Saturday, August 14, 2010

Your Denmark Missionary 08-09-10

Hello Everyone!

Its good to be at the computer again this week to write to all of you! I hope all of you are all doing well and are all having a great week! My p-day is now officially on Monday. Our new mission president has changed the day. My new mission president is named President Andersen. He has now been my president for 1 month and hes doing an amazing job. I have been very impressed and it just feels right to have him as president at this time. So new president, new changes. Exciting stuff.

To begin I have a Danish culture Moment... so in Århus, I have been told, has one of the best bakeries in all of Denmark. I have heard that from previous and current missionaries. In fact there have also been a few members too that have told me that. This bakery is called "Langenæs Bageriet" so Langenæs Bakery. I haven't had the time yet to eat there but I have been told its the best. So every morning as me and my companion head out the door I see many runners. Its good to see people trying to exercise a take care of themselves. As my companion and I continue we see more and more runners and we also see many with a bag in there hands. Sometimes we see them with a very large bag. haha. So one day, as I was walking a runner threw the bag on the sidewalk. I walked by the bag to find out its a bag from Langenæs Bakery! lol! Once I knew what the bag was I realized what was going on. haha. Every morning many runners, run to the bakery, purchase there unhealthy pastry and then run back to their apartment. haha. I don't know about you, but I love the way danish people here in Århus like to exercise! haha. A little job, a *Couch* light snack, and another light run. Life doesn't get any better right? haha. So now every morning I laugh as I see so many danish people, with their bags of pastries, running to and fro from that bakery. I thought that was funny and worth sharing! :)

As for me and the missionary work, not much has happened since the last time I wrote. I last wrote on Thursday, so its only been 3 or 4 days. haha. So I unfortunately don't have much to write about. However the work is going well. We have been made fun of and yelled at and flipped off at, a lot this week. That's been very tough and has definitely effected my desire to want to go out. However, I force myself out and do my best. I am by no means a perfect missionary, and occasionally get a little scared to speak to certain people. But I try my best and of course some days are better than others, but in all I feel the lord is proud of me and continues to bless me here in Århus.

I think I mentioned last week we have received a lot of referral's from temple visitor's centers in the untied states for people living in Denmark. Well this week we plan of visiting all of them and hopefully find some new people to teach. I am crossing my fingers and praying that something will come out of these referral's. Its so tough to contact and bonk on doors, I am just hoping for 1 free bee. haha. I will keep you informed as to the status of these fun referral's. I can just tell you now, there is bound to be a few good stories out of these. haha.

My spiritual message for the day goes with my message about the bakery and the runners. Life obviously has its up and of course its downs. Some people take life more seriously and others more jokingly. So my message is this... be a danish runner in Århus! haha. The danish runners, run hard to the bakery, take a little break and eat, then run again back home. The concept applies to life. Begin working hard with any goals you have, then once you reach them remember to take a break, enjoy that small victory, eat a pastry, then chug on and work hard again. Life is supposed to be enjoyed, and if we do it in the way the lord as layed out for us, all is possible and true happiness can be reached!

So yea, cheesy message but I was low on ideas this week! haha! Thanks again for all your love and support and for reading my cheesy spiritual message! I sure love you all and pray for success and happiness in your future! Love ya!

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste Skyler Hardy

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