Monday, August 23, 2010

Your Denmark Missionary 08-23-10

Hello all my family and Friends!

I cant believe another week has gone by! Is time just flying or what? This might freak you out but I just looked at the calendar and I hit my year mark is less then a month! Is that just amazing or what! Time goes incredible fast. I am happy to report I have had a great week! However I got a little sick on friday. I believe its the cold, so I am taking some cold medicine and its making me a little loopy. So if this email is a little crazier then others, you know why.

To begin we met with our investigator Tobias again! He is doing awesome! We watched the Joseph Smith movie with him last time and he really enjoyed it! He could see why we believe in him so much. He also made us dinner and we had a fun night with him. Hes around 23, and I am 20, so its quite a fun appointment. However when we do talk spiritually, we do get serious and of course invite the spirit! Hes planning on coming to church soon, and we will see how it goes after that! Hes such a great guy and I am just having a great time teaching him.

We also have our other very positive investigator named Sam! So we just found out that Sam is planning on returning to China sooner then we thought. He told us he wants to get baptized but doesn't think its going to happen before he leaves. Hes also a little hesitant on baptism as he feels he has to know everything about the church before he can join. However he loves the church and really likes what we teach. We will see how things play out.

We also this week have a brand new investigator named Marianne. Shes not from Denmark, but basically is a Dane. Shes lived here for a long time and speaks beautiful danish. Shes in her middle 20's and is just a nice, nice girl. Shes a little quirky but shes fun and most of all believing! When we gave her the Book of Mormon, she had a smile the couldn't fit her face! She didn't know there was another book about Jesus Christ! We told her about the promise, that if she reads and prays about it, she can find out its true. She loved that, as that what she told us she believes in that. she told us she knows God answerer's prayers. So we told her to read, and also committed her to come to church. The only problem we have is she is very active in her other church. She goes every week and sings in the choir there. So it might be tough to get her to come to our church on sunday. However if she finds out its true, that might change things! I may have to start a choir in Århus, as they dont have one! :) I feel really positive about her! She ward will really love and accept her wonderfully!

We havent had a chance to meet with that member from randers and her friend Rikke, yet. I think I mentioned her last week. We fill find out today when we have an appointment with her! I am so excited to meet and teach her, especially with a member present! Things always go smoother with a member! :)

Wow, lots of people I am talking about! Its so good! Other than meeting with those people we have spent most of our type on the street contacting. We have also had many referrels we visited and delievred some Mormons books and Restoration DVDs. For the most part we did a lot of teaching and managed to stay really busy. We actually werent on the street contacting too much, now that I think about it! :) So yea!

To be honest I dont have much of a spiritual message for today. I am feeling sick so my spirituality is struggling a little. haha. My advice for message for you today is dont get sick! haha. In all seriousness, I am happy to be a missionary and I guess my message for you is remember to be happy to be a member. It can be difficult, but dont take the church for granted. Trust me. I know its true!

Have a great week everyone! I hope all of you have success in all you do! Sure love you all!

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy.

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