Thursday, July 15, 2010

Your Denmark Missionary 07-15-10


Its so good to be on the computer again, being able to write to you all! I got some more emails this week from friends and family thanking me for my emails, so It makes me so happy that my letters are read and enjoyed! SO THANK you right now for your wonderful love and support! I gladdens me to know that you are all there watching my back at home!

So to begin as always... Christina is doing well! Shes as awesome as can be and really is still progressing. We are still planning on having her baptism on the 24th... so its been really exciting for Elder Meyer and me and especially the ward! We are starting to plan her program, getting members involved, making sure yummy brownies will be there, etc etc! So its been a lot of fun here in Slagelse. In Copenhagen we have a UV Center which stands for "UNGE VOKSEN" which in English means young adult center. This is a place were all the young adults 18 until there married can go and hangout, talk, eat food, play games, have family home evening etc. Its ran by the church and has been a great thing for all the member young adults and for new converts for the church. So they heard about Christina and all the young adults at the center want to come and see her baptism. I thought that was way cool and Christina is just going to love it! Not only do we have Slaglese excited we have people clear in Copenhagen excited too. So her baptism is going to be quite a little party. haha. However the baptism is completely up to her and will change if she feels shes needs more time! So were hoping for the 24th...

Tom her dad is still doing GREAT! We talked to him the other day and he has been swamped with work. I mentioned last week that July is vacation month for basically all of Europe. So because of that a lot of people have taken off work and so extra shifts have opened up. So Tom took a full load and has been working really hard these last few weeks. So he hasn't had a lot of time to meet. However he told us hes still working on getting married, and hes supportive of Christina and her choice to get baptized. Hes a great week and just loves us missionaries. He just cracks me up every time I meet him. haha.

So this last Friday I was actually in another city called Anmager. This is a little island right next to Copenhagen. Its connected to Copenhagen by bridge. It has about 100,000 people living on it. So its one of the smallest areas in the mission but an area with one of the most people! So pretty crazy. The missionaries over there had a "missionary week" with there members and asked if we would come for a day and help them out. So we get there and what a project they had. They created a display to put on the sidewalk, and coordinated that all the missionaries would go on splits with a member. So in a since we would have 8 sets of missionaries out and about preaching the word. So we began and I got display duty. Can you say awkward! haha, It was kind of one of the hardest things I have ever done. I just felt weird on a sidewalk with a board.... I would prefer to just sidewalk contact. However I sucked it up and did my duty. Nobody was really interested, in fact many thought we were another church, haha. Then around 1:00 we all met up again and the ward members were exhausted. I don't think they realized how tireing missionary work is. So they kind of quit, haha. They said there taking a P-day. Good old ward members. However the day was successful and we helped the Anmager missionary's find a ton of new people to teach. So exciting stuff.

Then yesterday we had my companions year mark! So I went with his MTC group to Copenhagen to celebrate for our p-day. We went and saw another castle, Christinansborg castle. Then we went and ate some American food, and then took a boat tour around the Copenhagen canals. Then to top it all of we got some ice cream at this famous ice cream place in Denmark. It was a really fun day. Now, I don't want to scare you, but my year mark is next! That's right, I am about 2 months from my year mark! Its amazing how fast time flies!

So my spiritual message for today goes with my good friend Christina and her baptism coming up. I know this church is true and seeing a friend join the church is going to be quite the blessing in my life. Our church is unique and I am truly grateful to be a member. So my message for today is for those who are members, dont take the membership of this church for granted. I know its tuff to be members, but our membership is so special. We are members of Gods TRUE church, how cool is that. I mean were are some of Gods Elect on the earth, enjoying the blessings and beauty of his gospel! I just think thats pretty cool.

Thanks again for all your love and support! I hope all of you have a fantastic week! Take care!

Love, Your Denmark Missionary,
Ældste Skyler Hardy.

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