Monday, January 31, 2011

Din Danske Missionær 01-31-2011

Hej Kære Søskende... (Som betylder familie eller venner, Det er en ord man brug på dansk i kirken. Det er lige som bror eller søstre)

Jeg håber i alle sammen har det godt! Jeg har det udmærket! Jeg elske denmark og herrens arbejde lige nu. Ting gå godt or igår har jeg 2 undersøger i kirken. Det var so dejligt at ser dem i Kirken! Jeg og Ældste Pfeil også gave en tale on vores rundvisning projekt! Det var interessant, men jeg troede vi gjort det fint! Mange er spændt at ser vores projekt! Jeg kan ikke vent at fortælle i os om min projekt!

Hello Everyone! I hope this letter finds all of you well and happy! Its been a really long week for me and my companion Elder Pfeil. I mean so much has happened that its weird for me to think its only been a week. Its just been a week full of all kinds of crazy things.Good things and I am happy to report much success of the work of the lord!

First and for most I have found out about transfers. I are you nervous? I sure was... I was very nervous. In fact when I got the call I got very, very scared. Elder Pfeil and I were in the church assembling some stands for our tour when my cell phone began to ring in my pocket. I stopped assembling and a look of fear came over me and my companion. I walked outside into the church foyer and answered the phone. I hear a voice... a voice of an assistant. He gives me a hi and asks, "So do you want to know about transfers?" I smiled and said, OF COURSE! He then told me that me and Elder Pfeil are both staying in Århus. He then added that president has also called me to serve as a district leader. So I have 2 more months in Århus! I am very grateful for this! :) And I have now more responsiblity in the mission. It should be an exciting adventure, as Morgan would say! :)

Well I began with a pretty mellow week starting with a p-day.We went to lunch with our gift card from winning the cleanest apartment award. That was fun. We then just came up and rested. Then around 6:00 we went with Flemming, our mission leader, to Århus laser printing. There we talked to the guy that's printing our new pass along cards for the tour. So we set that all up and should have them soon. Well I hope anyways... Things are not always as quick as I would like them.

Then on Tuesday I had a leadership training because I am a trainer with President and the Assistants, and those that are in leadership. It was a good training and I learned a lot... Ok to be honest I felt guilty after leaving that training. I realized I have a lot to do to be better. There is always room for improvement. ITs just when you think your doing good and somebody else tells you to do better... It kind of hurts inside. :( But in any case, its better to learn to be better then just remain the same. :)

The on Wednesday we met with a new investigator named Naja. She is from Greenland and was taught in a far away town in Denmark called Skiva. She moved here to Århus and so she was referred to us. We met with her and to be honest I don't know why she is not baptized. Shes answered all our questions beautifully and believes in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. She just struggled with the getting baptized again concept. She feels that because she was already baptized she does not need to again. We shared some scriptures but in the end we encouraged her to pray about it. Then on Saturday we met with her again with the old missionaries that used to teach her. It was a good appointment and she really understood the concept of Authority and baptism. She then was committed to baptism and asked to think about it and pray about it. She said she would. So today before I came to the computer to write to you, we met with her again. She did not make it to church yesterday as she got lost. Well she told us she wants to be baptized! So we set a date with her for the 26 of February. We then talked to her about our baptisms. She then said, wait, children can be baptized? We said yes if they are 8 or older. She got a huge smile on her face and expressed how her daughter thats 11 also wanted to be baptized! So she said she would talk with her daughter about it later this week. So who knows... we might have another baptism with her. But for Naja it really was an amazing experience. She said she prayed about it and got a direct answer. I have never met an investigator so in tune with the spirit. Shes going to be a great member. Who knows... maybe she can also set up the church on Greenland! So yes keep her in your prayers!

We also met with an older investigator of mine named Tobias. He is doing well and loves having us over. He is not too positive with the church, but I am trying to keep a good relationship alive with him, as you never know when he could be interested. But during the appointment he said to us, I think i want to go to church. So I said sure and he came! haha. He came and said he had a good time. The appointment with him went well and we taught about the importance of the Book of Mormon. He is struggling with reading. so we will see. :) I am just so happy he has a desire to see church.

Then on Saturday we had Interviews with our mission president. It went well and president is exited to see my tour project. Speaking of the tour project... so we receive everything this Wednesday and we begin tours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to show the tour to the members. Then next week we start the real tours for every Wednesday and Saturday from 5 to 7 for investigators. So once we get it all set up, I will send pictures next week.

Then on Sunday me and Elder Pfeil gave talks in church. He spoke on everyday missionary life, while I gave a talk on the tour project. Ældste Pfeil did very well and is danish is really coming along. I did just ok... When I am nervous my danish is even worse... and I mean the only reason I am nervous is because of my danish... go figure right? But my message came across and everyone in the ward is very excited about the project. Kristian, a member in the bishopric told me that when I brought up the tour in my talk- the spirit just flooded the room. He said it felt right - he said he felt its going to be a success. The whole ward was buzzing and it was a great day. Then to top it all off we had a random young man, about my age, come in the building asking to meet with us the missionaries. We taught him and he seems really positive about the church. He actually stayed for sacrament meeting. So we might have a new investigator on our hands soon. We also had Tobias and the ward was excited to have some guests. It was a great Sunday and the ward seems to be getting more and more excited about missionary work.

Obviously there was more I did in the week but those were the highlights. Its really hard to write down all my feelings and experiences. Its also difficult to summarize a week long of events in one letter! But I hope you got an idea of how things are going. The work is going forward and I am so happy to be apart of it. I don't have much of a spiritual message but one thing that I really did learn this week is GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYERS! I mean Naja got an answer... it almost seems too easy. I cant believe it. We still have a month to make the date... but I feel confident. It hit me hard this week that she got an answer. I mean, its just a miracle! :)

I hope you all have a great week! I sure appreciate all your love and support!

Din Dansk Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy


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