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Din Danske Missionær 02/07/2011

Hej alle min dejlig familie og Venner!

Det er so godt at være på computeren idag til at skrive til jer! Jeg salvne i alle sammen og ser frem til den dag jeg kommer hjem. Men for nu, så skal jeg arbjeide som in missionær og tjene herren. :) Min uge var god, men jeg tror jeg skal fortælle i på englesk, ikke på dansk! :)

Hello EVERYONE! I hope you have all together had an amazing and fantastic week filled with amazningness. My week was ok, not the greatest week I have ever had, but that happens sometimes. My tour project is in full swing this week and I hope it brings much success. This project has brought much worry and stress and I pray every night for its success. I will tell you more about it in the rest of my letter. But yea... let me give you the low down of my week!

So on Monday, we had another p-day. It was nice as we before we began our p-day we met with one of our investigators Naja. We ended up setting a baptismal date with her for February 26th. Then we came to the church and began emailing home. then we were feeling kind of tired and needed a break. So we went home and just slept. Elder Pfeil and I just collapsed on our couch. haha. Other than that it was a good day and we needed the down time.

Then on Tuesday we ran over to the church and created a baptismal calendar for Naja. It was so exciting to make a calendar for a person that wants to be baptized! We just don't get to do that too often in the danish mission. After we took care of that, we headed out and did some stop bys and contacting on the streets. Then we made our way back to the church and began practicing for our tour project. If this tour was in English, I might not have any issues, but in Danish, its a whole nother story. So we did that for the rest of the evening. My companion Elder Pfeil is a little nervous as Danish is still pretty new for him. However he is doing a great job and is just speaking as best he can. Our tours are coming and were excited to give tours to the members later this week.

Then on Thursday we met with Naja again and talked to her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a good lesson and I think she really enjoyed it. Sometimes I noticed with me that I get too focused on talking about Joseph Smith and The book of Mormon that we forget to just talk about Jesus Christ. So that's what we did. We shared many scriptures in the Book of Mormon about Christ and I think that really helped Naja. After Naja we ran to the church and met up with a member named Sister. Kreiberg. She brought all our posters and stands to set up. She stayed and helped us get things going, and let me tell you it looks amazing! I created the posters on the computer with help from Elder Pfeil. I had most of them created before he got to Århus. Then we sent them via email to sister.Kreiberg and Bro. Kreiberg and they printed them for us. It was so crazy to see my companions and mine work all up! It looked so good! So if you click the link below, you can see my tour project. :) Enjoy

(Copy for paste link) You do not need a facebook account to see photos.

Then on Thursday evening, Friday evening, and Saturday evening we presented the tour to the members. We unfortunately did not have that great of a turn out. I am not sure what happened and its something I am currently working with the mission leader right now. The members kind of disappointed me and Elder Pfeil. We thought we had a little more support, but we didn't get very much of it at all. We had maybe 12 members come all together. But you know, were still faithful this project will work and I know the lord will provide a wake up call for the members. :) However the people that mattered came and they were very impressed.

Then on Sunday we had church of course and a sister missionary that's heading home came and visited with her family. That was kind of fun and it was nice to be around some Americans. We had some issues with investigators at church and some missionary drama. However we got it resolved... however it was stressful. After church we came home, ate lunch, and too be honest I didn't remember what happened. All i remember was I woke up 4 hours later. Elder Pfeil and I crashed, and we crashed hard. We were so tired and stressed that our bodies I think couldn't take it anymore, lol! I mean I have never in my life collapsed that hard before. So after we woke up and did some weekly planning. Then because I am district leader I gave a call to everyone in my district and took care of my responsibilities there. It was kind of weird being on the leadership end of things. After that we went to bed early to get ready for a good p-day... today! :)

Let me tell you it was a very interesting week. I am glad its over and i look forward to a brighter week. For my spiritual message for this week, it is "Think positive." My sister kind of taught me that. I also remember her telling me before I left on my mission, "Remember to Smile". So my message for this week goes to thinking positively and smiling. We had a guest class yesterday at church and the teacher asked us to write down 5 things you are happy about. Any 5 things, and it can be ANYTHING. We did that as a class, and you know what, I realized life is good. IT can be hard but its good. We then shared everything we wrote down and the room was happy and we were all smiling and thinking positively. There was such a different atmosphere in the room that it made me realize how much better life could be if we focused all of our time and energy on the positive things, instead of the negative. I realized that Life is a good teacher and its all part of Gods plan. As Elder Wirthlin would say, "Come what may, and love it."

I wish you all a great week full of positive things and lots of smiles... oh wow... I have not been that cheesy in a long time... I think its time for me to get home... this missionary life is starting to mess with my head. lol! :) Have a good week everyone!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlilg Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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