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Din Danske Missionær 04-11-2011

Kære Familie og Venner!

Dejlig at skriver til jer idag! Det er bare så utrolig at jeg har denne mulighed til at snakke og hygge med jer alle sammen. Jeg desvarre har ikke som meget at siger på dansk idag, så jeg tror jeg vil nu skriver på engelsk! Men jeg elsker jer og håber i har en fantastisk uge! :)

Hello everybody! I am now officially here in Horsens and writing from the Horsens Library. Its a beautiful sunny day here and I am pretty sure spring is here. Its warm enough out where I could have shorts on, if I could wear them. haha. All I have to say is the weather is beautiful and I am excited to experience my last danish summer.

Well let me tell you about Horsens... ITS SMALL! haha. Its so weird not being in a large city like Århus. I mean Horsens is little but has about 30,000 people living in it. Horsens is only about 30 minutes from Aarhus, but it amazing how big the difference is. Horsens has a much more red-neck feel. I mean the people here are very old fashioned and very out of date... you could say. There danish accent here is also very red-neckish and very difficult for me to understand. They combine there words and mumble here, and the way the pronounce their Danish is quite weird. So I have been transferred to the hillbilly part of Denmark. lol. However its a good place and I will be very busy here.

Well before I transferred I had my last p-day in Aarhus on Monday. It was a good day. We woke up and got a pastry at Langenæs Bakery. My last one for a time. Then we emailed home. Always fun to do. Then we just walked around the city and took lots and lots of pictures. I have not been so good to take pictures since I came to Aarhus. I took lots of places I have been and just whatever I wanted to remember. lol. :) It was fun. Then that evening I met up with an investigator named Tobias. He is coming, just progressing really slowly. However he invited us over with all his friends and we taught them about the church. It was a lot of fun and they all seemed actually kind of interested. However It was good to say goodbye to Tobias, Nice guy. :)

Then on tuesday we got a different pastery at Langenæs Bakery and went to the church around 11:00. I am eating at this bakery as much as I can... It will be sad leaving it. lol- Dont worry, I still have not gained any weight! :) At 11:30 came an investigator with the Herning missinoaries. Her name is Mia and I gave her, her baptism interview. We had a great chat and she passed, and got baptized on friday. I am their district leader, so it was a neat experience to give that interivew. Then we met up with my missionleader at 15:00 and had lunch with him. He took us to a nice resturant and we had my last meeting with him. Then we went to ikea and purchased some new furniture for the apartment as 4 missionaries will be coming to Århus, so they need more beds, chairs, etc. Then we went to the church and had our ward council meeting, and I said goodbye to everyone. They were all sad to see me leave, and some of them said, "Are you sure your leavnig? why not stay 9 months?" I laughed, as I realized I had been in Aarhus a really long time. Then I came home and packed.

Then on wednesday came to day of transfers. It was way easy, grabbed all my stuff, went to the train station by bus, got on the train, drove 30 mintues, got off, walked to the apartment, and finished. Pretty much the easiest transfers ever. lol. However I get to the apartment and its the worst apartment I have ever lived in or seen in the entire mission. President will be hearing from me, as there are some serious issues in the apartment in regards to mold and sewage issues. lol. I cant believe the state of the apartment that missioaires were living in. I now have another side project in fixing this apartment up, or possibly finding another. I unpacked... well sort off, this apartment has nothing to put my clothes in, so I am living out of my suitcase, lol... President Andersen is goign to love my email. haha. However I spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing.... its a ton of work.

Then on Thursday we bought groceries and continued cleaning. Then we had some appointments, but all of them got cancelled, so we started knocking on some doors. Once again, it was a little difficult as the danish here is going to take some time for me to get used too. Then we met and ate at the Bishops. Too my surprise he told me. "Missionary work is the major focus in the ward, we have called 4 member missionaries to help you, and plan on making you guys our priority.." I about fell out of my chair... I have never been in a ward where the Bishop told me the focus is missioanry work. That made my day. The food was also good.

Then on Friday we met with this young dane named Henerik. He seems very positive and is searching after truth. I seemed to click with him very well... I hope and pray things can go far with him. :) We also visited this lady named Ines from Portugal. We had a great lesson and she seems very interested in the church. Then we came home and began organzing the area book, again this area book is the worst I have ever seen, I dont even understand how the work has even been functioning here. haha.

Then on sunday we had church, and I had the greatest sunday every. This ward is so lively and happy and so missinoary focused! I mean it was a huge difference form the Aarhus ward. I had jsut the greatest time ever. As did our investigator. However I bore my testimony as it was fast sunday, and I completely embarassed myself while speaking. haha. oh well. I had a hard time understanding everyone, but it was a good day.

So everyone, that was my week. I sure love you all, and wish you the very best.

Din Dansk Missionær
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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