Thursday, July 22, 2010

Din danske missionær 07-22-10

Hello Everyone!

OK, so this week has been pretty crazy! It’s been crazy for multiple reasons and here's one of then. I have just found out I will be transferring to another area. My new area is called Århus (English Aarhus) and its back on the main part of Denmark (the part connected to Germany). Its one of the larger cities in Denmark so it should be quite exciting. I have been made the senior companion and my new companion is Elder Hebert. I will tell you more about him as I get to know him. Transfers are on Tuesday, so I have a few more days here in Slagelse.

Another reason, this week is crazy is CHRISTINA is getting BAPTIZED on SATURDAY!!!!!!! I am way excited and it’s been a crazy last week teaching her and getting ready for her baptism. We had an appointment with her last Friday; here is how the appointment went...

So we had an appointment with Christina and Tom on Friday. At this point we were not 100% sure Christina was going to be baptized yet. So we sat down and the ward member that was with us asks Christina, "How did it go with the fasting" and she said, "I thought it was great, but I don't think I received an answer" so we then said to Christina, "well, we will talk about it after the lesson. We then taught her the 10 commandments and following the prophet. We showed a short clip called "Mormon Messages" from Thomas Monson and Tom said to us, "I could feel something really strong from him; I know he’s a good man." So Tom is feeling the spirit.

Then we finished with the lessons, and the entire time Christina was distracted. It was like her mind was far away thinking about something else. Then we started talking to her about her baptism. She basically said she wants to learn more, she doesn't feel ready, and said, "I DO NT KNOW! DET VED JEG IKKE!" So I bore my testimony to her, we ready scriptures that showed or encouraged her. 'Then out of the blue Tom in a way bore his testimony to Christina. He said he knows this church does good things and its here to benefit the world. I have already seen the different in my life. In fact, the last few weeks of not meeting with this church, I almost thought I'm in trouble, I am playing with fire over here." Then the member Tina also bore her testimony and it was just a way spiritual moment. Then Elder Meyer said, "Well Christina, We need an answer, because if you do get baptized we have stuff we need to do to prepare. So let’s say a prayer, and after we say it, you’re going to give us an answer." Christina said, “OK". So Elder Meyer gave a prayer. Let me tell you, I thought it was the longest prayer of my life. Then the prayer ends and Christina says, "I want to call my sister real quick" We said OK, and she left the room to call for a few minute's"

So me and Elder Meyer sat and talked to Tom. We started talking about the Danish language. Tom also struggles with it and he’s lived here for 15 years, haha. He said he knows the words everyone is speaking but doesn't always understand the meaning of the words that are being used. So he can easily misunderstand what people say...

Then Christina comes in and sits down and says, "The answer is yes! I want to be baptized. I feel like its right, and If I didn't get baptized I would feel really bad, which means to me that this church means a lot to me, which means I know its true (Remember its in Danish, so it was said a little different." Then Tom says to us, so you’re not getting baptized? Then Christina says, "No dad, I am!" Then Tom runs at her and gives here a HUGE hug and says, “See I told you that stupid Danish, I didn't understand. CONGRATS MY DAUGHTER!" and Just gives her the biggest congrats a father could give to her daughter. Then tom says, Man now I want to get baptized. haha.

So Christina decided to get baptized. We felt she already had her answer. After she decided to commit to the baptism, she said she felt a lot better. Like a big weight was lifted from her shoulders. So this week we have been getting ready for her baptism, by getting the members involved and just trying our best to make this day perfect. We have had to get her baptism dress ready, but the one at the church is way old, so we had to ring to another ward to see if they had another dress she could use. We found one, so then we had to coordinate with our Zone leader to see if he could bring it over to Slagelse when he comes to interview Christina.

Then we had to make the programs for her baptism. So we had to call member to give talks (With Christina's Help. She helped plan her baptism, don't worry), to play a musical number, to pray, etc, etc. So we then had to go help a member with the musical number, but choosing what to play and hear how she’s playing it. We decided to have a member who's really good at the piano, give a special piano solo. So that's taken a lot of time too. Then we had to go actually create the paper version of the program at the library. The computers are way limited at the library, so it was really tough to create the program using such limited programs and really slow computers. So then that took a lot of time.

However, it’s been a lot of fun, and we have been really busy. Right now everything seems to be going really slow as we are waiting for Saturday! Haha. We have had it difficult to go and work as all we want to do is plan for Christina's baptism, and for the actual baptism to happen! haha.

So to be honest I don't have much of a spiritual message for the day. It’s just been a crazy week and I haven't had much time to think about it. To be honest I am surprised I even had time to email home! Haha. So a quick message is its good to be busy, especially when you’re being busy for the lord or for others! Try to always be busy doing good things and our loving Heavenly Father will bless us.

Well have a great week, all! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Med Kærlighed, Din Danske Missionær,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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