use to bring more unto Christ. So it was very nice to get our presidents stamp of approval. I think president was a little worried that it was going to be something completely different. So i think he was glad to see it how it was.

Then to top it all off the spokesperson for the church in Denmark is actually in the ward. I had no idea and he came and saw the tour project. Well he was very impressed and is getting pictures and an article written in the Liahona about it. He and our mission leader are also going to take it to the newspapers and other news affiliates to get the word out. Then our spokesperson went to the Head library in Århus, and asked if it could be possible to set up some displays about this book inside. They said yes, and now hes working out all the logistics and things to get it all done legally. So were going to have a huge display in the busiest library in Jutland, be in the newspaper and Liahona! I mean the work is moving forward! its amazing! Whats most amazing about all this is the members are doing it all, not me. All these things were there idea. So the missionary work fire is starting to light and I am so glad. Now its just getting the rest of the members to get involved... and that's another story. They will come given time. :)

So I was thinking about my spiritual message for the week and decided to again mention the importance of being a good example. I realized how doing something little really can make a huge impact on people. I realized that my idea of a simple tour, could really spark the imagination and desire of the members to share the gospel. It brings me joy to see that my companions and I's good example of missionary work is starting to rub off on those around us.Now I am not perfect but I realized that doing something really simple can really spark something. Then as you spark that one person, there example can spark anothers and before you know it, were all learning from each other. So I hope you follow our savior, Jesus Christs example. He inspired and still inspires million's upon millions of people. Let us be like him and inspire those just as Christ did.

I wish you all the very best week! Thanks again for all your love and support. I don't know where I would be without it. :)

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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