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Din Danske Missionær 12-27-2010


Jeg håber du alle sammen har det godt og at du har haft en dejlig jul tid. Det har været rigtig sjovt for mig og er meget taknemlig at være på computer idag! Jeg elsker jule og kan ikke tror det er næste den færdig! Det er rigtig uheldigt synes jeg. Men, ja, her er min uge! :)

So I hope all of you have had an amazing Christmas and are looking forward to the new year! I will tell you right now, I am looking forward to 2011! Its for many reasons, but I feel that 2011 is going to bring many exciting things! I am excited! Christmas was a great experience again for me! Its my second Christmas in Denmark! This year I learned a little more about Santa Claus. Santa actually visits the children here in the evening. He walks through their door instead of the chimney, and greets all the danish children. He gives them their gifts and then leaves. Then we goes and visits the kids in USA Early in the morning. So I thought that was a fun danish culture thing. Dont forget too, that the Santa here in Denmark is also skinny. haha. I just love it! ;)

On Monday we had a good p-day. We finally got our new carpet! YEA! So we spent some of the day helping our mission leader picking it up. Then we brought it in the apartment and began to cut it and lay it down! It was actually not too bad. The way they lay carpet here is quite different from what I have seen in the USA. The carpet our mission leader found is really nice and thick and quite comfortable. It is way expensive but he got it way cheap. However the color is red. So its kind of fun. We have red carpet in the Århus Apartment! haha. Future missionaries are just going to love me! lol! That took most of the day, then we went out and did some contacting on the streets. Nobody was really interested but we taught a few people and they were nice. We offered them a Christmas card and they took it, so you never know.

Then on Tuesday we met up at a cafe with a less active member. She is really sweet and wanted to eat out with us to wish us a Merry Christmas. She is starting to come to church more often now and is enjoying it more and more. So that is always good. She took us to a very danish Cafe and we at a very danish brunch. It was very good and consisted of Scrambled eggs, liver, sausage, bread, rybread, and a few other things. Its not supposed to fill you up, but keep you happy. So it was a great danish experience. My Greene is lucky! haha. After this less active we ran to the church and met with our English student THU. She is doing well and is learning English really fast. We had a fun lesson and for a Christmas gift we gave her the Joy to the World DVD. She may not understand too much English, but Music is kind of universal. :) Then after THU we ran to an appointment with Nicole. She is doing so much better and is progressing wonderfully in the gospel! :) We ate dinner with her and watched the Christmas devotional. It was fun and we had a great evening. Its always a pleasure to hear from our prophets.

Then on Wednesday we met up again with our mission leader and finished laying carpet down throughout the rest of the apartment. He also bought us some new furniture and we assembled that most of the morning. Then we took all the old furniture to the dump and cleaned out our storage unit in the basement of the apartment building. Let me tell you it has not been touched in years. It was quite gross and I found a spider the size of my foot. It scared me to death. Ugh,... That took a big portion of the day, but lt felt good to get things cleaned and organized! You know me! :) haha.

Then on Thursday, the day before Christmas eve we ate with the Bishops family for lunch. We had a little longer of an appointment as we made cookies, danish Christmas hearts and stars, and just had a great time hanging out with the family. The Bishop has a great family with great kids. We had a good time. Then we came home and worked some more on this tour project of mine. I will send a letter one day with all the project details. I am sure you are all curious as to what it is. So in time, I will give you the details! :)

Then on Friday we spent Christmas evening with an older lady named Eva Pallensen. She is a remarkable women. She has been on numerous missions, temple missions, and all types of weird callings and stuff for the church.She is a great lady and is a great missionary. We had a great evening with her and she made the traditional Christmas food. We had a great Time. Then on the 2nd day of Christmas we spent the day with our mission leader and his family. We also had a great time. I also called my family from his house. Then on Sunday we spent the 3rd day of danish Christmas with the kreiberg family. We played board games and had a great night also.

It was a great week filled with the wonderful, sweet spirit of Christmas. I hope all of you also felt that spirit. Remember to listen to it all year long, as the spirit of Christmas is really just the spirit of Christ. I sure love my savior, more then I ever had. I know hes real and that he loves me. I know he is aware of my problems and trails. I know he cries when I am sad and rejoices when I am happy. How grateful I am for him, how grateful I am to be a missionary for him.

There are also more pictures on my online web album. Take a look! (Click or copy and paste link)

I sure love and appreciate all of you! I wish you the best New Year, and hope much success for you! Have a great week!

Din Danske Missionær,
Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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